Reviews for Team STIK (Strike)
Kaiser Dragon chapter 61 . 11/25/2019
Oh Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match! It has finally happened. Ruby is never going to stop pestering Izuku and Yang now. That had better be funny!
Mecha Manda chapter 61 . 11/25/2019
Yes! Yang and Izuku finally are official! I smell Pheromones and Chaos in their future.

Also it just occurred to me that when Qrow and Taiyang find out that Izuku is going to be in some serious trouble, especially when Raven finds out.
Thunder Dragon chapter 61 . 11/25/2019
Yes! It is about time! Yang and Izuku are officially hooked up! Bakugou and Ruby are going to freak out when they find out.
OceanLord2017 chapter 61 . 11/23/2019
Yeah...that feels like a nice spot to put a "pause" in. You've basically accomplished all the major things to build up for Mistral/ props to that. Still...I'm eager for reunifications of some sort once the story resumes.

Still loving your take on Neo. Plus that Izuku/Yang is always sweet.

Til Next Time...Have Fun! Enjoy your break!
RHatch89 chapter 61 . 11/23/2019
Awesome update :)
Shadow Joestar chapter 61 . 11/23/2019
KO awesome chapter, Izuku and Yang have gone their separate ways but promised to meet each other in Mistral and catch up with the others as the heroes journey of reunion will be tough along the way.
Dracus6 chapter 36 . 11/15/2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Senran Kagura Crossover
Phoenix Wizard chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
Great job on the action here. Just good job
Gojifreak chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
Great Scott! Izuku had better not lose control!
DD Lore Nerd chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
I am honestly worried. If Izuku kills Muscular he is going to lose control of himself and sink even deeper into his psychosis.

Now I have a question. Have you ever thought about digging into some old school anime? Because I cannot think of a story series that needs more attention than an old school favorite.

It is Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files. If you have not read the manga or seen the Anime you have to! Also I even recommended that you take a look at the English Dub. It is that good.

Now I am not making a request but their have been challenges made on this sight and people have made reviews on those challenges on this site. Here are two Yu Yu Hakusho challenges that come to mind.

One challenge is a Yu Yu Hakusho and Fate/Stay Night crossover, which I recommend that you take a look at them and the reviews on the challenge for it, the second is a Highschool DxD and Yu Yu Hakusho crossover as well and the reviews on the challenge for it as well.
Mecha Manda chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
Did Izuku just go Super Sayian?
KongKing94 chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
I am starting to get worried. For Muscular. I hope Izuku does not cross the line that you cannot get back from. That line is killing a man.
Midgardsormr Jr chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
So is Yang going to get a Super mode? Because it seems like that you are giving those out like candy. First Shoto and now Izuku, anyone else I should know about?
Kaiser Dragon chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
Anybody else worried about what Tempest is doing to Izuku? Or is it just me?
Thunder Dragon chapter 60 . 10/26/2019
Oh man, It is time for Muscular to get a real ass kicking!

Somebody sing the Curb Stomp Song.
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