Reviews for A Bet of a Lifetime
Gwynx chapter 53 . 1/14
Wooow I really like this, nice work.
Xelaki chapter 53 . 1/14
Always gotta love danzo getting dragged through the mud
Addllax chapter 53 . 1/14
Very Good Bro :D
auraarzadon07 chapter 53 . 1/14
Oh Hallelujah! What a sweet revenge we have here. We want to make sure that Danzo never escaped his death verdict and Run wild to the masses. I mean he is the one who reveal Naruto's Jinchuuriki status and gave tips on Kumo to kidnap Kushina Uzumaki.
Guest chapter 30 . 1/11
This psycho shit drawn out
DoctorNiklaus chapter 1 . 1/10
Hey, are you open to critiques? I have a few I would like to share, but I hear it’s rude to do so unprompted.
Yogami Asura chapter 52 . 1/9
I still think that you once commented on the fact that Danzo's seal looks like a pair of pants, and are now using Suigetsu as an outlet to voice your thoughts to other characters. I've been really enjoying the dynamic between the characters.

It's impressive that Naruto is that knowledgeable in seals, and it's also impressive that you're able to narrate it. Honestly, that stuff is beyond me. And with Sasuke's curse seal, I have a feeling that you want him to keep having it even once Orochimaru is gone. Itachi isn't here to seal it away anymore after all. Is this something to counter Naruto's sage mode I wonder? I'm also pretty curious to see what project Matsuura is. Any chance we could get an english translation?

It was an abrupt ending, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I just know that Danzo is gonna find a way out of this somehow. He's slippery like that. Thanks for the chapter, and best of luck writing
JTheFireLord chapter 52 . 1/9
This story is SO well written! I don't like how much Naruto is going off the rails bc it seems like it's putting a strain on his and Jiraiya's relationship, which is the whole reason why I got into this story - bc it's so well done. I'm a bit worried with how much Naruto is "lone wolf-ing" things right now with little disregard to other's feelings, like deciding to kill Orochimaru without even discussing it with Jiraiya...but I have faith that everything will still be an amazing read & Naruto doesn't go all "only I can pull the strings and save everyone!"
ScienceAlienDude chapter 36 . 1/7
Thank god lmao
ScienceAlienDude chapter 33 . 1/6
sasori lived? ..,. that's unnecesary to me idk if he would be important to the story but if he's not then its just a waste
ScienceAlienDude chapter 32 . 1/6
gaara should have lost the one tails
ScienceAlienDude chapter 14 . 1/6
Oh god i really hope naruha doesn't become a thing un this fic it would be better to have no ship at all
2020 was weird chapter 52 . 1/3
Kinda sad there was no Sasuke and Kakashi interaction but I expect that in the next chapter

Also knowing Danzo he doesn't even have a plan to escape or any fake evidence he's just toying with everyone to get into their heads as a last fuck you moment

But it's pretty clear that it would not be the case and that Danzo will mess up everything
nielnica12 chapter 32 . 1/1
I cried this chap ngl
Lucy chapter 52 . 12/30/2022
I l9ve this story so much but the ads from this websote really ruins the flow do you have a other account some where like quotev or ao3?
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