Reviews for Threat From Above
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17/2017
God-tier fic. :P What a great read.
St Elmo's Fire chapter 1 . 7/11/2017
This is wonderful. Just a few things: your title isn't fully capitalized, and you're formatting dialogue incorrectly.

[the surprised Arceus]

You're also keeping “Arceus” uncapitalized throughout the story, but you capitalize it here. Since you're going with the idea that Arceus is a singular being instead of a species here, I'd say it'd make more sense to just say “Arceus” throughout instead of “an arceus”.

[the alfa pokemon]

And I think this should be “alpha”?

This is very funny, but I do wonder if it might be too dense. You cover a lot of different issues and cliches, but can only scratch the surface as a consequence.

["God of gods you say? Well, did you prevent Opelucid City from getting frozen by those lunatics in the flying pirate ship a year ago?"

"No. I was sleeping. I just awakened."

"What about three years ago? Did you stopped those terrorist that attacked the Pokemon League in an ambush with a freaking castle?"

"I was…"

"Or ages ago, when the two brothers, founders of Unova, fought? Their conflict was so bad that the most powerful dragon of the region split into two!"


For instance, while this is great, I feel it's remiss to overlook the greatest sin of all: Arceus did nothing while Cyrus was using its creations to destroy the universe literally right under the Hall of Origin! Lazy, lazy Arceus. (I can understand this given the conceit that your protagonist is Unovan – but now that I think of it, it would be even funnier if they were Sinnohan.)

[Why would I want shiny pokemon? They are the same as the regular ones, but can't hide because of all those bright colors. In a sense they are worse.]

And this seems like it's kind of missing the issue – while it's true that shinies serve no practical purpose, people DO want them regardless. A trainer should know they have value. (The real issue, especially combined with a “pokemon are people” setting, is that it makes trainers look incredibly shallow to care about it so much.)

As a list of fandom cliches, though, this is great. I particularly like that you bring up the pokemon-as-people problem, and the way the onlookers react to Arceus at the end. You are hideous, Arceus! Make a better body!