Reviews for It Takes a County
T.S. Blue chapter 3 . 9/8/2017
You know, I'll go back to the beginning and all, but just there at the end i was thinking, Cooter's about to forget who he was with and why he was there...

And then he did.

Now, back to Uncle Jesse up there. I have to say, I might be enjoying his POV the most, maybe because I feel like he is not afraid at any point. He knows, knowing Hazzard, that his kids are safe *somewhere* just not where. So it's all temper and no fear.

I liked your reasoning behind why he scolds anyone not a Duke about calling him "Uncle Jesse." Seems quite sound to me.

And I'm sad to leave Cletus behind. You've nailed his irresponsible, slightly Hogg-sneaky, people-pleasing personality.

And I enjoyed Bo's POV. Didn't make me sad at all. It was fun watching him work his way around to getting doughnuts. I did feel his frustration though, at being treated like a kid. Even if he is one. (So is everyone else in the room.)

"Who's Sue" was brilliant. Bo, there will soon be a lot of Sues in your life.

And back down to Cooter, well. I loved that his plan was for his mama to do the dishes when she got back home. Like it never occurred to him that it could work any other way. And Daisy, Cooter wouldn't care about which flour you chose, even if there wasn't a girl at the end of the aisle.

Anyway, there went your money and your ride. Time to put the flour down and get ready to be taken in by... (I'll just be here IMpatiently waiting to find out who.)
swanqueen109 chapter 2 . 8/4/2017
I'm totally with the Guest in this.
I love your writing. I can actually hear their voices and picture the scene in my mind.
A wonderful job so far.
Please update soon.
T.S. Blue chapter 2 . 7/17/2017
Ha! Fun to watch J.D.'s nervous eating, and to have an explanation for him favoring white. Whites doesn't hide crumbs, but it tries to hide everything else about the man. (And fails.) Jesse's reaction to it being Cletus that J.D. saw fit to leave his kids with is great, too. Jesse, I think you'd better hold back on your ire just a bit. Got me a feeling you're going to get angrier before you get calmer. Give your heart a little room to beat even harder.

Ah, Daisy, trying to grow up before her time. Might as well roll around on the ground alongside your cousin - I feel like nobody's clothes are going to be spared. I love Luke's older-brother attitude - "You wasn't hurting anything standing up, neither" - and Bo's obvious reply. Little legs get tired faster.

I'm made sad by the fact that Lavinia's absence haunts the children's POV. And Bo's obvious conclusion that people who stayed in bed were dying.

Wow, Cletus managed to jump a car halfway successfully? (In that no one was hurt I mean. Except the car.) You kids are lucky.

Cooter, I feel as though you are about to be snookered by the likes of Cletus Hogg. Then again, I don't figure you'll mind too much, at least if it's the kind of snookered I'm expecting. Looking forward to teh next chapter to see where the kids end up next.
guest chapter 2 . 7/13/2017
once again, adorable! I love this idea...your writing is amazing and clear, really well thought out!
I imagine Cooter is a young teen in this? Maybe fifteen?
Love it! Wonderful job!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/9/2017
Super cute!
I love it so far...amazingly well written and very true to characters.
Writing children (particularly from a child's/young teen's POV as in Luke's case) is difficult but you captured it perfectly! Well done.
More please? I can't wait for the next chapter!
T.S. Blue chapter 1 . 7/5/2017
Yay! It's here.

This was a fun three POVs. Knowing (at least somewhat) where things are going, I felt momentarily bad for Jesse, who is going to regret any thoughts he had about liking the silence. (And it wouldn't be so silent if the livestock wasn't shunning him.) I appreciated retrieving the kids being more important to him than Tilly. Sure, a 'shine runner's important, but nothing trumps family.

This, I feel, may be the last time Jesse trusts JD.

It was fun to watch Luke trying to take charge, when really, Daisy is running the show. And the juxtaposition of Bo's utter disinterest in clothing (which is appealing when he's grown, but maybe not so much now) and Daisy's fascination. Luke, you may be the only normal one. Don't let it go to your head.

Mixing in the not-quite-mourning that Luke is doing with the humor of him trying to keep Daisy in Bo in line made that POV very poignant. (And then JD's not quite admitting that he is almost sympathetic with the mourning was a nice touch.)

I like JD's logic there. Yeah, ditch the kids with Cletus because they're of similar age. Uh-huh, sure. Should be fun watching poor Cletus try to wrangle them. And JD, you may be pleased with yourself now, but I reckon Jesse's going to make you sorry you had the fine idea to leave them with anyone at all (but especially Cletus, who even when he got grown up wasn't exactly, well, grown up).

I'm enjoying this and looking forward to updates.