Reviews for Destruction of Gov't Property
TerriJ chapter 2 . 6/15
Am in heaven, love the story, can't stop reading
impossiblepluto chapter 10 . 5/31
I am so sad! Like I knew this series probably had to end, because Jack needed to work with the CIA, but did it really have to end? It's a timeline I'd like more answers for in the show. I was so worried through this story! I thought for sure you were going to take out the team and I was getting increasingly agitated as things just kept going wrong for them.
I kind of enjoyed having the them all separated and could only hear what was going on over the radio. There was a bit a few chapters back where Jack is switching radios with Coop and the line something like "Mac, Spartan actual misses your voice, give me a five count." And I don't know why but that scene I read about 8 times before moving on because I loved it so much.
Thanks for all the time you put into writing this series. I adored every moment of it. I loved your original characters, and the way you write our boys. I know you don't need any ideas from me, but I'm totally wondering if the team knows that Mac and Jack are partnered up again, and what they would think of Jack watching "baby brother's" back again all these years later
Haven126 chapter 10 . 2/18
Wow. You do like a good fight scene, don’t you. For a split second there I thought Mac and Jack were going to part on very not-good terms. Mac’s use of “I would never put you or your team in jeopardy,” like it wasn’t Mac’s team and Mac wasn’t a part of it. Luckily Jack just slid right past that. And yeah, obviously Mac’s old EOD unit is technically his unit, but still . . .

Looks like you intended this to be the last story. Good way to get Jack into the CIA and explain the gap between Mac and Jack in Afghanistan and then back together at DXS, since apparently Mac was never CIA. But very sad, in that Mac probably feels like once again, people come and then they go. Although, this could explain how Mac then ended up working with Charlie, so I’m sure he’ll have his good days again.

This would have been a great ending, but I’m so glad that you’ve hinted that you’re going to play some more with your Army men! Can’t wait to see it, when you finally get the time to write it.
Haven126 chapter 9 . 2/18
First and foremost – yay Pete’s gonna live! And get to see his twins! And since the doc I liked so much from your last story (with Briggs) also had a prosthetic in generally the same place, I feel like Pete’s gonna be okay. Poor Dunc though. (

And poor Mac not knowing if Opie pulled through! You really did put this group through the ringer, didn’t you. They’re like an Abbott and Costello sketch.

Glad they all made it (I wasn’t sure if they would) and are walking and talking. I love your dudes, and I also love that you let others take them out of the box and play with them. And glad that you decided to add a little more on! To the epilogue!
Haven126 chapter 8 . 2/17
Mac got Opie out! Finally, a win for these guys that didn’t involve just finally getting the guys that had been clobbering them all story! And those Rangers got Coop back quick. And of COURSE Coop goes marching up to the mined field with a busted leg I presume he took back through the irrigation canal to haul Mac around. Because boys.

Love that the medic was the one trying to herd two soldiers who freakin’ know better off a hill towards cover. What are they going to do without Pete?! ;( Glad we got to meet Tayvern, he seems like a competent dude. Poor Box and Jack having to hoof it.

LOVED the threat of drugs. Medics do not get enough credit. And then, out of all of them, Jack’s the one that get sedated? I’m amazed the medic would, considering he knew he was dealing with a concussion, but I wonder, when you’re dealing with people who don’t really know what’s going on, and are that strong and that deadly . . . maybe a little sedative is worth the risk.
Haven126 chapter 7 . 2/17
Well, the boys did a great job of demonstrating they’re all stubborn jackasses right off the bat. Just in case we didn’t already know. ;) I still miss Pete, who I think is the only one of Jack’s unit that can pull rank on HIM, but at least someone’s following orders. The entire radio conversation and designating of Alpha and Bravo targets was very easy to follow, and fascinating. Again, I wonder how much the flyboys get to talk to the same operators and if they ever get to build a rapport with the guys on the ground.

And of course Jack then goes to get a visual on the last remaining guys, because he’s Jack. I’m beginning to wonder if he has a pneumothorax and Coop didn’t catch it. Maybe I’ll get my “Deltas have to go rescue one of their own” story yet!

Opie’s still alive! He might end up losing the leg, but at least he will be alive! And points to Mac for keeping his head when Jack had previously lost his when put in the same position.

And talk about danger close on the gun runs. The fact that Jack can hear anything at all anymore is kind of a miracle. Of COURSE Box decided to play hide and seek with Jack, what could possibly go wrong? (I think maybe it’s a Texan thing?) And then Box had to say it. Oy.
Haven126 chapter 6 . 2/17
Figured it would hit the fan when Mac switched to their frequency, and super glad it was Coop who tried to straighten Jack out. Honestly, any one of them grabbing the Ranger’s weapon was probably the only thing that saved any of them, whether Jack was there or not. Grenades are useful, yo.

Was totally not expecting the guy from the roof to have come down in that room – great job with that! Looks like Pete’s going to have plenty of company in the infirmary if he lives. ;( Glad that they gave Jack some static about all the risk-taking he’s been doing lately, but your boys are nothing if not hypocrites, and Jack was right. It wouldn’t matter which combo of which teammates were where, they’d still do stupid things to try to keep each other safe.

I seriously thought Coop had bought the farm when he took that round. Thank you for sparing him! And of course you shot Mac, because, hey, why not? ;) At this point I’m not banking on Opie making it. Poor kid. I liked Jack and Mac’s quick convo, too. They communicated a lot in a very few words. I’m trying to envision how Cairo could be worse than this, which gives me hope that somehow Jack is going to get his boys out of this.
Haven126 chapter 5 . 2/17
Loved the opening lines. *hears explosions* Oh, that’s just my boss and a couple of his friends. Mac did panic poor Opie there for a minute, but he did an admirable job of inch-worming him along. That whole little section made my upper body ache.

I don’t think Mac would appreciate the gesture Coop used to tell nearly-deaf Jack that the sniper was shooting at him, but I would not want to be that sniper when those three finally find his ass. Breaching the building was pretty bad ass and points to Coop for hauling himself up those stairs with a busted leg.

Hey! Opium! They can stuff that in Coop’s leg and it’d feel a whole lot better. Pete would’ve hit him with some morphine by now. ;(

Mac found himself in a lull and had time to realize his situation. I’m glad you waited until now to do that – up til now he’s been too busy, he had a problem to solve, but now he’s pinned and that’s all there is to it. Considering he doesn’t even have a pistol, laying on your back in a rut of dirt getting shot at for what I think has been at least an hour now has got to be frightening. And he can’t even see Opie.

And now I’m pretty sure that sniper blew up Opie and Mac has not only done all of this for nothing, but three of his team have gotten seriously knocked around. On to the next chappie for answers!
Haven126 chapter 4 . 2/17
I am sure I have said it before, but I love the realism you’re able to put into your stories. Getting out of radio range is a real thing, it really happens and it’s a giant PITA when you’ve got people all over a battlefield. Glad you brought it into this!

And way to keep up the suspense with Mac when he’s essentially just crawling around in the dirt. I imagine the snipers trying to pick him off have to be frustrated as hell they haven’t actually managed to hit him yet. I’m a little worried about that – they’re not going to keep missing forever.

I love that Box told air support “Have a nice day.” I kind of wonder how many relationships like that exist in reality, where air support in a certain region ends up talking to ground units in that region and they get to know each other over radio only, and never get to meet (or maybe finally do) in reality in the mess one day or something. I like to imagine there are support pilots out there who like Jack’s little team.

I never really thought about, but EODs would probably win every planking contest with any other soldier, hands down. Mac should be killing those guys in that department. So glad he found a live one! Opie sounds like he didn’t really belong out there.

Considering how stupid stubborn he was about his wrist last story, I like that you had Jack do a quick assess and realize that he didn’t need to be running point – at least there in the middle of the chapter. And fun with 203s! Where real weaponry finally met Quake bounce-the-grenade-off-the-wall tactics.

Not that it did them a bit of good against an RPG. That’s, what, three now you’ve hit the boys with? When you take your army men out of the toybox, you don’t hold back. I know why they didn’t turn back, but Jack’s little passing thought about the “correct” course of action, as opposed to the “right” course of action, was a nice touch.
Haven126 chapter 3 . 2/17
Relieved to discover that Jack wasn’t as stupid as usual! Not sure how he talked that Ranger out of his weapon. Maybe the blood all over his face and head did the trick. Glad Coop and Box can still handle him, but considering Box isn’t in too much better shape, it’s a good thing Mac has no idea what their condition is.

And there’s our boy, pretty much ignoring his own situation to try to help others. I can’t remember what ep it was where Mac explained why he left MIT to join the Army, but I do recall that it was his grandfather who was telling him about his old war buddy who had saved his life. Mac is definitely not solving abstract problems at the moment, which is a great callback to the series. Or a prediction, since you may have written this before that ep. ;)

I love that Mac has been with them long enough now that they’re accustomed to the fact that Mac is going to give them more information than they actually want and rather than interrupt, they just tune out for a few seconds and tune in again as needed. Poor Mac.

Funny that Jack thought to tell Mac to keep his head down, since he’d actually already forgotten to do that last chapter . . . and Box totally has a point.
Haven126 chapter 2 . 2/17
Way to call out Jack’s lack of uniform. It doesn’t breathe well and it seems hot and stupid to civilians, but there is a reason military gear is the way that it is. That being said, considering Coop is 6’7” (seriously?!) I do kinda think hiding behind him should have given Jack a little cover. ;)

PETE! ;( And Dunc, too, but PETE! ;(

Jack did an admirable job of getting along with the LT, considering the situation. I’m always impressed by how well you handle Jack, I can hear his voice in every line. And the tee shirt did kind of save Jack as ass chewing when the LT couldn't figure out he was a sergeant.

I also like your use of italics on radio, and non-italics for non-radio dialogue. Super helpful!

Loved Mac’s diagnosis of Jack’s potential concussion. ;) And I love that Coop took a page from Pete’s book and basically had to sweep Jack to get him to sit his ass down. And now his dumb ass has wandered off, on to the next chapter to see what Jack’s up to now . . . are any of your guys going to live through this?
Haven126 chapter 1 . 2/17
So glad it was raining today, and I got a chance to dig into this!

I just want to coo at the boys, they’re so adorable while they’re listing all the different things they haven’t used to kill someone or had someone use to try to kill them. Adding Mac to this bunch is probably not going to be good for the Delta/Rangers squabble you have going on in this forward base.

I don’t blame Mac for not wanting to use Jack’s spare knife. ;)

ACK! WHAT DID YOU DO TO PETE?! ;( Good thing the Rangers aren’t holding a grudge for their steak getting stolen. I see this baby is ten chapters, so I presume things are going to go very sideways very fast.
Rock Chalk chapter 1 . 9/20/2017
I just found your stories while looking through the site in advance of the Season 2 premiere. Words cannot express just how much I absolutely LOVE your G.I. Jack and Mac series!

I realize the most current story appears to be an ending, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping you may consider adding other stories to the series. I've found that I enjoy and care about your characters in this universe and would love to see more of them. Your knowledge of the military combined with your ability to bring scenes to life, such that the reader believes they are there with the characters, makes for an enjoyable reading experience. Thank you.
Lynn-G chapter 10 . 9/15/2017
Well the ending was depressing. ..

Love the story though.

Scorn chapter 10 . 8/3/2017
I've been saving this until I had time, well today I had a poorly dog who just wanted to lie on my lap all day and I read the entire thing. I loved it. You are an excellent writer and I hope you continue to write. I was completely swept along. I hope summer is good to you and I hope you return to writing soon :)
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