Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
Rangle chapter 3 . 1h
Harry's suffering is an extremely cheap price to pay for the happiness and prosperity of the Magical Britain.
elucidate chapter 25 . 3h
I'm enjoying this a lot (yay for writers from Oz!). But do we need to add Fleur & Daphne to the romance? I'm sick of Harry Harem stories - they're not true to the Potterverse & rarely do justice to the nature of polyamory - and this story is going very well without it!
Harriverse chapter 30 . 4h
Another great chapter. Things have been going well for Harry and company for a while. You even put off the possible bad news, selling apple stocks, for the future.
Harriverse chapter 29 . 4h
I've been waiting to see what you did in that scene for what seems like forever! It was awesome! Frank is standing up to the battle axe that cowed so many others. Bravo.
SGM84 chapter 30 . 5h
very good chapter, keep up the good work
draconin chapter 30 . 5h
I just read the whole story in one hit. You started a bit slowly but once you got going... wow! Outstanding. Looking forward to the next installment.
LadyDrak75 chapter 30 . 10h
LOL! So good!
Eldersprig chapter 30 . 10h
Didn't the parents asking about 'how far have you gone' already happen?

Potter cottage, blah, blah. Why the hell do gazillionaire Potters have this dinky cottage. Oh, yeah we're buying into the whole lords gagga, ugh, I don't care anymore.

Want Daphne and Fleur in the story.
raw666 chapter 30 . 13h
Good job and keep up the good work.
imgonnadie chapter 30 . 13h
Excellent chapter
Renzo7 chapter 30 . 13h
Hahahaha. Great work! I look forward to lots of chaos in the next chapter :D
Fyreheart chapter 30 . 14h
It's amusing that Monica realized that her daughter's boyfriend needs "The Talk" and contacted Sirius to take care of it.

The initial conversation with Augusta made her realize just how badly she dug herself into a hole, and that Frank and Alice aren't going to let it go. I'm looking forward to justice for her and her brother.

I'm not sure why Molly didn't want her children to know about the law prohibiting enchanting muggle objects was revoked. It's history in the making. Arthur's department be up in the air for a while, but will still be needed.

The reaction to Harry claiming the Godric Hollow house should be fairly anti-climatic with everything else going on. :)
jada951 chapter 30 . 14h
been thinking as I was reading this chap.

I've see Augusta portrayed in such a snarky light.
I like it! It's different.

I'm glad frank and alice are back to put her in her place!

and neville gets a new wand.
iadorespike chapter 30 . 14h
Very good part - and so much happened! So much yet to look forward to, also. ;) Remus is going to have to answer to Sirius - looking forward to that. Augusta. Loving Ted. Oh, but the Apple comment/decision! LOL, definitely going to regret that. Your posts are definitely a bright spot in my day.

Thanks so much!
Cateagle chapter 30 . 14h
And so several plot threads advance here; I'm enjoying the variety. The initial "discussion" with Augusta went as I expected and I reckon she and her brother are in for some difficult times in the near future; somewhat reminds me of "Blame Black" over on AO3 where a fed-up Neville exiles his meddling "Gran" to an offshore family property that's as far from him as possible.

It should be fascinating to see how the wizarding world reacts to Harry reclaiming the cottage that's rightfully his? The responses should be colorful. Too, I'm looking forward to seeing how much information Dumbledore can collect on his trip to Diagon Alley for clothes shopping; I'm certain the Headmistress is timing him and anything over a reasonable amount of time will need to be extensively explained, and documented.

Sirius giving Harry "The Talk" should be fascinating and amusing; likely also quite embarrassing for Harry. It should be entertaining to witness interactions between him and Hermione immediately after that discussion. I wonder if Monica will find it necessary to give an updated equivalent to Hermione.?
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