Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
mike3308 chapter 72 . 1/15
It's a hard thing to do to force someone to violate a oath given.
I can understand Amelia thinking that Harry forced the Pucey boy to give up his magic.
mike3308 chapter 71 . 1/15
I'd say the time spent with Aunt Muriel was good for Ron if he could learn useful things like Occlumency.
mike3308 chapter 70 . 1/15
Ron is heading down a dark path and the deal with Nott will give him the resources to hurt Harry.
mike3308 chapter 69 . 1/15
I'm glad Hermione and Fleur enjoyed their time with Harry in France.
Muggle government agencies like Mi5 influencing Arthur and his agency would be a surprise if known.
I'm afraid Ron will get ahold of those curses.
mike3308 chapter 68 . 1/15
The new Statute will be just what is needed, a combination of muggle and magical. Let's hope Arthur and Amelia can make it work.
mike3308 chapter 67 . 1/15
It's a good debate to have on whether inbreeding causes birth defects, and what can be done to stop it.
mike3308 chapter 66 . 1/15
Narcissa will make a good mother for CeeCee.

Harry and Dobby need to talk about cooking.
mike3308 chapter 65 . 1/15
Harry had a tendency to take over when he talked with CeeCee and her family. I don't think they should take Harry's suggestion that CeeCee be a concubine of Justin.
mike3308 chapter 64 . 1/15
Harry can finally put Dumbledore's influence away. His portrait can expect to be silenced.
mike3308 chapter 63 . 1/15
It's a tough blow for Narcissa, losing both her husband and her son.
Other than that, things went well for everyone else.
mike3308 chapter 62 . 1/15
Tracey and Justin will make a good couple.
mike3308 chapter 61 . 1/15
It will take time for Justin to make a decision on creation of a new house.
mike3308 chapter 60 . 1/15
Harry will make the first time worth it for Daphne.
mike3308 chapter 59 . 1/15
Harry and Hermione have finally taken that important step.
mike3308 chapter 58 . 1/15
Harry is learning to accept Fleur in his life.
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