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pepetrump chapter 1 . 7/20
OP ichigo
time travel
500k words
aaaand hes a fag
maybealis chapter 60 . 7/19
who? even was hooleer? im sorry i dont remember either
DejaVuDejaVu chapter 60 . 7/17
Omgash! This is so goood! You have to update soon! You can’t leave me like this! Honestly is it bad If im glad orhimes dead? Never liked her sorry :/ but anyone that was such a good climax! I can not wait to see what happens next! Please do not let him lose his powers! Love it!
Primordial Inscriptor Z-09 chapter 60 . 7/15
The Gods are awake, what was once a person stuck between two buildings become rotating gears now slowly grinding him into dust as they activate those monolithic motions. You did a good for helping me visualize the sheer vastness of the Gods that O previously had trouble with, thanks. Also, the Quincy were useful as buffers after all! Wonder how they are all feeling right now, bet they weren't expecting this when Ichigo decided to spare them, hehe. It's been a great Journey following you, and when I contemplate rereading the whole story, another chapter pops up that clears up the mystification O have. A nice little cycle of addiction. Also, props for making me completely forget Ishida and Inoue after the first few paragraphs of what might be the slowest, yet immense fight scene I have ever read.
Pandatone chapter 60 . 7/14
Wonderful chapter again. This is honestly my favorite Bleach fic. Like 110% my favorite. Keep up the great work l
Guest chapter 60 . 7/14
I'm curious now... is Ichi gonna end up being the host for all three when Reizei dies? And would that be a good thing or would that be a bad thing? Bc on the one hand, his own soul would finally be in complete balance (if you count the Quincy and humans to be the same species, though canon seems to imply they really aren't), but on the other hand, he'll have three big things fucking around inside him that probably shouldn't be in there and that usually isn't pleasant. Unless you're into that, but somehow I don't think Ichi is.
Guest chapter 59 . 7/14
AshKetchum.X.SerenaYvonne chapter 60 . 7/13
Oh god this is getting intense. I hope Ichigo survives this crazy battle. I was just wondering, wouldn't the two god try to save ichigo?
Chadlover629 chapter 60 . 7/13
dame... my next prediction is that the two gods in Ichigo will separate from him to find a better and proper host that are full blooded unlike Ichigo and the only closest hose candidates are Grimmjow and Candice if and if we add soul reaper all well tell Ichigo were he went wrong.

i know it must sound like i hat Ichigo but i don't i just hats how hes doing things.
The Jingo chapter 60 . 7/13
That cliffy
Cloudy09 chapter 59 . 7/12
Another excellent chapter man, thanks for the hardwork.
By the way, and sorry if I sound like an ass but your translation for fuck off was wrong. The word fuck is mostly translated in spanish slang as coger. Coger originally translated in english to “to grab”, however if you use it in a sexual situation than you would come with something like “me la cogi” which translates to I fucked her. In this case “fuck off” cant really be translated directly like you would normally do, as you would come up with something similar to what you wrote in the first place.
Really the only way to make an accurate translation of fuck off would be to use something like “vete a la verga” or “ chinga tu madre” which for spanish speaking people they have the same role as fuck off.
Again Sorry if I sound as if Im nitpicking, but Im really impressed to see a fanfiction at the very least trying to get spanish right, so I though maybe you would like to know a bit about mexican slang.
Guest chapter 32 . 7/11
That thing in the back behind the menos was Hooleer
CelestialxXxAngel chapter 48 . 7/9
"who's the monster, Ichigo?" and "are you just like him?" really got me with the feel man.
Primordial Inscriptor Z-09 chapter 59 . 7/5
Wow, you really didn't like Inoue, did you? Well, she served a short, but a plot wrenchingly good purpose. Sad, but that's why I came to this wonderful story in the first place!
Guest chapter 59 . 7/3
What do you mean its going to be in jump force?
Characters? A map?
I also never heard of this.
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