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Guest chapter 31 . 9/19
Fantastic story! Next chapter please :)
TrustTheCloak chapter 31 . 8/21
I'm forever living for this characterization of Gilan. Gilan is pretty much my pride and joy, and I really enjoy seeing him in different takes and situations where his character is able to be more thoroughly developed and grown.

I've also really liked seeing the kids grow over the course of the story. They are making big decisions and doing a good job of it, but you do a really good job of capturing the fact that while they are making these big decisions, they still are only children. Truly, it helps add to the overall drama and heartbreak of the story, because such a big part of the tragedy is all these things that are happening to literal children - children that have been forced to grow up far faster than they should.

The truth is coming out! The buildup that I have anxiously been following has finally climaxed, and I couldn't be more excited to see how it all will resolve... both the situations, and the family relationships.

As always, thank you so very much for sharing your works with us. Your talent is truly unmatched and your stories are an absolute gift to the fandom!
TheCatholicDragonridingHealer chapter 31 . 7/22
Dear AreiaCannaid,
You are the epitome of fanfiction talent.

But seriously, this story is aweful in the true and original sense of the word. (It appears you are a medieval history nerd like I, therefore my meaning hopefully won't go amiss. ;) )
Now for an actual review...
It's the best RA fanfiction I've read, (No offence to the great TrustTheCloak, of course, I love your works too), and it is(to me) better than some of the new real RA books by Flanagan.
The most refreshing thing about it is probably its unique nature. I've read many RA AUs, but none can compare to this one's glory.
You did a perfect job on the characters, (especially Gilan, Halt, and Crowley) and the conflicts between them are very believeable. The battle scenes with the Kalkara are probably my only critique (though I could never even write some comparable to yours XD). They seem too brief and too... not /easy/ but definately simpler than one might expect from /three/ Kalkara. Again, I couldn't write it better, but that's the only less believable part I've come across.
The humor was excellent, I loved the Gilan to enemies, Gilan to Halt and vice versa, Halt to Crowley(and vice versa), and Halt to the world.
Oh and did I mention how well you did Gilan? He's different(for obvious reasons) but still the aweful (Seriously it's so wrong to use awesome for these things, they are full of awe, not worthy of only some. *rolls my eyes at modern English*), talented, and smart Ran-err, Mercenary. Unfortunately some don't apreciate his true deviousness. *sniff*
I have a few questions:
First of all, can Gilan talk to Blaze? I was distracted when I read the first stuff about them, but I didn't notice any mental communication later on.
Second, when Pauline meets Gilan in the flashback, I believe she mentioned two sons? I was thrown for a bit, thinking "oh, she's married, poor Halt", but never came across any further information...So does she have sons? Is she married/a widow?
Third, how much does Gilan remember? You never really said, other than the parts with Halt...Does that include when he took Will and Horace to Celtica and met Evanlyn?

Well that was rambling...X)
Anyway, thank you for writing such an awesome fic, I appreciate your time and effort (Four years, right?). We humble readers are not worthy.

p.s. Oh, and I know the song Moorlough Shore. 'Tis a nice one. :)
End3000 chapter 31 . 7/16
(Sorry this review is so late, life got busy for a while :))
This was one of my favorite chapters so far, if not my favorite, and most of that is because of the excellent way the whole story has been structured to revolve around the point that Halt wasn't there and thus has to deal with the fact that that hurt the people he loves in ways he can't fix, only accept and move on from. But now, he is given the opportunity to fix some of it and undo some damage that was indirectly a result of his absence and it really feels like the whole story has been leading up to the last scene of the chapter and I love it.
-Also a question that has been plaguing me: will gilan trust halt to save him or will he try to escape on his own? He has some very bad trust issues (for understandable reasons) but will they extend to halt?
-How will Will and Horace react? I'm vibrating in anxiety what must they think? will they defend gilan?
-If sir Richard dares breathe in the next chapter I'm gonna flip a table but also what is he gonna do? You've spent a lot of time building him up as a secondary villain type character so he must be somewhat important/be doing important things?
-Is Rubin the merchant still alive? Also how would gilan know if he was dead he was banished when rubin was arrested
-That flashback killed me especially the part with the guard asking "are you ok, where are your parents". ouch.
-The way the idea of revenge bookends the chapter is so clever and adds so much depth. At the beginning we have gilan's revenge which starts out coming from a place of deep hurt and then matures into a more righteous revenge that also helps other people who the merchant hurt, even though it's not immediate, and then at the end we have douglass's hasty revenge, only concerned with hurting the people who ruined him (even though in his case he really just ruined it for himself by becoming a traitor). The parallel between them is so good and the reality of having power and agency when you haven't for a long time is well done.
-HOW ARE WILL AND HORACE GOING TO REACT you have no idea how much I'm overthinking this
-Crowley's reaction was a punch to the stomach but halt managed to convince him to help which means he'll Know which I am super looking forward to!
-THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY JUSTICE BEING SERVED but that's ok I await the next chapter in the utmost suspense ahhhh
-JUST REALIZED as I was writing this review that the merchant actually had blackmail in the sack instead of money and that makes so much more sense suddenly
-Was listening to the song "Small hands" by radical face and the quote "I can't fix what was done to you but I'll shield you from the rain" hit me in the face with the idea mentioned in earlier chapters that we can't do anything to change the past (even making a different timeline lol) we can be there in the present and help now and that's beautiful
Thanks so much for writing! As always, amazing chapter! Sorry for overanalyzinng everything haha
BellatrixTheStar chapter 31 . 7/4
YAY! Halt's going to clear Gilan's name! I love your work, by the way - your writing style fits RA brilliantly and every time Halt talks I can hear the Hibernian accent loud and clear - so thanks for sharing! One question: is retrieving the magic stone and setting things back to the original timeline endgame, or was that just a plot device to create a basis for this alternate reality? I was just wondering since you said this tale is wrapping up :)
Jammeke chapter 31 . 7/2
Loved this chapter, as usual. Halt and Crowley, hurry: Gilan needs you! You've been building towards the fall-out of Gilan's no good very bad horrible night (or teenage years, really) for some time, and I cannot *wait* to see how it all unfolds. It's all coming together now! :D
Crow1203 chapter 31 . 7/1
Another great chapter! Normally I don't really read AU stories that differ much from the original works, the fact that you managed keep me this fascinated by the story (literally checking each day for a new chapter) is a big shout out to you. I'm sad to see this story come to an end but I know the short stories will we great as well with your talent!
Dragonslover98 chapter 31 . 7/1
I can't believe everything went so smoothly! .
But of course the Baron HAD to drag Gilan into this :S
I'm really hoping that the plan that Halt came up with, and Crowley is helping with, is going to go smoothly and will save Gilan from the punishment/death that is coming his way thanks to Baron DouglasGreat chapter as always! And I'll look forward to the next chapter! :D
KiiroDora chapter 31 . 6/30
It's always nice to see an update from you!
I really like this series, especially because it grants Gilan some well deserved spotlight and development. Now that we're getting close to the finale, I hope you enjoyed writing it!
PacificZip16 chapter 31 . 6/30
Fantastic work on this chapter!
I feel so bad for all that Gilan has gone through!I really don't want this book to end! 3
Guest chapter 6 . 6/2
Halt, running back to Araluen: I ABANDONED MY BOY
Dragonslover98 chapter 30 . 5/24
Yeeey, a new chapter! I read it immediately, but didn't have time to comment, so this is a little bit laterI'm so happy that Halt saved Will! And that Crowley, Arald and more knights saved them from the Kalkara! :D
And the plan that Alyss, Evanlyn, Will and Horace came up with, is finally getting to the conclusion! Although, I do hope nothing nasty will happen to Horace and Evanlyn, before Gilan and David are there with them! Or before Arald and Will and others with them turn up too! But at least the first part of their plan, capturing Foldar, went all right! .
I'll look forward to the next chapter!
End3000 chapter 30 . 5/17
Amazing chapter as usual! I have a couple thoughts:
-Everyone panicking over horace/evanlyn vs foldar and then horace just. bonks him on the head with little effort is actually really funny. I was kind of worried about them but I guess horace has been trained by the person who beat foldar in the og timeline and he's got evanlyn so they've got it lol. I also really enjoyed horace and evanlyn's teamwork!
-I am so excited to see halt and will bonding! Halt sacrificing himself for will and their scene at the end warmed my heart we all needed that after the heavy emotional blows of gilan and david’s relationship
-speaking of david and gilan, I am in perpetual awe of how you perfectly write their broken relationship. They so clearly love each other but at the same time don't trust each other, and that leads to miscommunication and anyway they just feel so much like real people struggling with a badly damaged relationship, and they keep regressing back to yelling at each other because they keep trying but can’t get past this horrible thing that happened (I also audibly gasped when david found out about sir richard. once again I hate that man)
-also gilan going "they wHAT" when alyss told him the news while halt was just like "ok good job boys" was really funny. horace and will are going to be grounded for life when they get back haha
-I think the ch is 29 not 28?
-One tiny note about the pacing: it might have been better to end the chapter with the horace and evanlyn vs foldar fight because during a lot of the chapter, characters are discussing/think about it and that makes the reader invested in what will happen, but by putting it at the beginning/middle that kind of lowers the stakes and undermines the narrative tension since we have already answered the question of who will win and how. The chapter has a natural build up to the fight, but the fight is at the beginning which ruins that build up, if that makes sense. Also, this is payoff for all of Horace’s work on his swordsmanship over the last few months, and payoff for evanlyn actually being able to stand her ground and fight the people trying to use her against her kingdom instead of her, so it's kind of a bigger moment than the question of “how does douglass know about gilan” (which the audience already knows the answer to anyway).
- I am really really excited to see everyone gather at highcliff castle for a Confrontation, the scene of a great crime years ago and now the scene of great Reveals and Revelations (I hope). Justice shall be served! It's all coming together now (again) haha
Anyway congrats on another great chapter to a great fic, can't wait to see where you go with it next!
Fawn chapter 30 . 5/15
I'm always so happy for a new chapter from you. I'm reading it with such a big goofy smile and my mind is going like: a new chapter! A new chapter!
But then once you finish reading you realize that "cry cry sniff" you have to wait again for a while for a new chapter. "Cry cry"... It's okay. We have the time to fully appreciate this new masterpiece.
It's worth the wait because your work is always off such high quality. I really enjoy it.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Jammeke chapter 30 . 5/15
So happy to see an update! The Gilan & David stuff was meaty and angsty (just the way I like it!), and David is *so close* to learning the truth - I can't wait for the fall-out. And Wil and Halt made me smile; it's so great to see these two sliding right back into their old dynamic.
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