Reviews for Fate, Don't Fail Me Now
arniegrape chapter 1 . 7/9/2017
Thank you for the great story!
Please ignore the troll who has nothing else to do with their life but search for things they know they wouldn't like to begin with and leave misspelled comments.

It was wonderful to see the characters actually get the character development they deserved and it was great to see them all follow their paths to fruition.
It is extremely sad to hear that this may be your last foray into this fandom.
However, please know that all the stories you have left have made a difference.
Thank you very much again!
bartlettpear chapter 1 . 6/28/2017
My heart swooned when I saw your name and Naruto fanfiction, you still write SasuNaru, blessed by deities orz Thank you for this treat

[ The only Jiraiya that Naruto knew was a drunk old pervert out in Tusken territory, and if he was secretly a leader of the Old Republic, Naruto was going to laugh himself sick.
(He was. Naruto did.) ]
I like how you formatted(?) this xD

[ Cut down by Imperial Stormtroopers and a Sith Lord named Itachi.
"Who's he?" Naruto asked, and didn't know why the air stilled, why Jiraiya glanced at the dark-haired boy in the corner.
"He's a monster," said the boy, and looked away.]
It's going to be at the back of my mind wondering wonder what was Itachi's motive and is he legit crazy is this universe.

[ He had parked it in a sketchy backlot under the name Kopikat7 and the guise of delivering - of delivering -
"You're smuggling porn ?" Naruto crowed with pre-pubescent horror.
"It's not mine , dimwit," Sasuke snarled, turning pink under his sunburn. "I'm undercover . And it wasn't my idea ." ]
At first I settled for this being Kakashi's cameo in the story...

[ The officer - Kakashi Hatake, by his nametag - glanced from Naruto, whose jaw was set stubbornly, to Sasuke. "You're not pilots, you're stupid kids. Itachi saw combat when he was a stupid kid, too."
The words made Sasuke shut his mouth with an audible click , but Naruto just tilted his chin up. "If you won't give us X-Wings, we'll just take Sasuke's ol' bucket of junk!"
"Shit," said Sasuke.
"'Sasuke's' old bucket of junk," Commander Kakashi repeated mildly, "is my bucket of junk. I won it fair and square from an idiot in green leg warmers. With only minimal cheating." ]
And then there he was! hahaha

[ Still high on adrenaline as they turned into the docking bay and saw the Emperor's enforcer run a red lightsaber through Jiraiya.
Naruto had never seen anyone move that fast, and at his side Sasuke was frozen in fear, in rage.
Then Jiraiya was gone, collapsed into a pile of robes, and Naruto was screaming. ]
Was Pain the one that ran Jiraiya through in this universe too ;-;?

[ Who had thought of her father's smile and her mother's arms around her and cried, bitterly, alone in her cell before it opened to admit blond hair and blue eyes in a frame much too short to be a Stormtrooper.
Who had felt staggering loss and despite her anger never turned her back on the cause or reached for the Dark Side. Instead she had done her job, even as she watched her boys walk away from her, one after the other. ]
I love how you included Sakura and let her shine so gloriously.

Tsunade's hormones comment at Naruto pining over Sakura, and then the same comment again at Sasuke taking pleasure in pinning Naruto to the ground and grinding his face into the dirt made me laugh xD

[ Others were captured Imperials who had decided to throw their lot in with the Rebels after a long, passionate, slightly incoherent lecture from Naruto.
"I remember you," Sasuke said with narrowed eyes as he passed by one such group the cantina. "You almost shot me down five times last week."
"Your boyfriend's disquisition was stupid but convincing," said the red-haired ex-Imperial. He had kohl-rimmed eyes and the slightly unbalanced aura of someone shaking off decades of brainwashing.
"He's not my boyfriend," Sasuke snarled, food sliding amok on his tray as he marched toward the door. ]
Sasori? Naruto's talk changing the tide of war, never change you sweet, lovable soul :'D

[ "I'm gonna suck you off," he announced as if remarking on the weather, and slithered off Sasuke's lap onto the floor.
"Pretty," Naruto mumbled to himself. Then his mouth was hot and warm as he gave little kitten licks up the length of Sasuke's cock. ]
I am paying full attention to this sequence lol *_*

[ "Just do like Kakashi says -"
"- I am not thinking about Kakashi while we fuck -"
"- chill out a little, meditate or something." Naruto wiggled his fingers. "Use the Force."
"You can't use the Force to have sex ." ]
I love Sasuke, the voice of reason complementing Naruto's 'did he really just say that' moments haha

[ He woke after two days in the bacta tank, lucid and clear-eyed and completely convinced that Jiraiya's ghost had appeared in the snow and told him to go train on Dagobah with a pair of frogs.
So that was a little weird. ]
It was real my man, absolutely real xD

[ Grand Masters Fukasaku and Shima were very small, very green, and very unimpressed. ]
Cute :D!

[ Visions of a dark-robed man locked in combat with him on a frozen planet. Of them lying broken together on the ground, severed forearms bleeding into the snow. It had to be the Sith Lord who hunted them, but it hadn't looked like Itachi, it had looked more like…. ]
Dat foreshadowing and nod to canon D':

[ Sasuke, dead-eyed, gripping a red lightsaber. Bearing down on Sakura. Stepping over the bodies of fallen Jedi.
Naruto didn't know how to explain that destiny didn't matter, the Force didn't matter. How far Sasuke fell didn't matter. Naruto would always be there to bring him back from the edge. To bring him home. ]
This is beautiful TT

[ "We're so sorry, darling," Kushina said. Her smile was gentle. Her eyes crinkled like his in the corners. "We're so sorry that we were never there for you. We're sorry that we couldn't protect you."
Naruto caught his jaw sagging.
"We know you must blame us for everything you've suffered. We understand." Minato was looking him in the eye, hands hovering just above his shoulders as if wishing they could embrace. "But we love you, Naruto. We loved you from your first breath and we love you still."
"Dad? Mom, Dad, I don't blame you," Naruto said, choking. "I've never blamed - I love you so much."
"We have so many things to tell you." Kushina was crying, openly and freely, like her son. "So much we wish we could teach you, but we don't have time. Trust the Force, trust yourself. Don't be a picky eater! Study hard…."
"Don't let the bastards take an inch of your integrity," Minato said quietly, "and don't stop until you reach your goals."
Kushina's glowing palm rested, almost tangible, above his hair. "We are so, so proud of you." ]
Thank you soo much for giving Naruto both of his parents together to tell him they love him so very much ;_;

[ He stopped flying with Rogue Squadron and started to train, obsessively and alone. His long-faithful blue-and-white droid first squealed recriminations, then spent some days burbling sadly at him. Eventually it quieted and left, taking up residence with Kakashi, whose words had fallen on equally deaf ears. ]
It's happening D':

[ Sasuke let out a breath as they pulled open his flight suit together and kicked his pants down to his knees. Naruto's hands slid up those slick thighs, fingers hard. He leaned forward with a whine and pressed open kisses against Sasuke's mouth, one hand slick around the both of them, the other moving to splay out wet against the fogged glass of the cockpit canopy. ]
Not gonna lie, totally thought Titanic lol

[ They didn't have any lube besides vaseline from the emergency medkit, and their fingers tangled as they half-prepped Naruto together. The blank wall that had separated their minds since Bespin seem to buckle as Naruto sank down, gasping a little at the stretch. He was shaking slightly, Sasuke realized, or maybe that was him - their hands were intertwined in Naruto's shirt, against his dick, brushing the sweaty, toned stomach visible about his beltline.
At some point the laughter had died. They stared at each other, quiet, breathing each other's air.
It didn't last.]

[ On Sasuke's part, he plunged into secret research, prodded on by the mutterings in his dreams. He obsessed on the idea that a shadow figure in the Republic had ordered the Jedi massacre. That the Republic's own officials were responsible for the Purge. That one man, sitting pretty in comfort and power, had had his fingers in many pies for the last decades. That his brother….
His brother. His brother. His brother, who he'd killed with his own hands.
He feared what he'd find, and fear was the path to the Dark Side. Fear lead to anger, anger to hate, hate to suffering.
But he had been suffering for near a lifetime now, and this was all he had left. ]
Oh... I see ;_;

[ Naruto chasing after the retreat, yelling I loved you , I still love you and come home . Sasuke, eyes blood-red, saying that he would finish what his brother had started, and driving Itachi's red lightsaber deep into Naruto's chest.
They parted there, Naruto bleeding into burnt earth, and Sasuke walking away.
They didn't reunite until they were nearly thirty. ]
D': Still gorgeous iamgery though.

[ "You look real dumb in that mask," he said loudly, "but at least it hides your stupid hair."
"Take him onto the ship," Sasuke said.
"You're a dingbat," was the retort, as they lead him away in cuffs.
Naruto was gone from his cell before Sasuke even got to interrogate him, zooming through the sky in a stolen TIE-fighter with a handful of the First Order's best men at his side.
Upon hearing the news Sasuke went quiet for thirty-nine seconds, then asked, "He compelled them with the Force?"
"Er, no sir," said one of the remaining soldiers. "We've reviewed the security footage, and it appears that he, er, spoke to them for about twenty minutes about," she looked down at her notes, "overcoming obstacles through the power of the heart, the payoff of honest hard work, and fulfilling your goals by becoming your best self." She looked up. "Then about half the barracks got up and left with him."
This was gold and made me laugh :'D

[ The first time her mother taught her her to braid her hair. The pride and laughter in her father's eyes. The explosion of Alderaan. Their revenge on the Death Star. The Jedi school in flames, tears in her eyes as she begged Sasuke to come back. Naruto, waking up after weeks in bacta, blue eyes dulled and