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Guest chapter 45 . 5/20
Bao Blossom chapter 45 . 3/15
I don't think there is a way for me to properly convey what this fic was for me. It's been quite a while since I've been on the platform. I just finished replaying BotW, and that sense of euphoria and sadness and delight that extends well beyond what's in the game, perfectly fit in to what you've created.
Not only was your technique elegantly beautiful, but your pacing and character arc and development were just inspiring. Also, don't think the insane amount of research you did for this piece went unnoticed. You can definitely feel the love and devotion you have for the games. It's something I mirror, so I definitely appreciate it. There are very very few things I would have changed or done differently, not because they were wrong or I didn't like them, (your piece was so well designed and executed that everything was so beautifully resonant, from the details in the descriptions to your seasonal story arcs), but because I'm a fanfic author too, I can't help it, it's ingrained.
This was exactly the fic I came here to read. So thank you. Thank you for allowing me to have a week where I ignored the dishes, where I put off vacuuming, where I went to bed an hour later, and where gave my little boy 30 more minutes of screen time just so I could stay in your wonderful world a bit longer.
And, congratulations. :) I cannot wait to read more of you!
erickeme chapter 45 . 3/11
Alright, so, I loved your story. It's the first LoZ fanfic I have finished. I have never played breath of the wild and the only Zelda I have finished is The Minish Cap. Even then, the franshise has some magic that I can't explain, and your story captured it. I love romance and I anguished everytime they didin't confess to each other. It was all very tragic, but the ending was a happy one and I like that. I wil play the game one day remember this story everytime.
JDirac1356 chapter 45 . 2/26
I have read a lot. I started when I was young, at the age of 6 my mother forced me to read the intro to reading books that most kids start with. I hated them. My initial reluctance was overcome when my father would read aloud to my sister and I.
He started with the harry potter books. And clever as he was, he would "get tired of reading" right before the most climactic portions. His faux tiredness left my sister and I to decipher the text ourselves, desperate to find out what the end of the story was.
Reading is important to me. It's an escape from the mundane world and into a place where romance, adventure, and excitement abound. I have laughed at books, gotten angry at the injustices forced upon their characters, and burned for revenge against evils more sincere in their villainy than could possibly exist in the real world.
RecklessBaka chapter 45 . 2/14
You know a story is amazing when you finish it on your phone, but have to go on your computer to leave the review. And by the lord this story was absolutely amazing. It really makes me happy that people such as yourself could selflessly write this incredibly detailed fanfiction for our reading pleasure. I can't really express it in words or in a single review, but I'll do my best.

Where to start? World-building, characterization, heartfelt and meaningful dialogue, narrative structure, development, passion, romance! What didn't this story have? I'm not trying to flatter, I seriously binge read the entire story because it was that good. Stories don't often captivate me like this, and its due to your skill inwriting that I stayed hooked.

The character development of both Link and Zelda was absolutely top-notch. From starting out as near hating each other, to begrudging acceptance, slowly becoming friends, and then falling in love. The story worked beautifully with a the slow burn romance, because you kept the reader interested as both underwent character development and threw hints the odd chapter about their blooming love. I adored how you wrote Zelda. her undertaking the monumental task of stopping Calamity Ganon, the constant pressure on her, the pain of being a "failure" and having Link being a constant reminder that he could fulfill his duty, but she couldn't. I never hated her early in the story, because I completely understood what she went through. Which made it all the more satisfying when she accepted Link as her protector, ally, and friend. Enough to the point where she wanted to prove herself worthy of his selfless devotion. She was prideful, yet sweet and caring. She had courage and determination, but was vulnerable and sympathetic. She was royalty and had princess decorum, but would let out her fire and sharpness when she chose to.

The real treat of the story was Link's character to my surprise. He was just so freakin' relatable. His initial frustration at the Princess and nearly giving up, his loyalty to her and coming to terms with who she was and the weight on her shoulders, his anger at the gods for denying Zelda, and just the way he cared about her. Throughout the story I continuously nodded my head at his actions, because I completely understood why he was angry, why he was joyous, why he was saddened. When he was frustrated at Zelda, I knew why. When he was teasing her and felt his heart pound, I knew why. When he stood up to every task, hid his injuries and protected all he cared about, I knew why. He also had wit, and wasn't just a doormat to be walked over. I love how you gave him an intelligent side that oozed charm and likability.

Both these two together was a treat, with real chemistry. The way they had conversations about the mundane, revealing each other's past, their insecurities, their wants, their hesitations, their attractions, their fears. It really was able to see them as romantic material, despite the two of them denying it for so long. I loved the teasing between them along with the heartfelt character moments. I could never forget how possessive Link got, or how Zelda, nearly dying knew Link was coming for her and would always be by her side. Their friendship was very fleshed out, which made the eventual romance all the more sweeter. Slow burns are hard to write, but you made it work without a doubt.

The world-building between the four races was excellent. Each culture exploration in the story was entertaining and thoughtful, even Link's home village. I love how Link could make friends with so many different races, or how he would stop to play with the children, treating the Gerudo with respect as they wanted him, or exploring their different holidays. Seriously, the snowball fight was just a fantastic way to have them all come together and enjoy themselves.

Which brings me to the Champions, who were written really well. They weren't just plot points, or existed to give Zelda or Link characterizations, but actually had characters of their own. Their friendship with Link and Zelda felt so genuine and real. Link's friendship with his guard and knight buddies was just so good. Loved Groose and his comrades. I was genuinely saddened they died. I don't know how you did that... I knew that they were all going to die, but I was incredibly saddened when it happened, because I really did like these characters and their friendships with Link and Zelda. Even though the ending was happy in a romantic conclusion, I still felt it was sad, because I connected with these past characters and didn't want them to go. When Link and Zelda reminisced on them, I genuinely felt their sadness because you could tell how much they all meant to them. And seeing their ghosts in the end.. Are you trying to make me cry? Seriously, it makes me view the canon games as all the more sad.

Every character in the story, past and present, was fleshed out and made me want to read more. Even things like Link's home village and his place in it, to his father's past. Just an absolute joy to read.

Narrative structure was fantastic. Between going back a hundred years and to the present. I could really understand how the past affected their present attitudes, and it was just done so creatively. I love the intermissions between the memories to get the thoughts of Link or Zelda, because it teased what knew discoveries were coming when they 'remembered' the past.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. An absolutely fantastic story that I could confidently say will be one of my favorite fanfictions of all time. Just stunning.

Thank you. Truly, thank you.

(Sorry, I didn't proof read this review I'm writing off pure emotion right now).
RecklessBaka chapter 19 . 2/13
That chapter really did make it all worth it. I'm smiling.
BrowsingAbout chapter 45 . 2/9
Wow. I know you wrote this years ago, but I just discovered it and have been reading it every spare moment available. This was beautiful. It was so well paced, so subtly executed, and did such a great job filling in cultural history as well. I discovered a gem! I can’t wait to read what else you have!
Backpack Bandit chapter 11 . 1/12
Oooooh Link’s got it BAD
Anon chapter 45 . 11/8/2021
Oh boy howdy did I love this piece. Looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.
MaylynBirch12 chapter 45 . 11/3/2021
So I’ve read a lot of your other stuff lately, and stumbled on this almost accidentally.
I also am a veteran to the Zelda games, with my first being Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time shortly after. Those feelings of grief also pierced me when I visited those Ranch ruins and the Temple of Time. I scoured both places meticulously, just to somehow re-experience the wonder I felt as I explored the Hyrule field of old…But you’re exactly right, it’s not the same anymore. And that’s okay, you know? Like you said, grief is about letting go and accepting the good things about today but also never forgetting. I was really touched by the way you depicted both Link and Zelda’a grief.
AND I loved this story! Dude this was amazing and everything I ever wanted about the memories. It felt pretty dang canon, so good work.
Thanks for all your contributions, like five years later! I’m sure you get hundred of reviews, but this really touched me. Thank you thank you! I’ll be reading!
Firework471 chapter 45 . 9/8/2021
This has been an absolutely beautiful journey for me. I'm too (maybe) late for being a Zelda fan, just discovered it this year, a couple of months ago. But my ever first game was Breath of the wild, also my first console is Nintendo Swtich, which makes even more emotional this game. I've totally fallen in love the minute Link runs away of the resurrection sancturary and the titles appear. In this pandemic, this stories, the world of Legend of Zelda have been like a dip of fresh water for me. Even though is not my childhood (I'm 25 now), it still remains so significant for me. Thank yo so much for this story, it was more than gratifying to read. So happy to have discovered this amazing fanfic.
sisterjedi chapter 45 . 8/18/2021
This story… it shook me to my core, destroyed my soul and then rebuilt it. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t put it down. It captures the same way I felt while I played. You are a genius!
Nate1pro chapter 45 . 8/10/2021
I normally don't leave reviews on stories, even the ones I love to re-read and enjoy time and time again. This one however has left me speechless. I didn't know what I was looking for when I first started reading, but what I found was more than I could've ever imagined. Your writing was phenomenal and had me reading through this story like a maniac. I've never read through a story so quickly and yet be so sorrowful when it finally ended. The slow burn almost had me screaming at my screen at every turn and twist of the heart. This was a masterful piece and I can only hope to find something to rival it or be blissfully disappointed when I find none.
Yvette chapter 45 . 8/8/2021
10/10. The story was a little lacking in BotW itself and this fanfic really brought it together for me.
it's simply me chapter 45 . 8/1/2021
*standing ovation*
Honestly, I think I've left a review for every chapter of this story (yes, that's me on ao3 as well - phone is ao3, laptop is xD), and I wholeheartedly don't expect any response. You've written this fairytale of magic and wonder, and transformative piece that takes a beloved series and breathes in (pun not intended) so much life, it essentially IS a part of the series now. You've made us laugh, made us cry (oh the pain) and made us warm to our soul, all without expecting anything except the joy of writing.
And so I leave these comments for you to read one day to, hopefully, maybe, give YOU some joy, some happiness, because gosh darn you deserve it! Genuinely, sincerely, please accept my warmest thanks for sharing this adventure with us, for giving me hours of...not entertainment, because what I felt with this story was just awe and wonder - a teleportation into a world that just isn't mine. And that is so rare, and I'm so grateful for you allowing me this experience.
I tip my hat off to you, raise my glass, salute you and everything else in between. Be proud, because, knowingly or not, you've created a classic, a gem, that will be read and enjoyed by people as long as the internet remains :)
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