Reviews for A Bet of a Lifetime
Leaffon chapter 19 . 14h
I love everything about your fanfic; the change in the plot, character development for naruto, and actually making the timeskip meaningful. I hope you continue this until the end. No, not the OG ends, but YOUR end. This is your fanfic after all.
kurama587 chapter 45 . 10/26
Great story so far. And of course each cliff hanger must out do the last one! Can't wait to see how Sasuke reacts in the next chapter and if Naruto will finally grow into the best version of himself.
Spellbat chapter 45 . 10/24
So Sasuke is hearing the truth right from Itachi. That is cool.
Demonic Insanity chapter 45 . 10/21
Oooh, I didn't expect Itachi to go down this route. Can't wait for the next chapter.
ThelittleKing chapter 45 . 10/20
Awesome chapter, I haven't read a Naruto fic in a long time and this was really refreshing. The battle was simply amazing, Naruto blowing up Kisame was great. I also loved how you wrote about the crow and Naruto and Sasuke finding out what happened simultaneously. The way Sasuke's and Itachi's interaction went so far is how I hoped it would've happened in canon after finding out about Itachi's true reasons. It'll be interesting to see how this continues. Will Sasuke and Itachi find a peaceful solution? Will Itachi force Sasuke to kill him despite proving his "innocence" and give him the mangekyou. Will Sasuke in result start hating Konoha? And what about Kisame's and Naruto's battle? Will that continue or will they peace out? So many different ways this could go. Loved this chapter, looking forward to the next one!
Lilthug chapter 1 . 10/19
(Won't let me post this on chapter 45)
What the hell. I didn't get an update to this story because my email hasn't been working. Might have something to do with my storage problem.

I loved this chapter! I was not expecting Sasuke and Itachi's reunion to go in this direction. So Naruto's change has made Itachi realize he was wrong and is going to reveal the truth early. I am looking forward to that. His advice to Naruto is very wise and a few other characters in fiction should hear that. I wonder how much this effects Tobi's plans going forward as well as Sasuke and his views hearing it from Itachi rather than Tobi. Waiting till December may just kill me though lol.

I appreciate you taking an interest in my post college plans. Nothing concrete but I'm looking for entry level jobs in Finance. But my real passion is in voice acting. Been practicing and thinking of taking classes.
sageUchiha chapter 45 . 10/19
Hey man! just had to mention how fast this fanfic became one of my favorites really quickly. Ive been looking for a canon compliant more mature naruto fanfic for ages until i stumbled upon this masterpiece. to be honest i was expecting... or rather hoping that they would be more romance in the story but it hasn't at all affectethatd how good this story turned out to be. Hoping you can continue writing this until its end

And on a side note- ive actually been suspecting Itachi had put some kind of suggestion into Naruto from the moment you mentioned that he kept seeing a four sided pinwheel after his battle with Sasori but i never actually thought that it'd have an affect on Itachi himself. just another mastered plot twist in this amazing story!
ivan999 chapter 45 . 10/15
guau! me enganche a tu historia, estaré esperando nuevas actualizaciones.
Ojala sigas con esto hasta terminar!

Los emparejamientos me intrigan bastante, sabes trabajar bien con personajes femeninos.
Me atrae bastante la idea de Naruto/Karin, creaste una muy buena química entre ellos.
También me encuentro bastante reacio a un NaruHina , soy de lo que cree que este sitio ya esta muy saturado de este emparejamiento, pero bueno, el que decide eres tú! jaja
Iron Spider Fan chapter 45 . 10/14
Ah so now his headaches make sense. I thought Naruto's random headaches were strange and thought his dark half was up to something.

Looks like Naruto inadvertently talk no jutsu'd Itachi. I'm really looking forward to how Itachi revealing everything will change things. Great chapter.
cuco000 chapter 45 . 10/14
Good story. It has a touch of interesting originality. Especially in the characterization of naruto
DCosmicSage38 chapter 11 . 10/12
Of course, he's an Uzumaki, he will get through the Sealing techniques. Kinda like the pace of your fic.
DCosmicSage38 chapter 8 . 10/12
Holy sht when Tazuna asked if he is a chopped liver, he doesn't know he will have his head chopped later on lol. It's a shame Inari didn't grow up in this fic compared to the canon. Same with his mother, Tsunami.
Ishimaru Taiki chapter 1 . 10/12
GOD I am so damn excited!
jwhitey chapter 45 . 10/11
Just re-read my way back through the story and caught up on these last few chapters! Great stuff - looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 45 . 10/10
I am glad to read a new chapter agian, It Is very good, i know that Itachi will said the true about the massacre and then will we see Sasuke reaction? The fight Will be interesting i hope i could read before Christmas, have a nice day and stay safe
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