Reviews for What if? Collaboration
InTheLionsDenOnDA chapter 150 . 22h
For not being too used to his new position he certainly has the murderer part down. Taking care of PI Hopps shouldn't take any more time than Koslov unless the fox decides to play with his food/toys after she crashes his party.

I quite enjoyed the interaction between Hopps and Bogo.
niraD chapter 150 . 10/22
Interesting... Very, very interesting... I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!
Berserker88 chapter 149 . 10/20
Yay, it's complete! Part of me wishes this was a multi-chapter thing, but the other part finds it really fitting that Nick and Judy just see through each other's disguises immediately. No amount of spandex can hide that sly bunny or dumb fox. XD
niraD chapter 149 . 10/19
Aww... Is Spiderfox and Black Bunny just a one-shot? I was hoping for a few chapters of this AU. It was a lot of fun!
Fox in the hen house chapter 149 . 10/19
"Why don't we make our own video"

My mind went in a WAY different direction
Medic 27 chapter 148 . 10/13
Rather short chapters, but I like it. Very nice and cool.
Medic 27 chapter 144 . 10/13
This was a really interesting story. I liked it
Guest chapter 80 . 10/7
Honestly that whole universe with the 10-7 is so popular (and brilliant, but that goes without saying) that it should probably just be in the full sequel, you know? It’d pad the universe out, for a start.
GrandOldPenguin chapter 1 . 10/4
Well, I've started reading. With any luck I'll finish before the movie's fourth anniversary.

I can understand the crowd's disappointment, but the mammals were probably too hard on Fitwik without first knowing what caused the delay. To the aardvark who demanded Fitwik be arrested for false advertising, even if that were the case, that seems more a civil matter than a criminal matter.

Nice Roger Rabbit pun.

I can relate to Judy's reluctance to try out the PIXAR machine on the job as I can't stand when my own coworkers order flowers, talk about baseball cards, etc. while on the job. But Nick had a clever way of getting around that.

The prologue has set things up well, and I look forward to starting the adventures with Nick and Judy in the many stories ahead.
Omnitrix 12 chapter 136 . 10/2
I don't usually comment on my own material, but I thought it only appropriate to set the record straight on one or two details. First of all, I never compared Cimar to Stalin - at least not intentionally. That was strictly a lore-focused comment devoid of any personal intention, and the truth is I wrote this story in part as a token of my apology for the confusion. Any further details are strictly my business and Cimar's, and I think he will agree with me that they are best left locked away.

As for my position on WildeHopps, that too was presented inaccurately. It is true I find it overdone in some stories, which may be what was referred to, but as my views on Zootopia shipping are rather nuanced I would prefer to discuss them one-on-one with anyone wishing for information and not be gossiped about behind my back.

That aside, I appreciate all the feedback and observations. Nice to know this was such a hit, as I mean to post it on my own profile later this month.
DrummerMax64 chapter 148 . 10/2
A very interesting sci-fi AU overall, one that hints at danger, suspense and isolation on the horizon for the survivors. Well done on this addition to the collection, niraD! It was a really good set-up for a potentially larger story.
Gothic-Angel342 chapter 58 . 9/30
Holy **** flash just went super Saiyan
J Shute Norway chapter 148 . 9/25
A very fun little story. I'll be subscribing to the standalone version in case it carries on (which I hope it does).
Tinbuzzard11 chapter 148 . 9/23
As a SF fan, it was delightful, and I caught most or all of the references! The Rock Paper Scissors thing could also be a 4th Doctor Who reference as Tom Baker used it to confuzzle the Movellan robots.

By Grabthar's Hammer; what a story!
Medic 27 chapter 140 . 9/23
I really enjoyed this set. It was written extremely well, especially in relation to the very specific style you were going for. Five stars.
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