Reviews for Naomi's Saga
Seizalyn chapter 3 . 4/7/2003
Yes, more chapters! Now I can really comment _~

First things first, I am still interested in seeing where this is going. I don't think that a lot of fics deal with the events after the game/quest, other than several Asellus-centric ones. So, this is definitely unique _

I dare say, I absolutely adore your Virgil! *o* So smooth, so arrogant, so annoyingly indifferent to everyone but himself- absolutely wonderful to read! My favourite line was: "I never worked for him," said Virgil, "I merely found the girl more amusing than you." That is just SO Virgil ;P

Rouge strikes me as the character who quietly stays in the background, but with his own little bits of personality that shine through in certain situations (the Life Candy part and Nusakan's glasses). He seems to know more than he lets on... or maybe he's just good at retending _ I must wonder what his reaction is to Fuse continuously calling him Purple? *am not fond at all of that nickname everyone seems to brand him with x_x*

While reading the second chapter, several questions popped up that seem unanswered: Why did Fuse and Co. follow Naomi to Mosperiburg? Nusakan understandably would, because he has shown some interest in her past. But Fuse? And Rouge, of all people? Especially when his own region has been levelled by the legions of Hell, he goes off with a perfect stranger without a hint of hesitance? I'm not saying that your choice of characters is wrong- any combination of characters will work (a great point in SF fiction :) but it'd be interesting to know why they did so.

Also, the second chapter seemed somewhat... rushed. It could be because they'd hopped from the Hell Angels to the region ship to Mosperiburg, but the lack of character development between these changes shows through. The trip to Mosperiburg would have been a great chance to intriduce Naomi's relations to the rest of her party. How does she react to Fuse and his extroverted ways? What about Rouge's seemingly cold personality; since both were from the Magic Kingdom, did they know each other previously? If so, what do they think of one another? If not, will they feel bonded through the tragedy that befell them? Does Naomi trust Nusakan completely, seeing as he seems to know more about her than she does? Does she resent him for keeping it from her?

What I really am looking forward to next is Rouge's reaction to the latest development: what will he do now that he knows who was responsible for releasing Hell? Will he try to avenge his people? Will he remain apathetic because, after all, his region didn't exactly treat him oh-so-well either?

Just some questions to help you out _ I realise that the fic is still in the beginning stages, so you may or may not want to take these suggestions to heart. It's all up to how well they fit into what you've planned. Either way, hope to see more future chapters! _


Sariel V chapter 1 . 3/28/2003
Greetings from GameFAQs. Story seems to be pretty good so far. Writing style isn't too bad, and you've surprised me with your choice of characters - always good :)
Lynn U chapter 1 . 3/4/2003
Well, this is certainly interesting _ It's a little too early for me to really comment on the plot and characters just yet, but I am interested in seeing where this is going.

Of course, I'm not thrilled when my favourite character dies, but Rouge is always a welcomed rebound option _-

Blue: *grumbles in the background about insufferable fangirls who kill their favourite characters and enjoy it*

Lynn: *thwaps him*

Spoiler warnings are suggested, but I highly doubt that anyone would read a SaGa Frontier fanfic in passing interest- most fans have already finished the game by now, or at least know what happened, so this suggestion is highly optional.

Naomi's past is shrouded in mystery especially since even her own rendition seems to be correct. and as always, it's Nusakan who seems to know better ;o) Looking forward to reading what you'll ook up for her! _