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Guest chapter 43 . 1/9
This is awesome but did you mean 2021 or 2022
Starco4everr chapter 43 . 12/15/2020
Great chapter
Monkey lover 911 chapter 43 . 12/11/2020
Thanks for the chapter. You are bringing in a lot of charicters from the show. Will any more make an appearence? Kelly could've kept the Trophy but good for Gustav. What will happen next? Please answer in the next chapter. As Always stay safe and healthy. Keep up the great work. You are an awsome author. Friend.
Sugar chapter 43 . 12/10/2020
Hahaha "Stomco" oh man I'm not really a fan of a loving trio Dx it was hilarious that Tom just said "ehh nope" hahaha.
I have had a doubt this whole episode: Why Star did not carry the cake with magic from the beginning? This way they avoid almost falling. It would have been funny if someone commented on it.
Jackie: Do you know that you could have used magic from the beginning?
Janna: Don't tell them they're going to feel stupid ... and it was fun watching them almost fall.
I loved the episode, I love Kelly more in your fic than in the cannon ... I really hated her "romance" with Marco not so much because she hated Kelly herself but because it came out of nowhere, damn fast and to no avail in the end not even for character development it was like "this pretty girl who is there so Marco does not feel bad for his crush on Star".
I guess I'll always prefer a nice healthy story over the realism of teenage relationships lol.
AmazingStorytime chapter 43 . 12/9/2020
"Baking Buddies" instead of "Breakup Buddies.". I like it.
SonGozen32 chapter 43 . 12/8/2020
Wow, another fantastic chapter.
And I’m glad the pie king didn’t end up actually winning lol
I’m really looking forward to the next one
LockAndKey989 chapter 43 . 12/6/2020
Love this chapter, and Kelly rejecting roy at the end. That was awesome
Guest chapter 1 . 12/6/2020
OMG Loved the chapter, glad to have you back. May I make a suggestion for a chapter, star accidentally turns Marco into a baby or a kid and we just endure the amount of cuteness of young Marco. Just an idea , hope to see you soon
Gamelover41592 chapter 43 . 12/6/2020
excellent work on this chapter, lots of funny moments and adorable ending :)
Bedrock Armor chapter 43 . 12/6/2020
MeMan, it's almost 2 am, I should really get to bed. goes to bed, then checks phone one last timesees Ch. 43 of LotS&S was uploaded within the past hourGUESS I'M STAYING UP"

"Dang, that was like forever ago, can't believe I've been holding on to ideas for that long"
Remember an even longer forever ago when I said I was planning on an original story? Yeah, I'm STILL planning it, and I've started setting up a Word doc with character profiles for it, as well as other ideas sorted out in it. It's been like, what, two years now? Most of the ideas I had for story arcs and plot twists way back then are still fresh in my mind. (On the other hand, sometimes I can't even remember if the last sip of soda I had 15 seconds ago emptied the can and I go for a sip of soda that no longer exists. Brain be funky sometimes.)

Anyway I typed that first half before I started reading the chapter and now I've finished and it's 3 am so I'm gonna try to keep it short and simple then go to bed.

I like to imagine Tom or Star kicked the monkey and sent it flying when it blew the raspberries at team Starco, and it landed on Pie King's head causing him to fall; that second part being mostly due to the curse Janna put on him. He was pretty infuriating.

Also this chapter reminded me of a dessert my mom makes that consists solely of strawberries, cool whip, Graham crackers, and chocolate, and it's just layers of them and put in the fridge, but it's the best dang thing ever.

And yeah, protective Star is my favorite. Idk what it is to be honest, but Star protecting Marco just homes me joy.
SonGozen32 chapter 42 . 12/3/2020
Ooh this chapter was good. I really like the change in who Baby was reporting to. I really hope you update soon, an amazing fic like this shouldn’t be abandoned
Guest chapter 42 . 10/23/2020
Hey any chance of getting a new chapter soon, it's been quite a while since the last one
Dex Cipher chapter 42 . 9/22/2020
Hello again! I hope you're doing well!

Let me start by saying that I liked the chapter quite a lot. I think it served its purpouse really well and I was really satisfied with the introduction of Baby into the story, since she was one of my favorite characters of the show. I hope we get to see more of her in the fic, but that's just my personal opinion.

Anyways, the chapter in question has a very simple plot that I like, and it gives a whole lot more of personality to Edith! That caught me off guard, since I thought Edith was just going to be a pet that will deliver some comic relief every now and then.

I never expected her to provide conflict. I think that's really nice and I wouldn't mind to read a chapter mainly focused on that troublesome snake.

And speaking of characters that I love and provided great conflict to this somewhat normal chapter, let's talk about Star.

Star is an... interesting character to talk about in this fic. Mainly because of her backstory. I always liked that part of your Star, that she used to be the Star we know from the show, but St. Olga's changed her in more than one way. I've always see her as a responsible princess that keeps her emotions to herself that has been developing into a princess that is showing her emotions and feelings to the world without any fear or hesitation.

And that's good and bad for her, because Star is starting to get more and more angry in these last chapters. I'm starting to think that she may need a special chapter where she goes to an anger management class!

I like that she is learning to not bottle up her emotions the way she did before, because that was hurting her a lot. But now I think she may need to learn how to control her emotions because, like Baby said, that can be a problem in the future.

I also like the multiple references to the next chapter that were present in this one, and the presence of Ferguson and Alfonzo, which I'll say that, to me, their presence in this chapter felt kinda meaningless, but I like that at least you're not gonna forget about them like the show did.

All in all, I really liked the chapter and the development of the story that came with it. Great job as always!
DC the cat chapter 42 . 9/15/2020
Yes, this has been a difficult year for everyone. Fortunately, the last couple of weeks was notably less troublesome for me. I was able to get through my DMV appointment and get the Real-ID without any problems. I feel for you, car trouble is always a pain. Well, one day at a time. At least we still have jobs.

Without any further delay now on to the review proper. This was a well-written chapter. I like how you added some lore about Mewi history in the exam. Man, Edith should cause a lot of trouble for poor Marco. However, after Baby scolded Marco I was hoping that Edith would get her diamond treat. I was surprised at the twist at the end that the exam. Instead of it being just a ploy by the MHC to derail the Peace Commission, it was indeed to assess Star’s skill level. It’s nice that there is at least one MHC member on the side of good. I’m curious are you familiar with the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov? The way Lekment calculated the future reminds me of the fictional science Psychohistory use in the Foundation series. Also, I feel for Kelly, working hard for hours, only for it all disappear in a fraction of a second.

I’m glad that you did check out CPG Grey’s voting videos. In fact, I first learn about different voting systems by watching his videos. He has covered every major voting system except for one. The system he has yet to cover is called Range (score) voting. In this system, the voter gives a score for each candidate. The candidate with the highest average score wins. As far as I know, no country or state has adopted this system.

I figure you would. Now the question is what does the Spell with Many Name do? Also, I had the feeling that you have heard of the Green Lantern oath since petty much everyone has. However, I was more curious if you have heard any of the other Lantern corps oaths. There are (more or less depending on which universe/timeline) seven lantern corps and each is base on a different color and emotional state. The one I like the best is the Blue Lantern oath. In fearful day, in raging night, With strong hearts full, our souls ignite, When all seems lost in the War of Light, Look to the stars- For hope burns bright!

I’m looking forward to how you use the Truth Box in your story.

I only watch a few shows on the Food Network primary Good Eats. Good Eats is quite different from How It’s Made. How It’s Made just narrates the manufacturing process whereas Good Eats has a basic plot and silly gags. Think Bill Nye the science guy, but for cooking. In fact, the trailer for Halloween special just came out. It’s on youtube and the title is Good Eats: The Return's The House That Dripped Chocolate. Also, chiefs are justified in thinking stuffing is evil. Stuffing proves the perfect environment for bugs such as salmonella to survive the cooking process. Often by the time the stuffing reaches a safe temperature the turkey is overcooked. Thus the choice is either a bad review or a lawsuit.

I’m glad you like this question. I can see how you had fun thinking about it, there are so many story possibilities. Rather Woolandia being a conquered dimension instead I like to think they are an associated state with Mewi. An associated state is a partnership between a smaller nation with a larger and (often) more powerful nation. An example is the Compact of Free Association, the agreement between the USA with the Federation States of Micronesia, Marshal Islands, and Palau. In the agreement, the USA provides economic support to these nations in return the USA is allowed to build military bases there. As part of the agreement citizens of these three nations can live and work in the USA and vice versa. I can see something similar between Woolandia and Mewi. Woolandia’s economy is based on violence and fighting which would make it difficult to trade with other dimensions. Mewi could offer to act as an economic middleman with other dimensions in return Woolandia provides military aid in off-world defense. As a part of the agreement, Woolandia citizens can live and work in Mewi and vice versa. Your thoughts about weather gems are from Earth’s dimension got me thinking about this review lore question.
What is the nature of dimensions? In the show, it appears to be (more or less) separated physical planes of existence. Though there are places where one can walk over to another plane. In your story for the most part is the same as in the show. In chapter 23 Decisions, Decisions you describe the Magic High Commission as viewing themselves as the self-proclaimed protectors of magic in the multiverse. This indicates that dimensions are separate physical planes of existence. However, later on in the same chapter, there’s an alternative take on dimension. In her, thoughts Star refers Mewi as one of the most important magical realms in the galaxy. This indicates that dimensions are placed within the same plane of physical existence even in the same galaxy. Thus someone on Earth can hop on a rocket and go Mewi. It may take a long long long time, but the rocket (at least the fossilized remains) will eventually get there. I remember other times a character reference dimension as other places in the galaxy, but I can’t recall where in your story.

Really longer the Lord of the Rings!? That’s an impressive feat.

Ever since there have been censors writers have been trying sneak unauthorized content pass them. Though it seems to me that the writers of Disney cartoon lately being bolder in trying to get stuff past them. Especially in Gravity Falls and The Owl House.

Back to Holidays, I forget to mention in the last review that agricultural culture that developed in regions that have instinct seasons have holidays marking the start of spring. An example of this is Easter. It nearly guaranteed that Mewi would have a holiday at the start of spring. Another idea I have is a holiday base on the lunar cycle. In the real world, there are some are based on the lunar calendar or lunar-solar calendar. An example of this is again Easter. Since Mewi has multiple moons I can imagine them have a holiday when all the moons are full. Better yet their Halloween could on the night when all the moons are on their new moon phase. When I think about it there’s already a holiday base on the Mewi lunar cycle the Blood Moon.

That was quite an information dump. I’m glad like the superheroes/comic references. The main reason I went that reroute is I felt that animal examples have been done. Also, no worries about going into detail, I hope the main point you got from this is an understanding of how we got stuck with the two-party system.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!
P.P.S Happy belated Labor Day
P.P.P.S Mexico's independence day, Happy Rosh Hashanah, Happy UN International Peace Day, and most importantly Happy Hobbits Day
Lord of the Storm chapter 42 . 9/5/2020
What an awesome chapter! I loved the twist on baby and the review to Lekmeht at the end instead of to Moon. I also loved the comedy with Marco and edith and that tree scene at the end. Ugh! The sweetness! Though question, was the tree description supposed to sound like a Truffela tree from The Lorax? Sorry if it wasn't, but when I read it that's the image that popped into my head. Maybe it's just me, oh well. Overall, it was another great chapter! Oh, and I saw the tumblr artwork that jcabrera did for your fic. So cool! It came out brilliantly! Talk about some great publicity and a sign your fic is beloved by so many!

Oh and since you were talking in your reply to my last review about your fav and follow numbers, I decided to do a little research. If you take all the English SVTFOE fics on this site, all ratings, since the beginning, etc. There's about 2,700 or so. This fic is at the very top of page 2 in terms of favorites. Another fav here or there and you, my friend, will be in the top 1% of authors on the site for this fandom! And if that ain't a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is.
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