Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daft Morons
mike3308 chapter 54 . 1/15
The DOM is getting good , maybe too good, at picking up the ideas of the Ministry. Their power might need to be checked.
mike3308 chapter 53 . 1/15
Healers might be able to help Nott recover from the kick suffered. Lord Nott might seek damages if his son can't reproduce.
mike3308 chapter 52 . 1/15
The DOM will get answers from Dumbledore a little better than Amelia would.
mike3308 chapter 51 . 1/15
It's good that Luna now has protectors in Ravenclaw to prevent anything bad happening to Luna.
mike3308 chapter 50 . 1/15
Ron just doesn't have the mental discipline to watch what his mouth says.
mike3308 chapter 49 . 1/14
It will take both Malfoy and Nott by surprise when the agreement is announced. I don't know that I agree with Hermione about outlawing these agreements in the future, but it is clearly something that can be abused by certain people.
mike3308 chapter 48 . 1/14
Draco has to review his behavior regarding Harry now that there is a Lord Black. It will be hard for him but it will help his character development in the future.
mike3308 chapter 47 . 1/14
Harry is doing well at drawing up clauses to be included in the concubine agreement. It will make Daphne and her father very happy.
mike3308 chapter 46 . 1/14
Regarding Ron, I'm not sure if Harry was a little hard on him. It's hard to say if Harry should have been more merciful in accepting the apology. Overall, Harry doesn't seem to give second chances to those that offend him. That might be a weakness in the future.
mike3308 chapter 45 . 1/14
Daphne must have been under a great deal of pressure regarding previous contracts to start to cry like that into Hermione's hugs.
mike3308 chapter 44 . 1/14
Let's hope Amelia can get her answers from Dumbledore without risking another heart attack.
mike3308 chapter 43 . 1/14
So everyone is waiting for Harry to come to Hogwarts. Daphne surprised Neville a little bit by raising the subject of concubine agreements with him but putting it under alliance secrets.
mike3308 chapter 42 . 1/14
Luna growing a pair or just getting a ton of guts poured down her throat. It must be the influence of the mind healer.
mike3308 chapter 41 . 1/14
It's good to have a replacement teacher available when Griselda fired Dumbledore.
mike3308 chapter 40 . 1/14
Harry had a good visit to Pottermore.
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