Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
Overide22 chapter 69 . 11h
So now Ron wants dark arts books? Wow.
Overide22 chapter 67 . 14h
While I do enjoy this story, I absolutely hate your portrayal of Ron. Ron isn’t incapable of learning and personal growth.
Guest chapter 64 . 12/1
My Name is Varenyamishra2511 on FFN. I am posting as a guest since i am reading this incognito. Just to stop you from rightfully ranting about little cowards posting as guests

Just a thing i found funny about your PS. HP and The Sorcerers Stone was 75Kis long, and COS was 85K
firedawg chapter 83 . 11/29
great stry,easy to read and enjoyable
llpi chapter 71 . 12/1
You refer to Hagrid bringing the boats across the lake but Hagrid was banned from doing so ever again at his trial.
llpi chapter 72 . 12/1
Why does CeeCee have a bed in the girls dorms if she’s living in the Lord’s quarters with Justin and Tracey?
Bloody Relight chapter 28 . 11/30
I like the little scheme plot you have had these last few chapters.
Bloody Relight chapter 23 . 11/30
interestingly sacharin had been proven to do so but it requires a ridiculous amount over a long period of time to cause cancer too much of anything can kill you including water and sunlight living in fear is no way to live remember a coward dies many times before his death. Stressing about things that could kill you can also kill you if you do it enough lol.
Bloody Relight chapter 22 . 11/30
for instance the average soldiers could throw the president on the ground and stomp on his windpipe until he ceaded breathing but that would not make that soldier the next president.
Bloody Relight chapter 21 . 11/30
also that alpha beta stuff was only for wolves and even their it is questionable it has no basis on human thought humans are so far beyond wolves in intelligence and cunning that such a comparison is contemptible at best. By the alpha beta dynamic a warrior ie a soldier would be beta for following orders but alpha when he orders others around so sgt would be a beta if confronted by a captain but an alpha if addressing a private that is laughable. Another a president is alpha when he is in office and has the power to confidently make decisions but is beta when he is out of office or serving as a senator. Also the alpha of a wolfpack only holds that position because they are the strongest just as a lion only leads a pride because he defeats challengers but humans can win and lead by more than just physical strength.
Bloody Relight chapter 21 . 11/30
I do not get Hermione's anger at the mention of a betrothal agreement and what did she mean safe for you? is she implying she thought she would be allowed to sleep around while in a relationship with Harry? or is she thinking that Harry would force her to stay with him permanently through it? or is she under the muggle assumption that it means they will have to marry like how feudal contracts worked?
Bloody Relight chapter 19 . 11/30
Dumbledore is a transfiguration wizard yet he is too moronic to transfigure his shower into a tub to take a bath? daft moron indeed lol.
Bloody Relight chapter 16 . 11/29
people in our world gave sick days can she really fire people for missing a meeting or being drunk after hours? seems like she should be sued in wizard court.
firedawg chapter 83 . 11/29
Great story
Nicole chapter 84 . 11/20
Hoping that you continue to give us updates soon, as i am sure there are also plenty who loved this story as much as me... or consider posting your pre written but unfinished chapters as a sneak peek over on patreon. Thank you for your stories, much love and hope you are staying safe amidst the pandemic.
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