Reviews for Of Blond Hair and Blue Eyes
Purplepulu chapter 38 . 8/5
I freaking love this chapter so so so much!
I love how you recreated the beautiful scene of Luffy shouting his resolve to Sanji to Zoro’s love for him. It was magnificent and beautifully written! 3
gaymer bear chapter 9 . 7/20
I haven't use this website/app in months n I came across your story and have been reading it non stop. I truly like how u focus on the characters and their relations w one another. it show the care the crew have for each other. Thanks so much for sharing ur gift w us
Pizzabully chapter 38 . 6/19
Awwwww, this story was going great until you added luffy x law in it. I read your story to get away from that stupid ship not read about it
Dartmarimo chapter 44 . 4/16
This was wonderful. I am beyond words. I was so immersed into this story for three days straight, after I got back into fanfiction for almost four years - and it sucks that I have to be an anonymous reviewer after forgetting my account in this site, I would have given it a follow and a fav! Anyway I have to get this through you. Thank you, Lady Elocin, for keeping the ZoSan ship sailing!
Janshal chapter 22 . 4/7
katakiei?! I'm screaming!
WhiteFang001 chapter 44 . 4/5
This was great! So glad that I found it :) I loved the twists and turns in the tale - the times when you weren’t quite sure whose side people were on - and I loved the characterisation. Thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 44 . 4/3
Très belle histoire, franchement c’est très bien réussi bonne continuation.
saphire1348 chapter 44 . 4/2
I know I should have posted a review eralier but I couldbt stop reading it was an amazing story i absolutely loved it! Every chapter was the eprfect mix of everything! Best story every
YoChicken chapter 19 . 3/31
meh, hasn't Zoro ever called Sanji "Sanji"? He's always calling him Cook!
Ruruka chapter 44 . 3/29
YAY! Such a sweet ending for this part of their journey. I look forward to the sequel. _
yukino76 chapter 44 . 3/29
woah a good ending thanks for the story it was very interesting:)
alevamp11 chapter 44 . 3/29
Hermoso de principio a fin! gracias por escribir tan excelente relato! Lo leí en ao3 pero igual te comento aquí! Esperaré con ansias esa secuela! Un abrazo! 3
OneRoyalPiece chapter 44 . 3/29
Awww. that ending is so cute. I had a feeling that Zoro is a sofety when it comes to his family. I enjoyed this fan fiction so much.
Toshiro with love chapter 44 . 3/29
The ending of this story was so sad and beautiful at the same time.

I was really sad it finished...
But then I read there is going to be a sequel! YES!

i can’t wait!

Read ya soon!
gunsAndROSES2656 chapter 44 . 3/29
Awwww the ending was so cute! Thank you for taking the time to write this story for us! Can’t wait for the next installment!
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