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eren jeager 1st chapter 5 . 9/17
yeeesssss up garted
Junior VB chapter 10 . 9/14
Henrietta no quiere casarse con Albrecht.
Henrietta does not want to marry Albrecht.
NeoNazo356 chapter 10 . 9/3
The plot, unlike Mazarin's hair, thickens. Political intrigue abides, and I wonder just how much Alex will CHOOSE to contribute to the goings-on of Halkeginia. At the very least, them absconding from the castle is sign that she won't let him badmouth her Familiar without consequence. Given an Evolved doesn't have Organs to Drown or Bones to Break, I don't imagine Water or Earth Magic could kill him. Wind might carve him up a little and slow him down, so it's only Fire I imagine that'd pose a problem for him if the heat were great-enough to Carbonize him. I'm eager to see what Henrietta does in the next chapter, and am glad I binge-read as much as I did. Looking forward to more.
NeoNazo356 chapter 9 . 9/3
Mercer's quest went off without a hitch, and it seems like he'll have 2 fresh (or should I say "flesh") "Happy Meals" to-go; Or should I say "flesh smoothies"? Anyhow, I'm sure even Henrietta would understand WHY he killed them since he DID give them fair warning, though compared to the Thousands he killed before, what's a couple drops in the bucket? Wardes certainly isn't wasting any time, and now I wonder... Does Mercer killing those two would-be arsonists/rapists open up another Web of Intrigue? Will he find where THEY heard the rumors, and keep climbing the grapevine until he finds Wardes? I'm curious how things will continue to play out. Also, I hope Mercer GAVE the Charming Fairies' Inn the coins instead of just leaving them on the ground for ANYONE to pick up.
NeoNazo356 chapter 8 . 9/3
Well, I see that Mazarin did NOT hesitate to get right to the whole MURDER thing. The whole "Is this a new familiar or the old one in disguise?" is a fanTASTIC point she made, and Mazarin's entire plan falls apart right then and there. Still, the fact that Henrietta needs a trained guard from her own FAMILIAR might also make things harder for her. As for the Quest that Henrietta sent him on, it should be ridiculously easy to execute with how he can Shapeshift. I just hope there are no further complications.
NeoNazo356 chapter 7 . 9/3
Henrietta and Mercer's conversation regarding killing and the ethicity of it was well-written, but I think what was even more amusing was Henrietta's first encounter with a Transgender person. I wonder what would happen if she had access to the INTERNET with how sheltered she is. "a horrible realization" was a hoot beyond hoots. That Henrietta could converse so OPENLY about her mother, and how she is NOT handling her grief "in a healthy way" will be a great deal of character development for her.
NeoNazo356 chapter 6 . 9/3
It's funny how much joy Henrietta got out of simply wearing something as mundane as PANTS. As for the GUARDS... Magic could ALSO let people fly without wingbeats giving them away, and I'd fire the lot of them for not ATTEMPTING to look up. Or at the very least I'd have a long-range lookout to keep an eye on the SKIES. Alex saving Jessica from two horn-dogs seems like a great lead-in to the next chapter.
NeoNazo356 chapter 5 . 9/3
The fact that rumors have ALREADY spread to the capital... I can't help but think they're trying to undermine her majesty's authority by saying she's being "influenced by a daemon of unknown lands". Still, their concerns are not unwarranted, though such ignorance also comes from their own freedoms. That Mazarin plans to borderline Assassinate her Familiar, since summoning a SECOND is basically blasphemous, is a very good way of having four feet of serrated steel-like organic compound shoved up his ass. That Henrietta has absconded with Alex (or is it the other way around) is an interesting twist on things, and it'll definitely make it impossible for Mazarin to just sweep the whole thing under the rug.
NeoNazo356 chapter 4 . 9/3
Alex and Henrietta's dialogue was well-written, and I'm curious if Saito knows ANYTHING about "Alex Mercer". I mean, the guy was promoted to the top of the Terrorist Watchlist overnight, so it's POSSIBLE that in Japan the news reached even there. Henrietta was oddly accepting of him being a Living Weapon, and contextually, the whole "are they gods?" wasn't unexpected given how he said he was MADE. The whole "a weapon is something made of steel or powder, and those are cold to the touch" was very well-executed, you know her character very well if you can write her dutifully to such a degree.
NeoNazo356 chapter 3 . 9/3
The dialogue was all very interesting, and I'm eager to see how things will play out in the future.
NeoNazo356 chapter 2 . 9/2
Considering this was BEFORE the events between Prototype and Prototype 2 where he became "disillusioned" about Humanity and subsequently turned evil, it's nice to see there's a REASON he doesn't turn evil in this world. Halkeginia might still have corrupt and rich a-holes by the truckload, but that isn't much different from Earth, there just isn't any Magic. I'm curious how things will continue from here.
NeoNazo356 chapter 1 . 9/2
Wow... Mercer's resurrection was VERY descriptive, and I loved every second of it. Henrietta's own personal quarrels were an interesting read as well, though I'm not wondering if the guy who lost his Familiar will have anything to say about this. I wonder if anyone ELSE will mock Louise now that Henrietta TOO has summoned something that could be considered "human"; albeit with assemblage that required extra steps.
You have my attention, and I'll continue to read more.
OverDemon chapter 10 . 9/1
I really like this new rewrite and especially that Saito no longer "spoil" Alex's identity, which I believe he did in the previous version. Alex and Henrietta's relationship is well written and fun to explore for me as a reader and I hope that they only grow closer. As for Alex's true nature, well I personally would rather it be "discovered" by his own action rather than by Saito. When I think about it then it doesn't really make sense that Blackwatch would release his abilities to the public since that would give rise to some awkward question on what the US military is researching. No, he would likely just to labeled as a terrorist and nothing more. However he is discovered as the monster he has the potential to be (protecting Henrietta or just being pissed off) I look forward to the reaction people has when they realize that Henrietta has summoned something more deadly than any dragon or manticore.
Junior VB chapter 9 . 9/1
Marianne no está siendo una buena madre.
Marianne is not being a good mother.
Junior VB chapter 8 . 9/1
Henrietta confía en Alex.
Henrietta trusts Alex.
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