Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
Her Grace The Grand Duchess chapter 84 . 13h
I hope you will update soon it's so good.
laraquick chapter 75 . 7/19
Poor little house elf. Stupid Ron, careless to the last.
daisycb9493 chapter 58 . 7/19
I don’t think people always pay attention to the top of the page summaries; I know I don’t and I’m certain I was just as dismayed at the addition of Fleur as your other readers because I don’t like her with Harry. I’m not a fan of multiple partners or harems but I do like the way you’re handling the Hermione and Daphne relationship and I feel that Fleur will spoil the camaraderie that has been developing with the Alliance group so far.
Fai Gensou chapter 21 . 7/18
Can you give me any book titles relating to what you discussed in your notes about the characters personality types? I don’t recall hearing anything like it in college when I majored in psychology
daisycb9493 chapter 31 . 7/18
I love it that Dumbledore is being treated just as he did Harry by never giving him any information. Now he’s the one being left in the dark.
Firemnwnb chapter 74 . 7/18
Halloween in 1995 was a TUESDAY NOT SUNDAY
daisycb9493 chapter 22 . 7/18
Is tinned spaghetti like a can of Chef-Boy-R-Dee? I love The Who gets to cook contests between Harry and Dobby
daisycb9493 chapter 21 . 7/18
I do not understand why those who want everybody and everything to be exactly like the books are reading fan fiction when they can just reread the books.
at-nightfall chapter 83 . 7/18
On the yacht Harry wants to build or buy:
additional to what you wrote about yachts, they are build to specific regions:
- a yacht build for the North Sea has to be more sea worthy than one build for the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean.
- a yacht build for the North Atlantic has to be more sea worthy than one build for the North Sea.
- a yacht build for going around Cape Horn has to be more sea worthy than one build for the North Atlantic.
- I would assume you would need the same class of ship (or better) to sail along the south coast of Australia.
And finally for long ranges you might think about a sailing yacht instead of a motor yacht, but with Harry's income that might not matter.

at-nightfall chapter 84 . 7/18
Thank you for this story. It is a bit long, so I left it for the holidays. It is a very nice word building story. There are some issues, but they are minor.

at-nightfall chapter 70 . 7/17
Nott is spending unnecessary money on Ron. Well, at least if his intention is to hurt Harry. For hurting Arthur it might be right.
Not could very well direct Ron towards household charms to use against Harry and the girls:
- plucking charm
- singing charm (flame treatment)
- brine and acid charms
- gelding charm
- spaying charm
- cutting charm
- gutting charm
- a charm to stop the clotting of blood
most of them Ron could learn, and train to use from his mother during the summer while caring for her animals.

at-nightfall chapter 68 . 7/17
On the muggle experience course:
1) the UK was still in a depression
2) this is happening in 1995, so
2.1) cellphones are there, but still expensive. They do not yet have cameras.
2.2) new personal computers run Windows 95 or NT4.0
2.3) the internet is there, but still small, the first web browsers are there
2.4) I have no idea about powerpoint, I never used it.
3) security systems are limited to shops. They are very rare in homes.
As security systems are a major hassle to live with, lots of places might have video recording instead, which for wizzards might be more of a problem than security systems.

Firemnwnb chapter 71 . 7/16
Babbling not Babbage. Charity Burbage and Bathsheba Babbling are NOT RELATED
at-nightfall chapter 58 . 7/16
You make Harry a very good cook, but then you limit his dishes. Up to now all he did were Sunday style meals: salad / soup, a meat based main dish with vegetables, followed by some sort of chocolate cake.
Then you limit the meat choices.
Now with Fleur in the group, you could expand the meat choices to include pork, wild boar, hare, roe deer and horse meat.
It would be nice to see a meal structured differently, or a meal without meat or fish (or fake meat).
It would be nice to see a dessert that is not cake or ice cream, and a cake without chocolate.

Audrey chapter 84 . 7/13
I keep hoping for a new chapter...please
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