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Guest chapter 77 . 10/6
That’s an interesting take on Sugimura’s Shadow/Palace, although it doesn’t quite seem to fit the pattern of showcasing unrestrained desires. Or maybe he’s got two or more doppelgängers running around representing different aspects of himself, like Rise in the anime.
DOOT76 chapter 78 . 10/4
This is just a wild guess but will there be a huge plot twist that Akira’s Dad turns out to be Shido hence why he’s wrapped in secrecy?
Puer in Somnio chapter 45 . 10/2
Wow, you managed to make Madarame far more despicable than he is in the original, yet without fundamentally changing his character. Kudos for that. Loving the story so far. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.
ZombieGuy96 chapter 78 . 10/2
Hi, I just finished the game and have come looking for a good fanfiction to keep myself occupied I didn't expect to come across this, you've kept me busy the past couple of days catching up with this and now I'm honestly hooked to it!

I'm sure you've probably heard the praise beforehand about what's loved about this fic and what isn't, etc... but I'd like to add my own review on what's great about this fic and what really sticks out to me. brace yourself because it's gonna be a long one.

Ohya- A billion times better here than she is in the game, her fun loving and teasing personality really comes through and you've actually given her loads to do. Compared to the game where you'd think a Journalist would be a massive help for you, we spend her arc of her drinking in Crossroads which was very underwhelming, her fitting into the Madarame's arc and the investigation into his "pupils" helped to do three great things, developed her character, helped world build better and really helped the reader understand the complexity and horror behind Madarame's scheme.

Takemi and Iwai are also developing to be firm favourites of mine as well, granted I loved them in game anyway, but Iwai's link to the criminal underworld and connection to Kaneshiro was something I felt was wasted in game to give Iwai more importance to the story. Here he is given that chance which should lead to great arcs later on and his personality is on point, Takemi is the same, in terms that I already loved these two characters but you've given them more to do is something I can't get enough of.

I could gone on forever about this stuff and all the other characters but in short Ohya's a massive improvement and Takemi and Iwai are as awesome as ever, as are the other characters. The ships in this fic also match my own, Ryuji x Ann is a delight to read about and I hope we see more of it in following chapters, and Akira x Makoto has been a rollercoaster to read about and I'm still enjoying the ride.

But characters and relationships aside, what really sets this story out is the plot.

It's similar to the game so the readers think they know what's coming and in some ways it is similar but the differences, help elevate it to a whole new level. You improved massively on flaws that were present in the game, the phantom thieves being more cautious was a massive improvement, the whole thing with burner phones, arranging their hideout in the attic of LeBlanc much earlier and not in the middle of a generally crowded area so they could discuss their plans, setting the requests to private on the PhanSite...

There's probably loads I've missed as well, but in short the attention to detail and heightened stakes in this fic help set it apart from so many others and keeps me reading.

Anyway I'll try and review regularly from now on as there's simply too much to go through and praise or discuss from these 78 chapters, hope to see the next chapter soon! Thanks for keeping me(and many others by the looks of it) entertained so far!
Destati69 chapter 42 . 9/30
Hey there, I doubt you remember me but I found this fic back when you first started it and left a review. I unfortunately stopped reading fanfiction for a long time after that and recently came back to it and god damn, this shit is legendary. You've written everyone so incredibly well. The dialogue is extremely engaging, all the characters have very distinct and identifiable personalities. The confidants are extremely well done so far as well. It's fucking amazing in so many ways
I dare say it's fathoms better than the game itself, the writing is just that fleshed out and incredible. I spent the last 3 days catching up and it was so worth it. I love how you're taking your time with this fic and not seemingly rushing any arcs, super impressive.
This has deviated a lot from the game now fundamentally speaking in terms of Palaces and party line up and that alone just makes it that much more engaging. Looking forward to more because I'm sure as hell following this through to the end. Really hope you keep this up cuz you have a loyal fan!
Once again, amazing job on this fic and I hope you continue. Good day and good luck with any future endeavors!
SlashSoldier chapter 1 . 9/29
Hi there! You may remember me as that positive guy who gave no substantial feedback from last year! Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue reading your frequent updates, until now! And MAN, am I excited to dive back into this wonderful fanfic :D. Just wanted to say in this review that THANK YOU, your fic has stayed here and stayed constant for all of us to enjoy. It’s been over a year, and as a reader I’m happy that you’ve continued doing this :DDDD. Anyways, i’m going to binge read you fic now hehe. Thanks Dowdz!
todpolle chapter 61 . 9/28
And that’s the Vanity arc. Or was it Greed. Couldn’t really tell. Guess that’s a good place to start.

I know you did a different take on Madarame’s Palace with the whole kids being workers that mass-produced the artwork, but this whole palace seemed one to one what Okumara/Mammon was doing with the whole profits at any cost. Also on the subject on the villain himself, this is a good example of expanding on him. While Madrame is worse than Kamoshida, in game, we only get to see his Sayori scheme and we only hear about his worse deed, his treatment of young artists. Here you really showed just how horrible this emotional parasite is to his pupils with them being isolated from each other and you actually showed Yusuke’s mistreatment which is an improvement.

I didn’t comment on this last time since no much was done with the supporting cast yet and apart from big sister Takemi taking no crap, and Akria sharpening his knife for Mishima’s back but the highlights have got to be Ohya and Mamakami. Ohya is just a fun, cute snark and while I get the purpose of her stories in game, using her journalistic skills to help and teach Akira is much more useful in a story like this. And while Mamakami wasn’t in the Lust arc much, she’s really started to get involved now even for small parts and each one is such a delight. I think she might be my favourite supporting character at the moment.

But the big thing is that this is the game’s Greed arc done right. Unlike the game where Ryuji started being a jerk for no reason and Morgana threw a tantrum when they agree to follow the rules they set up for targets, here, Makoto screws up with Shiho and Ann is understandably pissed about it. And unlike the game this drama doesn’t take the attention away from Yusuke. Most of the palace if not all of it was about him, especially the showdown with Madarama, unlike the game where it was all about Morgana by the end of it.

And with all that I just have one question: Who was that crab monster?
Guest chapter 78 . 9/25
Ahahaha yusuke, that was perfect!
daughterofapollo12345 chapter 78 . 9/24
Whoa, Haru’s Awakening came so early! Yes! And it was done so much better than in the actual game. I feel so validated right now, Haru’s one of my favorite characters and she didn’t deserve to be grouped with Morgana’s arc. Yay!
Ford1114 chapter 78 . 9/24
Haru has awaken into Noir, she has awaken far early than her canon self and that's before Makoto's awakening. And whoa, Yusuke just kicked Sugimura in the balls.
TheGoodDarkHero chapter 78 . 9/24
Now this is getting interesting. A new palace, I wonder what it will be modelled on. I'm thinking a bit like Cias Palace from hyrule warriors with statues of link everywhere, but instead of link its Haru and all that. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Apex85 chapter 78 . 9/24
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Loved that Awakening.

And Yusuke kicking the shit in the balls was beautiful.
Guest chapter 78 . 9/24
"My name is Haru Okumura and I am Heavy Weapons Girl."
I completely forgot the fact that with her phone destroyed the evidence on Sugimura is gone, so good justification for having to Steal his Heart. Yusuke has best improvisations and is a pure boy of Art.
Great chapter with Haru's rescue, hopefully the Queen will join the Thieves soon.
The Mail Carrier Mixael chapter 78 . 9/24
Time to chew bubble gum and shoot some gatling guns. and I'm all out of gum.
Psychorex chapter 78 . 9/24
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