Reviews for Just A Crush
I hate TyKai chapter 1 . 7/11/2015
I hate TyKai.

Don't dare to do them as a pair.

Make Tyhil, they are my favorite.

Oh and bye.

And don't!
Guest chapter 3 . 5/13/2014
What a heap of crap. I really hope your writing has improved since then.
ilovebeyblade chapter 16 . 1/29/2007

I love this story I have'nt yet reviewed coz my sister (who loves this story)told me that u hadn'nt updated for ages and u might not update but I always hope that people PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE this is the best beyblade fic I've ever read actually scratch that,this is the best fic I've ever read so please PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE I love this fic. this is the best fic ever
Bluestray chapter 16 . 12/8/2006
plz update!
Bluestray chapter 11 . 7/17/2006
plz update!
rayluva4 chapter 16 . 6/17/2005
this was really great, i really liked reading it! plez update!
britt 4 ray chapter 16 . 6/9/2005
this is a great story ! keep writing !

p.s i'm a big mariah/ray fan
britt 4 ray chapter 16 . 6/9/2005
this is a great story ! keep writing !

p.s i'm a big mariah/ray fan
m chapter 16 . 4/23/2005
i know its probably not gonna happen but plz plz pzl update!
Natsuo chapter 16 . 1/27/2005
I really like your story! It so nice. Update soon!
Sparkling-Ruby Gem chapter 16 . 12/19/2004
Wow! And I mean Wow! This fic is so cool! Pls hurry and update!
darkdemoncat chapter 16 . 7/16/2004
cool its long i think but still hahaha keep up the good work till next time
Sakura88 chapter 17 . 1/14/2004
Me: No worries Kawaii-kirei! I also have exams.
Me: Cuz I'm a very busy person? But I have a draft!
Mariah: Not good enough!
Me: Fine, fine, I'll try to have the next chappie up at the end of this month! Better?
Mariah: A little.
Me: YAY! Well, g2g, lataz! -~
Crystal chapter 17 . 12/11/2003
Hey. Are you really 10? Truly? *Shrugs* You seem older, that's what my friends told me. Lol. Nobldy could guess my age. I love this story, so please update. If anybody flames this fic, take it up with me, and believe me, they won't ever do it again. _ Ha, ha, I like it, so please update! Oh, this IS NOT the Crystal on your thing. I'd love to be on it, if ya could tell us apart. I like the name Star too/ My pen-name is Starlite tears. If ya ever need help with fanfics or want to talk feel free to email me! ~_~
Gotta go!
See ya later,
invademya and her yami's chapter 17 . 12/11/2003
joesph: mya!
invadermya:what do want pip squeak?
joesph: hey that's my sisters line!
invadermya: oh! so keep on writting!
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