Reviews for Never Enough
Rasiaa chapter 1 . 8/28/2017
I absolutely adore this pairing and you made it work so well and I love this fic with everything I am. You portrayed them so well and I love the way you wrote it- with the fleeting moments playing through Barty's memory as he tortured the Longbottoms. I also really liked the ending sentences. They were a good ending to this wonderful story. One thing I did notice that needed to be fixed was, "You're wife..." should be "Your wife".
Other than that, nice job!
ipsa dixit chapter 1 . 8/28/2017
yessss another pairing i've recently grown to love. i especially loved the end paragraph because it just made the entire thing feel sadder. fun fact of the day: i have found out you're really good at making me feel your character's sadness. like i know it's maybe the third time i've said this but it's very true XD. great story, as always
Maisie Malfoy chapter 1 . 8/27/2017
There. You did it. You took a ship that I merely liked and made me actually ship it.
You can tell that Barty's been losing his mind for a while when this takes place, and I'm now wondering even more who's lost it more: him or Bellatrix? Now to go find that out...
I don't even know how this can be so perfect. I really don't. I just seriously love it it.
Emiliya Wolfe chapter 1 . 8/27/2017
Wow. I really enjoyed this fic. Going to review from top to bottom, but before I start, I want the one spelling mistake out of the way:
[you're wife] - your

Now that that's over, I loved your characterisation of Barty, the way the power slowly drew him to the deep end and changed his personality. We have Reg telling us so, but the reader can also feel that he's already losing his mind, thanks to your descriptions.

I was a bit surprised to see Rabastan taunting Barty about Regulus's death, but then I remembered that it's just me who made them best friends, it's not canon. It was interesting to see Rabastan characterised the way you wrote him. He's evil on the outside, but he seems more like a bully - he seems very scared during the Auror part.

As for Frank and Alice's torture, I feel like you did really well. Barty had already given in to the dark side, and I can just imagine him blanking as he tortures the Longbottoms, remembering his last night with Regulus. It's almost like punching a wall until you have no energy left and then you realise what you've done. It was really well characterised.

The little part in the cell was icing on the cake, showing us how Barty's tortured in return by the Dementors.
My favourite part was when Rodolphus says: "We've already been here too long." and then Barty thinks "It had been too long." I really liked that you chose not to show the fight scene, to let us imagine them being ambushed by the Aurors.

Great job!
Cheeky Slytherin Lass chapter 1 . 8/26/2017
Do you have any idea how much I love you? And this?

Barty was so perfect here. You captured his cruelty and his insanity so well. I often think he's second only to Bellatrix as far as madness goes. But you showed how Regulus was his vulnerability and how losing Regulus made him finally break completely.

The flashbacks worked so perfectly here. You chose exactly the right flashback at exactly the right moment, so the shift from past to present flowed so perfectly.

That ending. The last line especially. "I hate you. I hate you. I love you too." Do you know how much it hurts? Because it does in the most beautiful way.
isaacswolfsbane chapter 1 . 8/24/2017
I feel like I don't have enough words to sum up how I feel about your fics and that I'm always repeating myself, but it's always the same thing in that you're just so good at writing people together and making it believable.

I loved Barty's character in this. I loved seeing how he transformed the more he did the Dark Lord's bidding and how it drove Regulus away from him. The memories were so well placed and told the story so well. The repetition of "I love you"/"I love you too" at the end of each one was so sweet, until the end when it just about broke my heart (thanks for that).

Having Barty be the one torture them to insanity rather than Bellatrix was such an interesting choice because it really changes your view of the characters. It almost makes Bellatrix's character completely change in my mind from a crazy obsession following the Drak Lord to someone who is much more succinct and does what she needs until she gets a result rather than until she's bored.

Great job :)
Fire The Canon chapter 1 . 8/19/2017
I love the way this fic began. The dialogue was natural and very enjoyable to read. It made my heart ache for Barty because of his love for Regulus and obvious regret at what happened. Bless.

The flashbacks between past and present are really sweet here and really help to tell the story. They aren't confusing (at least for me) and I think you've done an excellent job with them.

Okay, I absolutely LOVED Rodolphus referring to Bellatrix as his 'lovely wife'. Not for shipping reasons, but just because I felt it was really in character. He didn't really say it with much emotion and it just felt so right reading it - like he'd sometimes refer to her as that, but more for her eagerness to cause pain than actual love?

I love how there is no remorse for causing pain from Barty. I think it stays true to his character, but I also like that he has a reason - a motivation - for what he is doing. His own pain. Though the flashbacks nicely show that he got a kick out of it even when he was happy.

This was a tragically sad piece, Bex, but very well written. Well done!