Reviews for What if? Collaboration
Medic 27 chapter 129 . 5/10
That was super sweet!
AStoryTellerBook chapter 19 . 5/5
I need to find out what the phrase "ais never late, they arrive precisely when they want to." does anyone know?
DrummerMax64 chapter 129 . 5/2
Over already? Noooooooooo! XD

Joking aside, that was a fun romp. Sweet, funny, and yes, that hustle was brilliant. Ridiculously silly, but hey, it got the two of them together, and that's what counts. Nice work!
DrummerMax64 chapter 128 . 5/2
Haha, these two would make such PERFECT lifeguards. XD And we get the added benefit of Nick being shirtless and Judy rocking a bikini. Score! Lmao

Really good so far, Aninat. Lot of humor and heart in this first chapter, and did I spy a Star Wars prequel quote in there? You just HAD to go and do that, didn't you? XD Looking forward to reading more!
Harkonnen28 chapter 129 . 4/30
The fact that both of them came up with equally terrible plans shows just how perfect they are for each other. :P
GhostWolf88 chapter 74 . 4/29
Now THAT was fun... thanks for sharing.
GhostWolf88 chapter 65 . 4/28
Good start, why is it vaguely familiar? Sounds a bit like a snow version of Firewatcher.
GhostWolf88 chapter 54 . 4/27
Now THAT was a cute story, well done.
GhostWolf88 chapter 37 . 4/27
This is a very nice little story, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE use some contractions. The overly stilted speech detracts from the flow of a conversation.
Berserker88 chapter 129 . 4/26
Wow, you got me with that one! I was totally expecting Kin to get in actual trouble or for Nick to be hurt trying to save him, but Judy needing help instead, and FAKING it made me laugh super hard. That was brilliant. XD

Short and sweet story there, Aninat. I liked it!
Berserker88 chapter 128 . 4/26
Of all the odd professions I've seen these two in, lifeguard seems pretty close to the bone. I do wonder how Judy would fare against drowning mammals far larger than her though. No wonder training was rough on her at first. And Nick...becoming a lifeguard to pick up babes sounds very him, but his heart is still there too. That scene with him and the bear cub was adorable. :)
AeroQC chapter 129 . 4/26
Thank you TOGDoesStuff, now I envision Nick and Judy running along the beach shore, sand lifting up with each footfall as the sea breeze flows through their fur. Nick's tail blissfully gliding behind him while Judy's fluffy cottontail bobs along...

Am I doing this to your liking?
TOGDoesStuff chapter 129 . 4/25
I only have one complaint...
No cliché slow motion running.
AeroQC chapter 129 . 4/25
HAH! That was a perfect turn-around! And as Finnick would say "She hustled you GOOD!"
BeecroftA chapter 129 . 4/25
Yay, love and hustling wins the day again! And all it cost Nick was his sunglasses.

And that ending about scantily-clad vixens XD I’ve still got the giggles.
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