Reviews for Jack and the Seven Sisters
Anon chapter 41 . 9/11
This might be one of the oddest stories I’ve read on this site.
Anon chapter 26 . 9/9
Ok, since this is fan fiction, can we get to the part where Jack teaches each sister about sex (and they teach him)?
Junior VB chapter 4 . 12/4/2018
Espero que La Suma Sacerdotisa pague por todo lo que le hizo a Ashi y las demás.

Pobre Jack. Su otro yo está acosandolo constantemente.
I hope The High Priestess pays for everything she did to Ashi and the others.

Poor Jack. His other self is constantly harassing him.
FanGirl01 chapter 5 . 11/10/2018
I love visiting new places.
Stegosaurus1412 chapter 66 . 10/24/2018
Man, even with Aku gone, Jack STILL can’t return to the past! This story may deviate greatly from the original concept, but it’s still very bittersweet in the end. I really feel sorry for Jack, it’s really sad that he will never see his timeline again, but he still has many great things waiting for him in the future, and people who respect and love him..
Samurai Jamne chapter 64 . 10/10/2018
Is it weird that I kind of want a Malin (that one Disney movie about the girl who pretends to be a male Samurai) and a Post season 5 of Samurai Jack crossover? Ether that or a rule 63 Jack (Jaqu?) and Kubo and the Two strings (god I love that movie). IDK just a suggestion!

Have a nice life and don’t die!
Junior VB chapter 3 . 8/9/2018
Esos trajes son muy útiles.
Those suits are very useful.
Guest Ronin chapter 58 . 7/31/2018
Wow... it's been a whole and very busy month. Even now I'm only reviewing to say that I've liked what I've skimmed over so far and wanted to leave at least one parting post before I likely become very busy. This story is easily within the top 3 Samurai Jack fanfics (all involving the Daughters/Sisters) that I've ever read. I'll still try to follow up on it when I can, but I'm not sure if I'll end up leaving so many reviews as I did before. Best of luck on this and whatever else you do, and see you around. ;)
Saharanspy chapter 1 . 7/3/2018
I look foward to this story continuing. It has been a wonderful read so far.
Junior VB chapter 2 . 6/26/2018
Jack va a ser un maestro para Ashi y las demás.
Jack is going to be a teacher to Ashi and the others.
Junior VB chapter 1 . 6/26/2018
Las hermanas están atrapadas.
The sisters are trapped.
Guest Ronin chapter 52 . 6/21/2018
Man, poor Priestess. But at least she is still willing and has others to help her. I actually did a double take when I read her say "My daughters are only a third my age, and they are seven" as I thought she was saying that she was 21 years old and her daughters are all 7 years old! XD I mean, I suppose being infused with the power of Aku might make one age faster into young adulthood, but I more so believe that you were referring to the sisters being 7 in their number (as to have each other to fall back upon). :P The implication of the Priestess' words also meaning that if the Daughters range from 18-20 years old, then the Priestess is 54-60 years old. I am inclined to believe the lower estimates since it would make the Priestess more middle aged and spry than approaching her elder years. See you later!
Guest Ronin chapter 51 . 6/15/2018
Neat chapter, now hm, let's see.

Still no one thinking about Aku's powers and time portals, but I think you addressed that with the earlier mention of the sisters not immediately working on something that Aku could take away. That, and dealing with the Priestess have been on their mind. Though I do believe that my posts are still being read as you appear to have acknowledged my question regarding their next destination in the form of the Temple, and for that I am thankful.

What else? It's nice to see the Sisters doing good deeds and avoiding gambling. I did laugh at what I assumed was a reference to fidget spinners. Lastly the Priestess still has to deal with lingering beliefs while Jack faces restlessness in the wake of anticipation for what is to come.

Not much else I think I have to comment on other that I wish you and your characters the best for the upcoming chapters. See you around!
Guest Ronin chapter 50 . 6/6/2018
Amusing, though it looks like Darksuits and outfits took precedence over Aku's powers and the potential to cast time portals. Also, are they heading to the Scotsman before or after they head to the Temple? Good luck!
Guest Ronin chapter 49 . 5/31/2018
Good chapter. Travel, information exchange, plans to revisit the Temple, and comfort/reconciliation for now. Curiosities regarding the casting of time portals can wait until other chapters. Good luck and see you around!
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