Reviews for Narcissa Militant
excessivelyperky chapter 39 . 7/14
I think Harry's request to know the ultimate goals was reasonable; after all, if an opportunity arises for him to move them forward, he'll be better at spotting them and reporting them to Narcissa.
excessivelyperky chapter 38 . 6/8
Moody's in big trouble, oops! And Minerva understands that Animagi stick together, when they're not harming Hogwarts (which lets out Skeeter).
LeoESerpens chapter 44 . 6/6
Such a cool story! Thanks for another very entertaining read
fantasypainter chapter 44 . 5/26
Not many stories focusing on Narcissa as the main character. This was very well done and a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Rebe Marauder chapter 44 . 5/15
Me ha gustado mucho la historia de Narcisa como protagonista. Sabemos que ella haría cualquier cosa para proteger a su hijo y en este universo alternativo se ha visto totalmente.
kenzielynnwilliams2006 chapter 15 . 5/6
she better not kill Minerva or have harry do it [I'm not finished with this chapter just saying]
excessivelyperky chapter 34 . 5/1
Sadly, Hogwarts always needs a scapegoat, usually a Slytherin. Draco just happened to draw the unlucky number this time.

That was some boss magic against the werewolves, though-a good thing Lucius awoke, or she'd be dead.
DJArla chapter 44 . 4/25
Loved this. What a great version of Narcissa you have created. Loved her, loved how she influenced other people. Fantastic stuff!
excessivelyperky chapter 33 . 4/19
Wow! (on a less serious point, I recall Marge Simpson saving Homer from the Devil, as portrayed by Ned Flanders, by proving that Homer had given her his soul on their wedding day).

I'm glad she saved Lucius.

I wonder if Draco's Legilimency is good enough to discover Bad Barty under Fake! Moody's skin?
kp chapter 44 . 4/14
Nice story, centered around Narcissa instead of Molly or Hermione. Easy to imagine Draco as a girl.
FFFudgeUp chapter 44 . 4/6
great story! Your Narcissa makes me giggle. She is such a badass. Thank you for sharing
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 4/5
Good chapter. Moody's going to learn a few things about constant vigilance around Narcissa, I believe.
excessivelyperky chapter 31 . 3/24
Neatly done! But I hope Narcissa remembers to finish off Voldie *first*. Priorities, after all.
Lyria17 chapter 44 . 2/25
This was a great story, it was lots of fun! Thank you for writing it and for putting all the different parts into one story.I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Harry and Draco, but I because this story is centred on Narcissa, I understand that there isn‘t too much of that. But maybe a little side story...? :D

But this story is great regardless and I like it very much!
Annie Magus chapter 44 . 1/6
Thank you for writing this. It's not my usual type of story (the assassin thing), but I do enjoy Narcissa being motherly especially to Harry. Also, it was different - not one of the common HP plots. While I love Harry, this worked well with Narcissa being the primary character.

Regarding the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and (lack of) typos, this is perhaps the best written fanfiction I have ever read. I am in awe. Thank you again.
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