Reviews for What if? Collaboration
DrummerMax64 chapter 135 . 7/24
Lol, very true, it's extremely difficult to get any fluffier that "Safe Paws"! 300k words of a slow burn, exquisitely fluffy romance between our duo? Getting fluffier than that is basically the equivalent of trying to take on the Hopps Kerfluffle. In other words, nigh impossible! XD

Anyways, another excellent and all around happy addition to your birthday chapters, and I have to say, this one takes the cake. Thank you, Cimar, for all that you've done for the fandom over the past two years. You've made it a swell time for all of us with your undying enthusiasm for this pair and the multitude of stories you've written and helped out on in the community. Happy Birthday, dude! :D
CheshireCat272 chapter 135 . 7/24
Now I don't write stories but I do give some good ideas for stories and some are written. A crossover of SAO and zootopia. It does follow the them of both stories of virtual reality and idk. Any writers interested in doing it message me for some ides. Thank you to all the writers who do write these wonderful stories for is to read and enjoy and I hope you keep up all the great work. Love Chesh
AeroQC chapter 135 . 7/20
Fluffy indeed.
And sometimes it's nice to have a heavy dose of fluff.
Not all the time.
But sometimes.
Ande883 chapter 135 . 7/20
Superfluff is an understatement! This was too adorable! All of it was so wonderful, and I couldn't help but go DAWWWWWWW!

BeecroftA chapter 135 . 7/19
Awww, fluffiness galore! I remember reading this on DA a few days ago, but I never thought you’d use it in here. Many Happy Returns, Cimar!
Berserker88 chapter 135 . 7/19
Happy Birthday, man! What a fitting little story to post on it too. Viva la WildeHopps! :D
MagicAlpha chapter 135 . 7/19
O-M-Goodness, this was amazing! So much fluff, and that proposal from Nick was just the sweetest. Great work on this story! :D
Fox in the hen house chapter 135 . 7/19
Wooot! Fluffy!

And Safe Paws! Wooot!
Aeshna Lacrymosa chapter 135 . 7/19
This is an amazing episode with crossovers with some of my favorite fluffy fics! Thanks for sharing!
Robert Escher chapter 135 . 7/19
Ahhhh... yeah, that's the Cimar fluff injection I needed today. :)

Extra good stuff. Agree about Safe Paws, a really good story.

papasmurfshadow chapter 123 . 7/13
Only thing wrong with the rabunzel story is that she started without nick and awoke next to him. Might wanna mention that to the author so he can watch for that in his other stories as well lol otherwise it was great
Drake-WildeHopps-Fan chapter 116 . 7/1
This made me cry, great job!
Drake-WildeHopps-Fan chapter 114 . 7/1
This was beautiful.
Guest chapter 134 . 6/30
So when are we getting the next story or update, it has been over a month since the last update and it never use to be this slow, what gives? Let get some chapters out, you owe us like at least four chapters in one day to make up for the delay in posting
Drake-WildeHopps-Fan chapter 95 . 6/29
VERY funny with the narrating parts! XD I loved it!
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