Reviews for il u thanléao
Chipster-roo chapter 6 . 3/14
This was well-written. Nildroo's death is handled well, as well as Threar and Marthlay's reactions to it. The brief mentions of Hazel and Fiver really add to this chapter.

Overall, I really loved this story; it's one of the best WD fanfics I read in a while.
Chipster-roo chapter 5 . 2/13
I'm excited by the update!

I liked the new chapter. It is well-written and interesting. There are a few funny parts, including the part where Marthlay says to find a more competent rabbit than that guard.

I think the scene of Threar's promotion has been handled well. I do feel kinda sorry for Nildroo, who is not allowed inside the burrow with him. The next scene, with Marthlay and Nildroo, is well-written.

The final scene is quite interesting. Being Chief Rabbit has its advantages, but unfortunately for Threar it also meant that he had to leave his friends. Unfortunately, despite Nildroo's desire to preserve her friendship with Threar despite his promotion, it seems it will fall apart anyway.

I will be looking forward to the epilogue.
Chipster-roo chapter 4 . 8/4/2017
This chapter isn't boring. It was really interesting and well-written, I think. The first scene with the Chief Rabbit was thought-provoking. Threar promising to become a better Chief was nice, although he won't be following his promise, at least not near the end of his career.

The part with Threar talking to his owsla was quite funny. The death of the Chief Rabbit at the end was unexpected. I will be looking forward to the last two chapters.
Chipster-roo chapter 3 . 7/1/2017
Thank you for restoring this story :) I hope you will continue it.

I liked chapter 2, and the character development it provided for Nildroo and your other OCs. I like the Lapiné names you made up for them.

Chapter 3 is probably the best so far. The first patrol scene is really interesting, it's nice to see more Sandleford rabbits.

The next scene, with Threar and Nildroo, was well-written, and it's nice to see she will participate in the next raid.

The scene with Carrot was really funny.

And finally, the actual raid. It's really nice to see Nildroo prove her worth, and the Chief Rabbit's reaction will be interesting when he sees what a doe managed to accomplish. I like the way the friendship between Threar and Nildroo is evolving.