Reviews for Unexpected Family Magic
PicChick chapter 114 . 9/14
What a BRILLIANT story! I could not stop reading, very well done!
LillyMay77 chapter 114 . 9/9
Fantastic story! I would love a sequel especially to see how things progress with Rose and Scorp! Oh and I’m so excited for your next story in the works with Rob and Hermione! Love your writing and inspiration! ️
Olga Martin chapter 52 . 8/29
Me está encantando la historia. Es distinta, pero a la vez es como me imaginada como fue la vida de Ron y Hermione después de la guerra.
Polly Little chapter 3 . 8/27
Rose is cute. That isn't really how children talk, most of them understand verb structure etc, but the behaviour felt right for someone her age so you're halfway to writing the perfect toddler. Small children are confusing to write.
Polly Little chapter 2 . 8/27
You've managed to make it work with just dialogue, which is quite the skill to manage. I don't really like how you wrote Lavender as she doesn't seem quite that shallow in canon, but I suppose the lack of Hermione's influence would change her as a person, etc etc. Fiona's quite a cool character, with a consistent personality, woo! It's easy to imagine the faces to go with the voices, and the almost monologue about parenting and marriage fit quite well.
Polly Little chapter 1 . 8/27
Oo, this actually makes a lot of sense, she was in the US and that explains so much. It's cool, I can see the plot appearing. The dialogue is a little stilted in places, but the rest of the time it flows quite nicely. It's very in character for Hermione to be helping people like that, and I think you handled the war well in the way they covered it over. Ron's mention of Fred was surprisingly casual, but I suppose that fits with the whole 'instant connection' thing you have going on, and it is like six years since BoH.
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Labgar54 chapter 114 . 8/25
I love this piece you have created so much. I read the entire work in a matter of a few days. I let it consume every bit of my free time. I love how it made me laugh and cry. Thank you so much for creating such a magnificent piece. I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading other pieces you write.
Dicky46i chapter 1 . 8/24
22 august is my birthday, omg
S.R chapter 114 . 8/22
That was a bloody brilliant chapter to end with!

I'm sad to see it end though, as this is/was one of my favourite stories to read.

One - because it is a Ron/Hermione story
Two - because it's bloody brilliant plot/idea (and is totally believeable and realistic)
Three - It has a siriusly good flow (well in my mind it does)
Four - It is a story that has actual updates (not a story that been abandoned for about 3 years, I seem to find and like them more than ones with updates regularly)

Finally I always got excited to see an update every time I checked.

I Hope your next story/stories are as good as this one, because it's beautiful!

So thank you for sharing this story with all of us readers
happiness8000 chapter 22 . 8/24
Love this story but sausages and salad is just wrong. Roast veg is okay and a tin of baked beans a must!
fEmAleNoMad chapter 114 . 8/23
I’m so glad I stuck through to the end! I remember discovering this fic two months ago and binging the whole thing in one sleepless night. I’ve been so happy seeing updates, and while I’m sad it’s over it’s always a delight to read your work (and you should be happy, you’re in the rare group of authors who actually complete their stories!) Dont worry about being a bit older than the usual fanfic writer, I am too and I think that level of maturity adds a little more weight to your prose. You can give some realistic depth and understanding to your characters and make them very human. Your portrayal of Ron has to be one of the best ive seen and I could see why Hermione fell for him
HeRonLove chapter 114 . 8/22
This was a excellent fic. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I laughed and cried was mad and anxious and dad right along with the characters. This last chapter had all of those emotions in one. I loved what Ron did for Fatima on her wedding day. He gave a gift that will keep on giving. It was also something so Ron that it was adorable. I can't wait for your next fic, I will be sure to put you in alert so that I do not miss it. Thanks for writing such a brilliant fic.
Romoinepadfoot713 chapter 114 . 8/22
It was one of the best story I've ever read!
Thank you so much for such amazing romione FF!
JeanAndBilius chapter 114 . 8/22
Great, great story - have loved it all the way. Thanks.
jroseley chapter 114 . 8/22
What a great full circle ending. I had to go back and re-read theur first wedding dance. Thank you so much for this incredible story.
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