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korpo2003 chapter 10 . 7/21
Serika2001 chapter 10 . 6/19
Allow me to start this review by saying how much I f'ing love this story. There's always this small shred of disappointment when I realize this story hasn't been updated in a while but once I start rereading (this is my 3rd time now) it, I just fall in love with the way you've portrayed the characters, emotions, and plot all over again. While the themes are dark, there is always an underlying theme of hope that may dim but is always present. I get that life and a lack of inspiration can hit with zero warning. If so maybe the spark will hit you again and you will find as much joy in writing this beauty as I have reading it! Even if you don't continue this, please continue to write! You are hella talented and can't wait to read what you post next!
pineapple-treasure chapter 10 . 5/19
Ahhhhh we were so close to a kiss...but so far lol. Though I'm kind of glad. I think we all want the first kiss to be something special and something they both accept the consequences to. It would be pure magic though...I love how you wrote Juvia in this fic! In the anime, I was always kind of bothered whenever Juvia called Lucy a 'love rival' so I am ecstatic that they have such a healthy and good relationship now! Props to you too for not making her obsessed with Gray btw...haha! Have a good day!
pineapple-treasure chapter 8 . 5/19
As always, this chapter is very impressive and I highly enjoyed reading it. Honestly though, if this was a book, I would totally buy it. Like, this is an EASY 15 bucks. So with that said, thank you for sharing your writing with the world for everyone to enjoy! I am so amazed and awed by it! Hope your trip goes well!
pineapple-treasure chapter 6 . 5/19
Oh my lord this is so good! I am SO GLAD that I found this fanfic because all the sensory details and amazing plot has me bouncing in my seat! It's not every day that you find a good, legit, AND funny writer to boot! This is so awesome!
pineapple-treasure chapter 2 . 5/17
This chapter was so FREAKING intense! I was like...panting lmfao. Nice action scenes, they are awesome as hell!
MotherOfDragons1227 chapter 10 . 3/23
Please update soon :)
stranger1999 chapter 10 . 2/17
AHH this story is addicting
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 10 . 2/7
Ahhhhhhhh so good please update it is a beautiful story,you are truly talented
Bummer chapter 10 . 1/23
Suffice to say I'm super sad this doesn't appear to be continuing. You're very talented!
Everwrote chapter 1 . 1/7
Wow. I’m loving Natsu and Lucy’s interactions. I’m always itching to read more about them. It just makes me feel all warm inside, Really hope to see more of them and also, what’s so good about this is just how realistic it all is. How Lucy is coping with this doesn’t feel rushed or too slow of a process. Oh! And Lucy and Juvia...what can I say? They are absolutely adorable together. I’m not a huge gruvia fan but, I really like the development between Gray and Juvia here. Everything is just outstandingcan’t wait to read more!
guest chapter 10 . 1/2
Please update this is wonderful
jejeaza chapter 10 . 12/27/2017

Read the whole thing and it’s really great. Love your writing and the build up you have. I really love how you lead Into the romance parts, starts of with a part of their lives i really like reading and learning more about and then some how it naturally ties back into their romantic interest. Ahhh super good please update ASAP but yes love the story!
Guesty chapter 10 . 12/26/2017
Can't wait for the next chapter, I love this story so much 3
Guest chapter 10 . 12/19/2017
can't wait for the next update!
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