Reviews for A Bet of a Lifetime
TrenchcoatMan chapter 51 . 12/6
Lol. I see that now. Naruto's survival ability is pretty insane though. I think even if he hadn't made it out in time, he might still have survives the initial blast, though certainly in no condition to protect himself from any further attacks.

Sai attacking would be a perfect twist for next chapter, but Im pretty sure he's picking freedom. So, is Sakura joining Team Hebi as well. She rounds out their team nicely as a proper medic. Plus, it puts all of Team 7 back together.

I could totally see Sakura and Suigetsu hooking up. That might be an interesting relationship.

cadamban.k chapter 51 . 11/10
The story was a very mature handling of Naruto and it is very good coming of age story. Naruto in cannon manga despite starting in that direction by the time of shippudden the author bowed down to external pressure to keep it as a shounen manga.

The story would have done pretty well as a seinen genre but wouldn't have the reach it does now. And the author cannot rewrite it now.

This story looks like a possible version of that. This Naruto grows up and is getting stronger and finds the futility of achieving his dreams means nothing. Infact if not for all bijuus being released at the end except for two, and Kaguya's existence peace wouldn't have been possible at all. Naruto picked out in that.

This Naruto looks to be doing some tangible changes. But, it cannot be without power and organisation. Wonder how you are going to achieve this.
cadamban.k chapter 10 . 11/10
I agree people are driven by hate in Naruto but in this case it was driven by Greed and Apathy.
Addllax chapter 51 . 11/9
Very good :D
DragonBane541 chapter 14 . 11/5
I really enjoyed this chapter. In my opinion your doing a great job with narutos character development. I'm going to enjoy reading the more of this story. Keep up the good work.
chunck monkey chapter 9 . 10/27
if you can't if you can't think of anything to post relative to your story don't waste our time with interludes
ReallyZero chapter 51 . 10/22
Read it in a week, keep it up!
Guest chapter 51 . 10/21
Interesting story looking forward to future chapters
Guest chapter 51 . 10/16
Sheeit. I can only guess that the mystery woman is Guren.
Phazer12 chapter 51 . 10/15
Ohh, I forgot about Mei announcing it. But then again, Mei is trying to change her village from Bloody Mist to Hidden Mist, so it would still be Ay wanting to have Naruto's head, or maybe everyone will decide and send him to Blood Prison.

Quite curious as to who the young woman naruto sensed was. Also, quite happy how Naruto is still learning new abilities and still very slowly. Kurama is very reluctant to ally with naruto. Most likely because he knows Naruto to the core. Maybe the nine-tails want to seeing the earnestness and openness of Naruto, but Kurama has also seen Naruto manipulating others to do his work, so he is reluctant, fearing its just another one of his plans.
ThelittleKing chapter 51 . 10/14
Nice chapter, I completely forgot about that negative emotion ability Kurama has. Quite unexpected but suited the situation rather well. Seems like Kurama is already considering allying with Naruto completely. Can't be too far away now. Will Naruto still have to fight and defeat him in that case? We'll see. I'm a bit surprised that no Anbu immediately swarmed the place to protect Naruto though. I liked that Naruto didn't want to bite Karin out of principle. That was rather unexpected as well, makes sense though. Thankfully nothing worse happened due to that decision. Sakura did well. Looking forward to finding out if Naruto could tell who that girl was and if he realised that she was a spy (Zetsu). That might finally solve Kotetsu's (or was it the other guy) murder along many other things. Thanks!
football78 chapter 45 . 10/13
By this point naruto already learned sage mode. At this rate he will never learn it, and will be weaker thqn his cannon counterpart.
Allheaven Paragon chapter 51 . 10/13
Can literally heal himself with Kurama's chakra.

Can literally bite Karin's arm to heal.

Can literally go to Tsunade.

But nah, let's go to Sakura while we're being tailed by assassins in the middle of the fucking street, trying to wack his ass, after just blowing up his entire apartment complex in broad daylight, not only putting all of Hebi in danger while they're hauling his ass, but also Sakura, because we know for sure that Danzo would definitely not kill this dollar store Tsunade and her parents (collateral damage is a thing, ya know?) just to kill Naruto.

I think you try tooo hard to involve Sakura in the plot, even when she's not needed.
football78 chapter 30 . 10/12
Why did they not teach naruto sage mode. At this point he is old enough and strong enough to learn it.
WhateverPlus chapter 51 . 10/10
I liked this chapter.
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