Reviews for Walking Shadow
annered01 chapter 3 . 10/5
The men in this story are acting very mannish. Lol
Cali Dreamweaver chapter 12 . 9/24
Lemon zest~
Cali Dreamweaver chapter 11 . 9/24
Minnie! I love how the women are just stepping up their game so much. 3 The Order can really be quite a drag...
Leonita Yap chapter 10 . 9/13
So huurttt. I couldn't imagine when Draco couldn't see Hermione anymore...
dcyr chapter 15 . 9/2
I love draco malfoy.
Grace Lostboy chapter 20 . 8/11
This was a fantastic story and mu favorite in this topic of Draco joining the order and the redemption arc was nicely written.
If you are reading this Have a nice day and lots of love!
UnknownDesert chapter 3 . 7/22
Purring? Veela Malfoy?
Guest chapter 20 . 6/24
Brilliant :)
LittleMy chapter 17 . 6/19
Your stories are so INCREDIBLE! I'm in awe!
I'm so glad I found your stories during the lockdown.
Thank you so so much for sharing your talent with us.
Do you plan on writing more Dramione?
stupefiedkneazle chapter 20 . 6/14
This might be the first war fic i’ve read where Hermione wasn’t tortured. I’m so inlove with your Draco! In every story you write you make his redemption incredibly written. And you always write his love for hermione so deeply. He always find her as his salvation. I’ll forever love your stories for that. Draco’s pining... ugh! Always count me in!
stupidaily101 chapter 12 . 6/2
Omgggggggg hottttt omg my cheek is
CrimsonMother chapter 20 . 5/30
This was amazing! So good!
CrimsonMother chapter 20 . 5/30
Awwwwww my heart!
CrimsonMother chapter 19 . 5/30
Just brilliant! So happy Severus and Tonks survives the war!
CrimsonMother chapter 19 . 5/30
I’m so happy! This was amazing!
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