Reviews for Iacta Alea Est
MollyandArthur chapter 63 . 7/14
Lucius is such a spoiled, lazy, selfish arse with a sense of entitlement practically unparalleled. I always felt rather sorry for Narcissa to be stuck in a marriage to such a woefully disappointing man. As for the orphanage, I suppose there is a horrid logic that Tom would return to the place he hated and murder those particular adults from his childhood. Hopefully, Severus will come through with some info for the group soon. Well done!
Salovi chapter 63 . 7/13
Hahahaha omg Lucius floo calling Severus just because he can’t reach his drink is hilarious. What a mood.

I’m loving how Remus moved to protect both Hermione and Lavender and that look they shared. So cute. Also, what did Sirius whisper to Ginny?!
crankypants16 chapter 63 . 7/12
Ew. Plenty of dead people is bad.
Creid12 chapter 63 . 7/12
“Surely, when he said 'nobody must know, Luciusssss-' he, in fact, meant 'nobody but Severusssss-'? That seemed entirely plausible to Lucius; the Dark Lord did so like being cryptic in that way.” By far my favorite line!

Inner Lucius monologue gets me every time! He’s such a flexible but hilarious character! And I literally could hear voldie’s Voice as I read it! Lol
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 62 . 7/11
Wonder who of them is right. Nice take on Ginny
KnowInsight chapter 62 . 7/7
Well, Hermione is quite bold after the bonding smirking and proudly showing her scars. I'm interested to see what other changes the bonding will do to Hermione. I also hope she's wrong about Voldie going back for revenge, but I doubt she is.
crankypants16 chapter 62 . 7/6
Love this
MollyandArthur chapter 62 . 7/6
Great update! I love the little comments and attempts at affection between the couples. They really are all so damaged.
skyeryder01 chapter 62 . 7/6
Loved the first part focussing on Ginny and the storm, and Hermione showing her mark. Great chapter!
Salovi chapter 62 . 7/5
Loved the focus on Ginny in this chapter, and the description of the storm at the beginning was fantastic. And Hermione proudly showing the scar! Yessss
RAV3N R1PP3R chapter 62 . 7/5
Looking forward to the next update. :)
hule chapter 47 . 7/5
skyeryder01 chapter 61 . 7/1
Great chapter! I loved the domestic Lily and James scene. Hopefully Dumbledore learns the hard way to keep his nose out of everyone else's business. Also, yay for Remione!
Salovi chapter 61 . 7/1
SO MUCH REMIONE GOODNESS!.!.! I loved this chapter. Will Remus marking Hermione affect the pack bond in any way?
I also really liked the scene with James and Lily at the beginning. Lily’s emotions really came through, and James is adorable with that television haha
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 61 . 6/30
Such a great chapter!

Regulus's reaction to the stone is exactly why I love your stories so much. All the characters are so human. Really well written.

The scene with Lily and James gave good insight to their relationship. It made it more constructive than what it seems from Hermione's perspective. I'm also excited to see more of Dumbledore. He can't have been too pleased with recent events (unless of course the group have misinterpreted what happened)

And the scene with the marking. Perfect!
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