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Kai chapter 15 . 4/2
I don't understand why Harry was fined. Well, he's just a halfblood. As is his "victim", though. But Umbridge was lawfully convicted and was to be sent to Azkaban. She tried to escape lawful detention. As per Fudge's customs, there's only one acceptable answer, the Dementor's kiss. Of course, Dumbledore would preach forgiveness and plead for clemency, but that's what should happen. That Harry prevented a criminal's escape should be lauded, no matter if she's executed with a couple bruises or worse. But if she's not kissed, she should at least get ten extra years, high security, and no chance of parole. Or something like that.
Specky Clarke chapter 27 . 3/8
A wonderful, gripping story that stopped me doing any work on the house while I read it. Although some parts were Erotic I would class the story as a true reflection of LIFE with all its aspects. Fictional, true, but nonetheless as real as it could get.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/5
I don't know why Harry should have that reaction about the attack on Daphne not going to a full Wizengamot trial. The incident with the dementors didn't happen in this story as he was with the Grangers for the summer, not at Privet Drive.
Pillager61 chapter 27 . 1/22
It's about 75% of the story I've just started outlining, so naturally I list this in my top 10 favorite stories!
SvenHPotterFan chapter 10 . 1/9
Na ja, Harry könnte doch um ein privates Zimmer bitten. Dann könnte Hermine sich ihm anschließen.
Guest chapter 8 . 12/20/2022
Faenlgiec chapter 22 . 12/18/2022

This is the second time I read through this fanfiction, and the second time I enjoy it quite a lot.

However, I feel like there are a few things I would like to point out regarding economicsThe bride prices agreed (5k galleons) are actually quite low in practice compared to high nobility 19th century’s uses. Bride prices tended to be 2.2 times higher than the dowry, and a typical dowry could well reach above 70k pounds at the time (i.e. converting without taking inflation really into account). On top of that, the repartition for dowries was much more split, and it would make sense bride prices followed, i.e. if the median is around 3.5-4k galleons, you wouldn’t be in the rare category before at least 6-7k galleons.

There is also the absence of dowry, though that could be due to other marriage agreements. Dowries were a way for parents to ensure the future of their girls, as they would keep the dowry even after divorce if needed.

Finally, there is the question of the rings cost. Harry owns 2 million galleons, and for all rings, spent 100k galleons. That is a lot of money, sure.

Just once again not as exceptional as you are trying to make it pass as. Good investments would have brought him far more dividends than that over the year, and it would maybe represent 1/2 months of dividends. Single gem jewellery can easily reach 100k, even without going through a physical store and custom designs. Factoring in the multiple gems and custom designs, I would expect closer to a million per ring than 300k.

And I would be quite disappointed if, in Harry’s place, I had mollified my brides’parents by such a simple offering. The bridal discretary accounts are, after all, worth much more and more indicative of trust. Passed a certain amount of money, such gifts don’t mean anything…
Guest chapter 1 . 9/29/2022
shade656 chapter 9 . 5/28/2022
How did Ginny floo to Grimmauld when she didn’t know the secret?
Also why couldn’t Sirius have gone with them to Potter Cay? They went by private portkey from the Ganger residence.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/11/2022
I have enjoyed this story several times, but in reading Chapter 8 again, a minor nit popped up into the grey matter sometimes laughingly called my brain.

Anyway, you describe the Cay as being in the Caribbean or surrounded by Caribbean waters. This is not truly correct. The Caribbean is bounded by the Greater Antilles, Lessor Antilles, South and Central America and the Southern Yucatan coast of Mexico. The Bahamas are actually considered still within the Atlantic Ocean. It is not a big deal, and that the Bahamas is grouped with Grtr & Lssr Antilles as "West Indies" also causes some confusion as the West Indies is often equated as "Caribbean".
Fellbane chapter 9 . 3/17/2022
This should definitely be titled 'The Granger Coven'. Harry is absolutely not the main character here, he is basically just along for the ride. He has basically just handed the reins of his life over to Hermione which is not at all indicative of his character, especially when he is perfectly aware that he has only just escaped from under the control of Dumbledore.
C3nterF0ld chapter 1 . 12/21/2021
the minister denied voldys presence with Bones in attendance? there's no way that would fly.
WildOnionTops chapter 27 . 11/1/2021
Great story though sad ending
csheila chapter 4 . 10/20/2021
A great party.

Harry needs an advisor. Plus, he always forgets about Dobby
csheila chapter 3 . 10/20/2021
A great chapter. Your characters respond reasonably to each other. Even Ron and Dumbles are okay.

Again, Hermione is a bit cold but she was in cannon
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