Reviews for Mass Effect
Pteaset chapter 46 . 9/8
Ty for up date
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 46 . 9/6
LukeTendo chapter 45 . 8/29
Love your work. Hope your time permits you to continue.

And no, you are not a 'fandom of one' ;)
RagingSerenity chapter 45 . 7/22
Once again I am floored by the level of detail in your writing. Nice touch on the forensic analysis of the blood spatter.
And a nice little twist there, too! I am very curious to see what that old AI is up to. Clearly going for luring Shepard in, I think, but why? Its control of geth and the proxy imply that it’s working with Harbinger, but to what end? And is Nazara maybe much closer to Feron, so that the delay won’t be as troubling for it? That could be bad.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 45 . 7/14
I get it as never play all your cards at once use deception and cunning to spread your foe thin and strike on ones own terms.
JaguarVakarian chapter 45 . 7/14
Still rooting hard for my ot3.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 44 . 6/6

Love oh love.
I-got-zapped chapter 44 . 5/1
Hey! Ok, first, please don't feel like you owe us readers anything! You are giving us an amazingly written, well-put together story for free, using your free time! I think I can safely say that most readers completely understand that life and ideas can run away and take you with it. Also, Liara! I was wondering when she would show up, so it was nice to see her appear. I'm not going to lie, that sniper from a few chapters ago still has me thinking... Anyways, great chapter!
RagingSerenity chapter 44 . 4/29
Great chapter! I'm happy to say I recognized Liara before she was formally introduced, and I'm curious as to how you plan to keep her on board. Your note sounds like you finally have that plan.
The action sequences were relatively short and to the point - from a game-like point of view. Which is good and at least conforms to Shepard's plan. Now I'm just waiting for Harbinger's other shoe to drop, making the rest of the operation not so smooth sailing.
RagingSerenity chapter 43 . 3/18
And the tension ramps up... without even a shot fired yet in this arc. Glad to see you're still kicking, and looking forward to the next part in this arc!
Darkfire7881 chapter 43 . 3/11
I figured I would send a message rather then leave a review, as I wanted to make you aware of a trivial and nit picky problem.
Your story is amazing and highly detailed and this chapter was no different. However this one had a lot of spelling errors, which is odd for this story.
Real life can take its toll, believe me I understand. But I just wanted to make you aware.
But this story is truly awesome, so keep up the great work.
JaguarVakarian chapter 43 . 3/9
I kinda hope Shepard ends up with both.
magnusvictor chapter 38 . 2/1
For what it's worth, stuff cools very slowly in a hard vacuum. One of the major challenges of designing spacecraft is heat dissipation - it's why space suits and spacecraft are painted white. So thermal clips really aren't going to cool fast at all without an atmosphere.
RagingSerenity chapter 42 . 1/10
Belated happy holidays and new year to you too!
And wasn't that a satisfying, yet non-violent handling of a certain annoying reporter...
Beyond that, it's one of those difficult chapters where not much seems to happen, a thing that you wouldn't see in any ordinary TV show. The term interlude comes to mind. Sure, it casts a lot of shadows far ahead, but by itself it is very much the proverbial calm before the storm.
Pteaset chapter 29 . 1/9
So good
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