Reviews for Champions United
FotoDi chapter 13 . 5/11
Excellent story about behind-the-scenes political maneuvering in the Magical World! Fascinating read.

I have always thought that the vast ‘faceless’ Hufflepuff Alumni Network could be a potent political player. In contrast to the powerplays and shifting alliances that are the lifeblood of any Slytherin, Hufflepuffs have the largest information l Network in Magical Britain. Characterized as hardworking and loyal, Puffs are the backbone and unheralded cogs within every organization that keep the enterprise functioning. Puffs are everywhere and see everything: administrative assistants, shop clerks, waiters, accountants, researchers, cooks, teachers, Quidditch Players, Mediwizards, paper-pushers as well as Department Heads, Shop Owners, Business Executives, and Wizengamont Lords. Puffs are
the mirror image of Slytherins— both groups are insular and protective of their members.

Long live the Hufflepuff Mafia!
Esmereilda chapter 13 . 5/5
im loving this fic plz keep up the good work
Esmereilda chapter 11 . 5/5
dont think harry is gunna be staying there very much longer if the krums have any say in the matter
Esmereilda chapter 10 . 5/5
poor harry doesnt know what do now that he has ppl actually caring and looking out for him XD
Esmereilda chapter 9 . 5/5
lol poor lucy got outvoted
Esmereilda chapter 7 . 5/5
wonder what they will do when they learn sirius is actually innocent and was never tried in the 1st place
Esmereilda chapter 6 . 5/5
or atleast these puffs are
Esmereilda chapter 5 . 5/4
lol either the actually like/dont mind the idea or they just want to spite malfoy
Esmereilda chapter 1 . 5/4
cedric is a modal puff
Guest chapter 13 . 3/29
Im really enjoying this story. I was sad to see that it was last updated in 2019. I hope you post a new chapter soon. I will check back to see if there is a new chapter, every few months.
Alex chapter 13 . 2/22
Wow! Your story is per-fect. The way you write is extremely intriguing not to mention the fun parts. You have done a great job .

Guest chapter 13 . 2/15
I love this story. I like the fact that instead of sneering at him like a lot of the other books do the other champions help Harry and protect him. Makes my heart swell. I have really enjoyed this book so far keep writing.
Flamegirl22 chapter 13 . 2/6
I sincerely hope you come back to this story some day. I just found it and I love it. It’s a wonderful story.
FotoDi chapter 5 . 2/3
Have a little politics with your breakfast...!

How does Harry prevent Dumbledore from just taking over as the Regent of House Black like he did for House Potter?

Maybe Barry will be invited to another School?
Caitlin Butkus chapter 13 . 1/23
Hell yes!
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