Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
bobthebuilding chapter 75 . 53m
So mini Dark Lord Ronnikins is the one that ends up striking the second greatest blow against the Dark after Harry killing Tom, purely by accident?

Arguably greater than that, since at the end of the day no matter how strong Tom is just one guy but Ron took out all the Death Eaters and Dark Lords in one move? Check and mate, Ron the Chessmaster saves the day, lmao.

If he made it and had any brains at all, he could have turned himself in and "confess" to killing the Dark after going undercover by faking an attack on Harry in order to gain access to their inner circle meetings, all so he could kill them all.

Of course, no one would believe that and he couldn't offer an Oath to prove it, but hey, maybe some naïve witch will fall for it at a bar decades from now.
bobthebuilding chapter 74 . 1h
Why in the world are his three ladies laying down the law about not killing someone who *attempted to murder them all*, even if he's a kid? Somethings can't be forgiven or let go, if you want your enemies respect you, let alone fear you. Harry should have put his foot down here.
bobthebuilding chapter 71 . 15h
Hagrid can't do the boat crossing anymore, as he can't be in any positions of authority over kids, and Harry would know that because it happened because of what he set in motion.
bobthebuilding chapter 68 . 17h
Since electronics get messed up by magic, and the uber-competent Unspeakables are aware of the threat, it makes no sense for them not to just make a Camera Malfunctionus charm and magical items capable of the same. It'd be a massive undertaking, but it is NOT an insurmountable problem.

Of course, this all becomes moot *for now* if the muggle governments know of wizardkind and are working to protect the Statute of Secrecy, but things will all come to a head with Youtube and smartphones and the like in a few decades.

Also, lol at a bored Harry deciding to provide "small changes" to Arthur's half year long perfected final product. We all know he gonna show it to have more holes than swiss cheese.
bobthebuilding chapter 67 . 17h
Mark my words, Lord Harrison Potter will *clearly* come to rue the day he spurned the Dark Lord Ronnikins.
Angelique van Well1 chapter 84 . 12/5
awesome story. I hope you update it soon
bobthebuilding chapter 56 . 12/5
It seems to me that if the DoM and Croaker in this story are so dang competent, and they know about the true strength of the threat of muggles, they should have long ago worked out how to stop it.

Muggle exploding bombs dropped from planes? Unplottable wards that block the GPS/flying ability of pilots AND charms automatically cast on all planes/places missiles/bombs are shot from to make the explosives- a chemical reaction- simply not happen and thus make the bombs, and any explosives used in presence of a magical person- a dud.

These kinds of charms can even be placed on all muggle factory floors that produce weapons. The Unspeakables should be able to do that worldwide, since they have the ICW Unspeakables and also each nation has a branch too.

Heck, this is MAGIC. Nukes can even be neutered, if they make the nuclear/radioactive part of it inert. They should do that as a matter of course, for ALL nukes, and not just ones aimed at wizardkind.

Then it becomes a numbers game of footsoldiers vs wizardkind.

Which THE MUGGLES WOULD STILL LOSE! Because, that's when the wizards call in all of their familiars, pets, etc and even apparate in trolls and dragons into the enemy ranks.

In a Harry Potter world with a Department of Mysteries and Unspeakables THIS competent, there's no way muggles stand a chance against wizardkind if secrecy is no longer a problem and the gloves come off.

Which leads me to believe that Croaker KNOWS this, and was only trying to scare poor ol' ignorant Albus into giving in.
bobthebuilding chapter 53 . 12/5
Extremely disappointed Harry didn't follow through with killing his attacker. Makes all his previous threats and promises seem to be mere hot air.

If he had killed his attacker, all who learned of it- especially Draco who Harry knows is *actively planning a future attack on Harry- would have almost certainly reconsidered any thoughts of ever messing with him.

But now?

Draco won't be in true fear for his life, and all the little ferret will have to do is wear a cup and he'll feel safe there too.
bobthebuilding chapter 52 . 12/5
The Department of Mysteries being the Magical Men In Black is just utter perfection.

I live for stories like this.
bobthebuilding chapter 40 . 12/4
I have to say, I'm really liking the Department of Mysteries as the Deep State/CIA FBI NSA/ shepherds to the sheep that are Wizarding society/ true shot callers thing this story has going on. :)
bobthebuilding chapter 35 . 12/4
I'll laugh my ass off if the thing that gets Ron to reform is Molly limiting his food intake when on bad behavior... and asking and getting Hogwarts elves to cooperate and enforce this when school starts back up.
bobthebuilding chapter 27 . 12/3
I hope at least for family heirlooms they have to be heirlooms made *before* whatever law that made them illegal was passed.

Otherwise every Thomas, Dickus, and Harrison can claim their new magical muggle grenade launcher is totally an ancient family heirloom, just trust me, ok?
bobthebuilding chapter 22 . 12/3
Me (seeing chapter title "Oh, Snap!"): "So... Dumb-as-doors finally gets his wand snapped?"

But a Fawkes snap is just as good, if not better.

Maybe Fawkes will show up on Harry's doorsteps to bond with him lmao.

It'd fit as Fawkes cried for him to heal him AND his feather is in Harry's wand.
bobthebuilding chapter 5 . 12/2
Secret Slytherin Harry should recognize the chance to have the former dueling champion and extremely skilled teacher Filius in his debt.

He can just publicly speak up on his belief that, while Filius DID fail in his duty as Head of House by not discovering Luna's bullying, he believes Filius to be innocent of any further crimes.

Do so, and Harry would have a dueling champion Professor willingly in his debt for life.
bobthebuilding chapter 4 . 12/2
As for peeps questioning them not having enough holding cells, consider that Malfoy and other corrupt purebloods have been on the wizard parliament for long before Voldemort came around, and it's definitely in ALL (not just Dark) magically powerful and influential pureblood family's self-interest to underfund the law enforcement division in any way they can, so that purebloods can get away with things and/or take matters into their own hands whenever they want to. So that explains the lack of rooms as well as the lack of manpower.

The lack of manpower also being severely lowered in number due to Voldemort's first war- killing off a lot of Aurors, and what I consider to be Voldemort's single greatest move he did, cursing the DADA position. Sure, Voldemort *might* have been done out of spite but it certainly had a HUGE benefit. With the DADA position cursed for decades, even long before the start of his first war, both the quality of all Aurors and number of applicants to be Aurors in the first place have SHARPLY declined due to the lack of quality DADA education.

Voldemort crippled *entire generation's* of the Ministry's ability to effectively fight against him, with a single curse.
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