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Boombox chapter 44 . 11/21
Hey guess what this is really late wow

Revali wanting to help with wedding planning is 3adorable5me. Also the fact that Link and Mipha told him no arrows in his revenge plot and he actually listened.

MuTHrfkN ALOLU IN THIS CHAPTER. I'm pretty sure you told me about this but I forgot. Though I gotta say, Link: Not the best time to decide you don't want to fight anymore.

I really liked the scene with Link and his dad. That kind of thing is usually really corny, but it was done very well here. The shortness of it probably contributed to it being as effective as it was.

The word Sword is missing after Master at the beginning of the next scene btw.

Good character-building chapter. Really enjoyed this one. A plus plus.
AnnoymousPoet chapter 44 . 10/29
More please.

I'm a sucker for this story.
razmire chapter 44 . 10/28
Unless I’m mistaken, all that’s left basically is Hyrule Castle and fighting Ganon. Looking forward to it.
nico nightingale chapter 44 . 10/28
Intense chapter.

So many things happening! Link and his father, his memories and glimpse into the future (?), Urbosa's talk with Rivali...

That was very cool! Thanks for writing it.

Stay safe!
royale26 chapter 43 . 10/10
Just wow. Glad to read this treasure
Wren chapter 17 . 9/17
I really liked the cooking scene! It adds a nice bit of lightness to what would normally be a boring journey.
Jukebox chapter 43 . 9/10

Ngl the changed title gave me a moment of pause. I know you were considering it, but I thought I was in the wrong fic for a second. Luckily the Google search still gets me here.

I remember this first scene. Well, the part of it I saw anyway. It looks good. You did a nice job tying it all together. Urbosa mothering the whole fam tram is always welcome.

I love this transition btw. From Urbosa's dream into wakefulness. It's incredibly smooth.

"This fight is greater than any one of us, and it would have continued even if we had all died." Aha ha...ha. I hate you.

This whole part is just Urbosa trying to out-deathflag Daruk. Gat daym.

Mipha wants to goddamn party. I was thinking that her insistence was humourous because Urbosa would recover much faster by just staying in bed. Then I thought about it and Urbosa would never stay in bed. Carry on, fishy.

Concrit: You didn't need to have Urbosa think about the ban on men being temporarily lifted and then immediately reinforce it with Link. It doesn't hurt, and is a very minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but establishing with just Link would've made for a better payoff. Urbosa smirks before the scene changes, then it transitions to Link and Revali in drag. This reveals that Urbosa was amused because her idea was hilarious. THEN Link muses that it was unnecessary because the ban was lifted-and Urbosa was aware of it. Double whammy. Not only is it hilarious, but she knew it was totally unnecessary. This creates subtle humor because it makes it obvious Urbosa was doing it for lols through her actions rather than having to directly state it. A kind of "don't explain the joke" thing. YA GET ME? COOL.

Actually, you do this really well right afterwards with Mipha refusing to look at Link and awkwardly picking at her food. It creates a really funny visual in your head with Mipha flustered and Link put out that she won't look at him.

The "no arrows" conversation is also very funny. Good comedic timing.

Ngl these Gerudo must be experts to pick Link out. Revali I totally understand, but BotW Link has a very...soft face.


Medli muses about what it would be like to be recognized like Mipha was, but considering Mipha's a Zora and they're in the Gerudo Desert, she probably wouldn't have been if she hadn't been formally introduced, lol.

And here comes shadow boi. Good luck, Link. You're fucked.

Good chapter. A funny one overall. It's nice to get some downtime between all the shit hitting the fan.
StarBun29 chapter 26 . 8/27
tragic backstories always pull at my heartstrings
StarBun29 chapter 16 . 8/27
large chicken :')
StarBun29 chapter 15 . 8/27
i love them all so much
Guest chapter 43 . 8/26
While I am not a link and mipha fan, this story is so well done. I love how you write everyone
AnnoymousPoet chapter 43 . 8/24
A nice little chapter: I've missed this story
razmire chapter 43 . 8/24
It seems that Urbosa can be rather evil at times. She had better watch her back for retaliation.
Constipated Genius chapter 43 . 8/23
Well dang! Didn't expect myself to feel so invested after the hiatus still, but dangit if you didn't get the job done! Although my reviewing skills mighta changed since last I responded, I most certainly will do my best to provide points on what I enjoyed most, here!

1) Hylia in general. If I recall correctly with what she did insofar as Revali's life was concerned, it seems that Hylia's being developed continually as an entity who answer's everyone's prayers without them ever even realizing - masterfully weaving destinies together without eliminating freewill whatsoever. It's all incredibly novel, and depicts Hylia herself (and therefore her relationship with good ol' Urbosamom) as much more uniquely charitable than most other fictional gods and goddesses I've read up on.
2) I appreciated that nod to the Neo-Champions. Although it's true they probably rose up to the occasion, though... eh. I think it's equally likely what with the Zelda-timer almost being finished that if the Champions died... big yikes. Them Neo Champs wouldn't have become powerful enough to save Hyrule in time, methinks.
3) Urbosa, again, probably becoming my favorite champion at this rate. Her humbleness in the face of being relatively unrecognized even by her own people depicts her as such an incredibly philanthropic, traditionally-heroic figure that it almost hurts to see her (unintentionally) outcasted by her own nation, y'know? On the bright side... she still knows how to prank like the best of 'em - I didn't think the crossdressing would occur here in CoaFA but dangit if it wasn't executed well.
4) Last but not least (ish) is Medli thanking Rev! Not much to say there, because... well, I mean, that scene speaks for itself - as does Mipha/Link's relationship and the mental health of the former steadily improving now that the latter isn't in danger of being un-alive anytime soon.

Now we wait and see what Nega-Narut- I mean uh... EVIL LINK will be capable of, eh?
~Constipated Genius~
EspellaEve0124E chapter 43 . 8/22
Welcome back. Too bad I won't have time to read the entire thing again to make sense of the new chapter. (I forgot all the details.) But I'm off to boot camp training for 5 weeks tomorrow. Then off to serve in SK-AF(South Korean Air force) for 21 months. Can't say when I'll be able to use the internet. Not certainly for the next 5 weeks! But I'll sure to read it! Happy writings.
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