Reviews for Double Temptation
CCBTH chapter 34 . 4h
Im obsessed with this story... please update.. I read all of it in one day now im needing my
Missy Spankalicious chapter 33 . 9/4
So, in love with this story. Usually strictly just a Jasper/Bella pairing, but strangely enjoying Emmett being thrown into the mix.

You have amazing writing skills, well done and thank you for sharing.

My only tiny criticism I have, which might be because I'm biased and love Jasper more than any of the twilight men but I find because Emmett is maybe the more sensitive of the two males in the relationship that Jasper gets pushed out a bit.

I haven't read the next chapter yet as I like to have a few to read at once, so this might have changed but just had to say how I was feeling about it.

Thanks again for sharing your story and please update soon!

Kayozm chapter 34 . 8/25
Sorry you have to deal with the NBNI’ve heard nothing good about it!
Nice chapterit does seem inevitable that they are going to run into gossip. And excruciating for Jasper to have to be completely platonic in public! Don’t know how they’re going to get around that!
asia.joanna.7334 chapter 34 . 8/23
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love love love love love love love it plis plis plis more suunn
Faithful Reader chapter 34 . 8/19
This story is an interesting pairing that I have never seen before! Stupid computer crashes are frustrating! Technology is supposed to make life easier, not harder. I am sorry to hear the the publisher you worked with was horrible. Please do not stop writing! This story and your writing style are fabulous! I wonder what is going on with Bella's increased appitit, harder skin, and increased healing rate. Is one of Bella's ancestors a vampire? Does the extra chromosome have something to do with the changes? My theory is that Jasper and Emmett's venom acted as a sort of catalyst for the changes. Guess I will have to wait and see! Looking forward to the next chapter!
orchidluv chapter 34 . 8/17
Aww secrets are bad, Bella and keep your eyes peeled for Tanya and Aiden. Seems like a couple of rotten apples to me!
Ca.zaphira chapter 34 . 8/13
Love the story. Looking forward to more.
JSwan82 chapter 34 . 8/9
Is Tanya the one who told Victoria how to find Bella on the island? The suspense is killing me. Please post again soon.
MelGibby chapter 34 . 8/9
When's Peter coming back? When's Peter coming back?! Can you tell I'm excited? Lol
painted heart chapter 34 . 8/8
Please please update! Can’t wait to read more!
EMILCE CULLEN-VULTURI chapter 34 . 8/7
Me encanta
My Eyez Are Watching Everyone chapter 34 . 8/7
love this story and it oh someone's gonna be in trouble.
Tully chapter 34 . 8/7
Oh. I feel some drama coming on. Loving this.
Guest chapter 34 . 8/7
I love these three together. Please keep writing!
BeatleBug333 chapter 34 . 8/7
I screamed at my phone when I was your update. Can't get enough of this story.
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