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Sorcerer's Scone chapter 63 . 6/19
Youve weaved a great story here! Especially engaging is Alex's personality and backstory. I like that she is a clear "good" Slytherin, but still has a dark side in a time of war. I found myself annoyed with Alex's inaction and some of her decisions, it can't be easy reliving childhood (and puberty, agh). At the same time, her prescence has ripple effects and I have really enjoyed seeing it play out! Thanks for writing and sharing.
Sorcerer's Scone chapter 62 . 6/19
Fyi, there are a few times you mention "fourth-year prefects" where I think you meant 5th.

In all of this story, thats the only inconsistency i found, which is honestly amazing!
Whimsical Acumen chapter 41 . 5/14
1. I love your version of the Valentine’s date between Harry and Cho. So much better tbh than what happened in the original.

2. Thank you for correcting as well the “stare at murky water for an hour”. I can’t recall if that was a weird movie interpretation, or something omitted from the books, but either way i applaud your inclusion of this!

3. I love that Viktor and Hermione are actually dating. They’re cute together, and they were in the books, too

4. The inclusion of the merpeople having their own “village” and culture I love and I cannot believe it never occurred to me to wonder about their home. Well done!
Ragnaky chapter 62 . 4/18
A very good story, i really like the character you created in Alexandra. Sad to see it ending in such an abrupt way, but it is understandable. Hopefully your outside life is going well. Regardless. Thank you for the story and the good fun i had reading it.
Whimsical Acumen chapter 38 . 4/18
I admit I don’t agree with Alex tying with Harry. She should have been 3rd or 4th for technically cheatingBUT what is more important, and what I continue to appreciate, is the kindness and humanizing of characters. Especially Fleur and Cedric (i do feel for the latter this chapter that he’s suffering Alex’s obliviousness)
Whimsical Acumen chapter 37 . 4/18
I’ll admit, I dont love the choice to make Alex be a champion in lieu of Cedric, and the choices she made I believe technically broke the original rules (only equipped with a wand, which was why Harry needed to summon his broom; and why I would have expected Alex to be docked points for bringing the dragon models as they would count in my mind as outside accessory beyond a wand), but I like so much more the importance placed on interhouse relations and community which I know is more your interest. It’s too bad though: I had been looking forward to Alex being a spectator and giving full account of the entire Triwizard tournament.

Nonetheless, I am a fan and continuing to enjoy reading
Creyd chapter 45 . 4/7
See, the year ends almost exactly like canon. Sure, Cedric didn't die and there were some other small changes. But in the end? The situation has no real differences to canon, and her next school will likely turn out completely the same.
Creyd chapter 42 . 4/7
Honestly, this fic is a constant rollercoaster of excitement followed by immense disappointment.
It's written pretty well all around and very engaging besides. But there's 3 massive points detracting from it, which are all pretty similar.
First is Alex' character. She's definitely one of the better SI's and as a solid and likeable personality. Sadly, it seems to be rather static. Normally, you expect an overarching time of character development over the span of a novel's progression. Character flaws that can be overcome or knowledge obstacles that they learn to get around. Instead, Alex is a pretty static character. Where there should normally be a linear progression, it's instead a periodical one. Every few chapters/arcs a new flaw/conflict or something comes up, often sadly relatively sudden without any proper foreshadowing and real consistency (a well established character could be mostly predicted by the reader in their behaviour/reaction to a presented problem, in this novel what she actually does is not completely out of character instead). These conflicts present a problem that gets overcome and afterward things get back to normal without any tangible difference.
Secondly, we have the plot itself and tied to that her internal foreknowledge from being an SI. The story follows ALMOST religiously after canon. There's little hints almost everywhere that always tease like 'here, here! this is a perfect opportunity to make a small but significant change to canon that will actually have its own butterfly and affect the story more down the line'. What actually happens is that every year has a few small changes like Sirius' fate, but then still roughly follow the canon events the rest of the year. And these changes are never enough to actually affect next year's events, which just lands at us back at the beginning. The worst part of this is Alex' foreknowledge. Now I have to congratulate you on not making her omniscient of every scrap of knowledge one can find in the wiki and various other sources like a lot of other SIs tend to have. But the execution of instead always remebering after something happened, and never anything to make a tangible change? That is just disappointing. She should have had a much more natural repository of knowledge, like maybe knowing a lot about stuff from year 2 and 3 but almost nothing about year 1. Or maybe knowing a lot about Voldemort but next to nothing about Dumbledore. Because interests lie in one area and people tend to forget a lot in specfic areas. Instead she just forgot everything but the bare basics in every knowledge field, it's just embarassing/exaggerated.
And last but also importantly, her skills and talents. It's nice that she has strength in charms and animals as well as weaknesses like transfiguration. But those strengths rarely ever become relevant. It's almost like outside of classrooms she always has just enough skill to keep a little ahead of the golden trio to stay 'relevant' as the MC but never to make any acutal difference in the outcome. Like her Troll battle for example. And that isn't even beginning with her unique talents, regarding her accidental magic, connection to animals and her sense for magic. They always seem interesting and get shown significantly enough to mark her as a remarkable witch befitting an MC. But just like her casting skills, they become completely irrelevant as soon as the plot, and the canon plot at that, needs them to.
All in all, these flaws are big enough to make the premise almost superfluous. Alex does not make enough actual change to the story that it really matters. Instead we could have easily followed a side character in a year above them, and watched the story unfold from a little more distance, all the while having some interesting character interactions and exposition on hogwarts and wizarding lore.
Whimsical Acumen chapter 23 . 4/5
What an interesting turn of events! I will be curious to see how this year differe “mystery” and “adventure”-wise for Harry and his friends with Pettigrew out of the way.

I will say, Sirius was more susceptible to the dementors rather than had an immunity to them as written, but again, this little blip is nothing compared to the enjoyment I continue to have reading!
Whimsical Acumen chapter 16 . 4/5
I’ve been happily binge reading this, and wow I have been craving a story like this. I like how you’ve written Alex a lot, and explore her kindness and character. I also like a lot how you have integrated her into the books. Very clever and doesn’t feel forced!

This is the first chapter though where i have a bit of a note: I do not understand why she was not also interrogated by the professors and Filch. She was there first, which the trio would have shared, and I am sure Filch would wave an accusing finger at her, too. And if the heir is Slytherin, why wouldn’t she be suspected as well? Dumbledore said no Second years could do what was done to Mrs Norris, but then there’s no acknowledgment of Alex’s presence? I was a little taken out of it

That said, 16 chapters for that to happen is still pretty good and I am eager to keep reading your story!
CelinaGryffindor chapter 63 . 12/29/2023
I like your character Alex's proposal, however, I was very disappointed with her and Harry's separation, which was very strange too, her feelings for Harry are sincere, but it doesn't seem like he feels the same way about her, Harry He's very ungrateful towards her. Her romantic relationships are super strange too, Blaise has nothing to do with her, I really like her with Harry, however, Harry urgently needs to change several attitudes. I feel like I shouldn't worry about any of this because it looks like in the end you're going to kill her. It's really unfair that she does so much for everyone and no one does anything for her
pyrrha255 chapter 16 . 9/19/2023
Like this is a good fic, but whats up with her selective ignorance? Like not remembering harry is a parselmouth, or why harry was not on the train in second year…? I get that she may have forgotten some details, but she should easily remember stuff when her memory is jogged by the situation, especially when some of these things are like incredibly important for the series…
GlumGirl3452 chapter 63 . 9/3/2023
This fic is great I’m so hooked!
KimberlyJho-ann chapter 1 . 8/23/2023
fuck I already read this one... well I have no other option but to reread
KimberlyJho-ann chapter 63 . 8/16/2023
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