Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
Madison5512 chapter 74 . 1h
Such a magnificent story. Congrats on such success.
kyuubifire25 chapter 7 . 1h
oh for merlin's sake

man to however is writing this stuff you are a comic genius please keep updating this

thank you From Kyuubifire
Harriverse chapter 74 . 2h
Finally! So Hermione's related to Dumbledore? Makes obvious sense. And Ron screwed the pooch? We were hoping for that.
Snowball1982 chapter 74 . 2h
Gooood chapter. Snowball
Firemnwnb chapter 36 . 3h
Time is with : money is with .
samaritan17 chapter 74 . 6h
discovered this story last weekend and have read it non-stop in between school since. Amazing story with very well written characters. I look forward to reading more.
Eriza-chan chapter 74 . 8h
wonderful updates! looking forward to seeing more
keitaropurple69 chapter 74 . 8h
I will say it again this story is getting more and more interesting as you go along and add more chapters to it.
comodo50 chapter 74 . 10h
I think that after this Harry should start training, again, since he got kind of lax. Same with the party.

For example, Tracy was sienced but.. silence casting, anyone?
DocCBM chapter 74 . 10h
Very very good
RT89 chapter 74 . 11h
Well, at least no one died, I expected Ron to from either Harry or Nott. Had thought while reading. I know you've made a reference to Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes, that Madam Marchbanks cackle sounds like her's. Maybe someone should mention that and she admit to being the voice actress, I think that would be hilarious. For reference the voice actress was Bea Benaderet from 1956 till 2005.
Of course, as always, the choice is yours, I just thought it would add to the joke you started in chapter 57 I believe.

PS: sorry if that was rude. Looking forward to wherever your leading this story next.
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 74 . 11h
Ah ha, but Dimpledick *wanted* Ron to be greedy and self-serving: All the better to manipulate the little bastard into playing the 'best mate' of and foil (I love the word 'foil'; it means to both 'aid' and 'impede':D) to the-boy-who-lived. Canon!Ron certainly held up his end of the bargain...and Harry *still* forgave the little prick, both times moRon betrayed and abandoned him and Rowling rewarded the sob (I mean that, literally!) with Hermione!
I was kind of surprised that Lord Nott didn't just outright kill Ron. If Nott wasn't such a daft moron, he'd realize that an alive moRon can only be an albatross, as there's no way that Ron's *ever* going to be able to get close enough for another shot at 'Potter'; which only leaves him able to implicate Nott!
Question(s)-which I'm sure you'll answer in your next chapter:D: Where were CeeCee's two (three?) little 'shadows' and wouldn't they have been able to see thru Ron's disillusionment charm or at least seen where Tracey was being held and disarmed the attacker? Or were their instructions exclusive to CeeCee's protection? It seems to me that they wouldn't know *who* was the target and would, therefore; err on the side of caution, eh?
Thanks for another fascinating and exiting chapter!
QuiltingDragon chapter 74 . 13h
UGH. You lost me yet again with this "ancestry law" Only a daft moron would suggest, let alone vote, for such a piece of legislation. It would not be a "Christmas Gift to the Witches of Magical Britain" as your harry (who is still an entitled little a-hole and not someone I'd want to spend any time with) said.
Difdi chapter 13 . 14h
Two things stood out for me in this chapter.

First, you have a possible typo, either here or in previous chapters - you keep changing spellings on a particular word. Is it ropable or ropeable? You've used both spellings, and have been alternating them each time you used the word.

Second, how are Hedwig and other owls accessing the Granger house? Magical homes have a special window for owls to use that is warded against weather. But muggle homes don't have one, and England has a bad climate for leaving windows open in fall and winter.
rune1806 chapter 74 . 18h
You lost me during the attack where were the elfs? Ceecee has two, with all the other girls there, must have been one, two or more. However nothing. When Ceecee was attacked her elf stunned him, then took both girls to the hospital ward here nothing even after the attack. Nice attack by Ron, however you have made the elfs too good, they would have stopped the attack and stunned him. Sorry but it just does not work in the world you have made.
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