Reviews for Skin Deep
slc6548 chapter 14 . 22m
Should have put a snicker and snort alert on this one! Good chapter!
JulieToo chapter 14 . 46m
I laughed so many times. Edward's inner dialogue is so hilarious. And Bella is so perceptive and i'm amazed at her kindness when she calls him out. Ready for a dance!
pengirl25 chapter 14 . 1h
This was hilarious! I couldn't wait till I got home so I read it on my phone! Edward is falling harder all the time and I'm just looking forward to see how it all unravels on him ;)
betty.p.dixon.3 chapter 14 . 1h
Oh my goodness! I was rolling laughing at Edward’s inner thoughts and monologues! .
I love how Bella is the Yin to his Yang. I was truly cracking up. Awesome chapter!
GorGirl chapter 14 . 1h
Not to mention going blind! JK
Mizzdee chapter 14 . 1h
Omg that was the best chapter ever.
Poor Edward. He's got it pretty rough right now. He better get himself under control soon or he's not gonna be able to get anywhere near Bella. Especially at a dance.
Can't wait for next week.
roxiegirl chapter 14 . 2h
Jeez. Teenage boys crack me up! I’m glad I’m not a guy! Lol. Edward has a lot of thinking to do. What does he really want to do? Be with douche bag Mike or Bella?!
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 14 . 3h
I never realized it was that bad for teenage boys! Lol

Just waiting for this whole thing to blow up (no pun intended).
Rita01tx chapter 14 . 3h
Oh, the joy and shame of bein' a horny teenage boy LMAO! Bella has him by the short and curlies and doesn't even know it *snickers!*
crazy4r-k chapter 14 . 4h
Hilarious! I was giggling as I read it while eating lunch at my desk. You made my Monday. So proud of Edward for braving Bella's friends just to make her happy.
namemeamy chapter 14 . 4h
Sweet baby Jesus, I'm dead. This was too funny.
Midnight Cougar chapter 14 . 4h
Ah, the adventures of a teenage boy! LOL And I liked the conversation Bella had with Edward in the truck; she's very mature.
michigangal0223 chapter 14 . 4h
haha poor edward jizz jizz...almost got caught lol
pnkats chapter 14 . 5h
pretty horrifying to have your mom walk in at just that moment. perhaps he should lock his door?!
asam75 chapter 12 . 5h
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