Reviews for Skin Deep
rtpkjs chapter 44 . 10/11
LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Amazing chapter as always xx
Annazonie chapter 44 . 10/8
Great Chapter! Glad Edward is doing better. Also that his friends now know too. I hope his seizures will get less and less. Love this story!
Jillybeans122 chapter 44 . 10/5
I loved this chapter and so glad you’re back! I’ll be driving in a car from FL to NY on the 10th, so I’m excited to have something to read!
misskrista chapter 44 . 9/30
Such a good chapter! Love that Edward is out of the hospital and somewhat living again. Looking forward to more!
valentinesgenie chapter 44 . 9/30
Awesome chapter see you next time take care.
karen4honor chapter 44 . 9/30
Yayyyy! Welcome back, you were missed! Also, yayyyy they are finally together on the same page again.
FluffyLiz chapter 44 . 9/30
I've been missing this story, so it's a delight to get a new chapter, especially one that's a bit more upbeat after so much heartbreak. Go, Super Edward!
shannon30033 chapter 44 . 9/29
Back in the groove, just like B & E. Maybe their "groove" maybe a little sweatier, though...heh. Seriously though, Glad E is back home and I am interested in seeing how it all works out at school.
Rebadams7 chapter 44 . 9/29
Tech and heart to rescue
LittleMoCullen chapter 44 . 9/29
Happy that he's back home.
Soulmates913 chapter 44 . 9/28
These two...cute!
dadinha chapter 44 . 9/28
Im glad youre back! Thanks for updating!
sheilagilger chapter 44 . 9/28
Girl! I like be this fic! Indulge
and come back! Loved the chap!
trisha63 chapter 44 . 9/28
Thanks for this wonderful chapter update as I've been missing these two kiddos! This chapter was basically a fluffy love note full of citrusy goodness. After everything Edward has been through I think he deserved a little loving with his girl. I can't imagine the loss of freedom Edward will now have to endure due to not knowing when his seizures will occur, however, I think Bella will be his silver lining though. Glad you are back and will see you in a fortnight. I've definitely been reading too many Regency romances! LOL ;) Take care, Trisha :}
Guest chapter 44 . 9/28
Thank you for coming back.. I love this chapter
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