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MsSarBearPuff92 chapter 21 . 7/10
This was a wonderful story! Thank you for putting it into existence!
mhcalamas chapter 21 . 7/7

I love the depth you went into with both Draco and Hermione...this wasn’t just a cheap story...they had pasts, issues to still work through within themselves, struggles to work through together in their relationship and friends and family obstacles as well. This entire story felt real snd dynamic, delving deep into their hearts and emotions :) it was simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing this story!
mhcalamas chapter 20 . 7/7
So giggling here: "Dinner can wait a bit, I think."

“I can't believe it," Hermione said, head shaking slightly. "I actually can't."—YAYYYYY *throwing confetti* *dancing cheering in spirit because I don’t want to wake up my daughter...*

DRACOOOOOOOO! That’s so incredible of youuuuu! Oh, I could hug and kiss you for that surprise!

“And over the past six weeks, her report had made it into the hands of healers across Europe, the Americas and elsewhere. Hermione could scarcely believe it.”—GO HERMIONE!

“Graciously, Hermione had requested Narcissa assist her in shopping for a gown. Flustered, the woman had immediately accepted.”—I freaking love this! I love it so much!

LOVE THIS: “In the crowd, Kenneth had grinned widely, flushing.” AND SO DEEPLY INLOVE WITH THIS!: “Draco had taken her hand, entwining their fingers, giving it a squeeze. She met his eyes and a glance spoke the volumes between them.”

That Neville moment! Awwwww! Heart melting!

OHMYHEART! "Make me the happiest man alive and marry me," he requested quickly, eyes wide, "please." The last word came out as a whisper.
"Yes," Hermione whispered instantly in response, repeating louder, "yes, of course, Draco."
"Thank Merlin," he muttered as he rose, taking her into her arms and crushing her lips with his.”—THANK MERLIN INDEED!

The perfect ending sentence: “To be at his side, Draco by hers, forever.”—I’m so happpppyyyyy
mhcalamas chapter 19 . 7/7
I could dance a jig!—"I feel great," Astoria whispered, brow furrowed as a watery smile overtook her face, tears pouring from her eyes as she grasped Hermione into an embrace. Hermione found herself crying, too, as the woman released her and moved to Theo, sobbing into his shoulder, beyond words.”—happy tears!

Ohmyheart! “She knew now, that he was what she could not live without.” I’m so happy they’re talking about this, I may simply burst! And then this loveliness!—"You didn't, Hermione. You faced that line and you pushed through it, you hung on by a thread, even if you didn't know it. You don't even realize how much I admired you for that." *definitely crying*
mhcalamas chapter 18 . 7/7
My poor darling Draco :(
“, felt it more times than he could remember, staring down the end of a wand in crippling despair.”—agonizing memories and watching the woman he loves going through this... :(

“She was fading and his heart was breaking, forced to watch her slip away from him.”—not crying...not crying...

The angst and absolute heartache in this chapter! My heart :((((((
But this helped: lI trust you, Draco," she said softly, voice breaking as she stared at him.
"You aren't showing it," he stated flatly, "all this time, when I've suggested talking to someone, because I know about it, you haven't trusted my opinion."
To end on this hard note :(
“But he had fallen too hard and too fast to have been able to turn the inevitable tide in any other direction...All he could do was hope that he was to be swept back to her.”
mhcalamas chapter 17 . 7/7
10 points to Slytherin! “ Draco paused, glancing at her curiously. “So that means multiple trips into the closed ward," he commented.”—it does indeed Draco, unfortunately...

Totally giggling here “And by the time Hermione went home on Sunday evening, they had christened the new island – twice.”

YES YES YESYESSSSSSS! “"I don't have to," he said but gave the offer a cursory glance. The offer was slightly less than the one from Ballycastle. "I will stay with Falmouth.”

*girly giggle* “She glanced at him, making a face. "Love you."
"Love you more," he said casually. "Come to my place tonight?"
"Of course," she said, meeting his gaze.”

Heart feeling a little heavy at this: “Hermione cuddled herself into Draco's shoulder as he shifted in his sleep, breathing in his scent until she drifted back to an uneasy, fitful sleep.”—so very happy she’s not alone right now...
mhcalamas chapter 16 . 7/7
“Okay," Scorpius said, nodding, "I'll make friends with the Gryffindors. If they're nice."—well, let’s all hope you don’t meet any of Ron’s kids someday then...I’m sure they’ll all be peaches...

I adored this exchange:
"Antimony?" he repeated, deep in thought. "It's dangerous, and of course, can be toxic in the wrong quantities. And we would need to use a lot."
"But it will prolong the effects," Draco said, "won't it? Put the potion into a sort of... stasis on contact with the blood."—Draco still has the nerd book smarts too!

And this was so domestic and comfortable it had me grinning wildly: "Are you busy?" Draco asked, walking uninvited into Hermione's flat but she was used to it so she simply turned and smiled.
"I think the correct answer here is no?" she asked.” :))))))

“His hair was disheveled, his eyes sparkling and the smouldering look he gave her had her biting her lip to keep from laughing.”—ehehehehehehehe! House hunting fun! Thank you for including that!

“She knew it wouldn't be that easy. But all she could do was to simply keep moving forward. Those patients deserved as much.”—you can do it, Hermione!
mhcalamas chapter 15 . 7/7
Awwwwwww! She’s going to one of his Quidditch matches! Love it!

And I really enjoyed the talking exchange, relationships take time and energy and effort, even when we’re tired, frustrated and nervous :) I think they compliment each other well...

Kenneth was a great character to introduce. It’s heart wrenching how young he was—they all were, really... “Remembering Draco's advice, Hermione pushed back the swell of emotion. She had to be clinical. “—he especially compliments her well :)

You wrote the following part of Hermione alone in her office brilliantly, it was real and I felt myself wanting to cry with her and for her...for all of them... this melted me “She burrowed into his chest, sniffling as he Apparated them home and carried her into his flat.”

I liked the bit where they share in third felt raw and real...
“Draco lifted a hand, running it along her jaw. "I'm in love with you."
"I'm in love with you, too," Hermione whispered. "Draco –"
But he didn't hear what she had to say because he had kissed her, crushing his lips to hers, grasping her and pulling her closer before he remembered she was in a poor state.”—I’d be fist pumping the air if I weren’t preoccupied with looking for the tissues...
mhcalamas chapter 14 . 7/7
“After two hours, Hermione was exhausted from her long, trying day; she was hungry as she hadn't had time to eat, and she was thoroughly tired of trying on dresses.”—LAUGHING! And feeling your pain, dearie!

“It was a silky emerald green, strapless with a sweetheart neckline, which clung to the knee and then flared to the floor.”—WE HAVE A WINNER!

“He is... what I didn't realize I needed."—ohmyheart :):):):)

LOL! “Hermione greeted the woman with as much cheer as she could summon at the thought of being poked and prodded all afternoon.”—she’s going to be quite the vision!

“He realized halfway through his brief acceptance speech that he was speaking almost exclusively to Hermione across the room.”—they’re so in love and adorable :))))

“"Draco is a part of my life now, Ron," Hermione said, crossing her arms over her chest.”—YESSSSSS! Stand by your man, girl! And love this: lDraco pulled her in, drawing the covers over them both and Hermione felt herself slipping into sleep, tangled with him, within moments.”
mhcalamas chapter 13 . 7/7
“Hermione had always believed the wizarding world to be significantly lacking in information, particularly regarding a number of important topics. Science being one of them.”—completely agree, Hermione!

“inconspicuously making copies of the pages she found to be relevant to go over back in her office.”—totally made me giggle :)

“and found it imperative to visit the Janus Thickey Ward.”—feeling sick at my stomach now, too...this is going to be quite difficult...

DAWWWWWWWWW :) this exchange, its cute! —“That would be wonderful, Scorpius, thank you," Hermione said to the boy, "I'm afraid I'm not as good of a flier as your dad is."
"Neither am I," Scorpius said, with a smirk so like his father's, "but one day I'll be better."

Giggling again!—“Draco could see Hermione stiffen from across the field and rolled his eyes, remembering her strange pre-occupation with House Elves in school.”

“Draco felt a sudden tightness in his chest as she beamed at him.” *grinning from ear to ear...*

House-hunting and research with Theo and I’m so excited to see him popping up :) he and Astoria are adorable and I admire him so in this fic...LET’S GO GOWN SHOPPING!
mhcalamas chapter 12 . 7/6

AND DRACO BEING DORKY OVER QUIDDITCH! :) loved it! And speaking of Quidditch—"Hermione, you do realize your children will have no choice but to be Quidditch stars," Harry said.—WAY TO MAKE THINGS AWKWARD, HARRY!

Theo and Hermione to the rescue! I’m happy you gave him more screen time, he’s going to come in very handy!
mhcalamas chapter 11 . 7/6
I think this sums everything up appropriately “The enjoyment of the World Cup now seemed so far away.” :((((

YESSSSS! Go Hermione! "You'll tell Theo yourself," Hermione said sharply.”

“Instead he reached across the desk, took her hand in his, entwining their fingers.
"If anyone can figure that out, it's you," he said softly. "But I need you to make sure you're looking out for yourself.”—I may or may not have melted a bit right here...

Onward! Much to look forward to!
mhcalamas chapter 10 . 7/6
“Hermione noticed Draco had subtly moved closer to her. She felt a surge of something in her chest as he casually reached an arm around her back. Tiggs seemed to notice too, as her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed slightly.”—HAAAA!

LOVE THIS! “Draco grabbed Hermione's hand, squeezing it before entwining his fingers with hers. Hermione smiled, seeing the excitement sparkling in his grey eyes.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLL! “Long line for food?" Astoria asked casually as they arrived back some minutes later, Draco hovering a box of food and drinks before him. “So long," Draco said before Hermione could say anything. With a quick glance at the woman, Hermione could tell she knew. There was a bit too much amusement in the twitch of her lips.

mhcalamas chapter 9 . 7/6
"Perhaps," he drawled, "we should get to know one another better."—YESSSSSS! *fist pumping the air*

“Healing is wonderful, of course, but I'm thrilled to be able to do my own research as well."—you know this character well :)

Awwwww, Draco! “Quidditch was a bit of an escape, at first. I barely knew Astoria at the time and threw myself into it. It turned out I became quite good and was scouted by the Arrows and the rest is history."

THISSSSSSS: “"We all came out of the war with scars. While I hated your family, you were still young. It didn't make up for the things you had done and the way you treated me in school, but you were mean, not evil." AND THISSSSSS: "I don't blame you," she said softly, almost a whisper. "You saved Harry from being killed that day. That's the difference."

YESYESYESYESYESSSSSS! “He took her hand, intertwining their fingers and Hermione looked back at him.” AND YES AGAIN! “He lifted her hand, still wrapped in his, to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it. Hermione felt a flutter in her stomach as his words sunk in.”
*happy dance!* “Falling asleep, her legs tangled with his, secure in his arms, Hermione clung to him like never before.”
mhcalamas chapter 8 . 7/6
“He stared at her for a long moment, grey eyes unblinking. He stepped forward, playing with some loose curls of her hair and Hermione's eyes fell shut against her will.”—OH SWEET MERLIN, this is adorable and that tension...

"I wish you could see yourself the way I see you," Hermione said, feeling as if something within her had broken. She wanted to touch him but refrained.”—sighhhhhhhhh

I like that you included this, there will always be this kinship and special bond between the Harry and Hermione—“Hermione shared a quick glance with Harry. There had been times, while Horcrux hunting, during the time that Ron had left, that they would forget about food until they had to sleep due to exhaustion, and only then realized they had hardly eaten that day. Some days not at all.”

Awwwwwww—“She wondered if it had anything to do with their conversation that afternoon. She felt a pang of guilt remembering that Scorpius had been there to watch his father play...” :((((((

Yessssss! Sassy and sharp Narcissa, I love it! “His mother stared at him for a moment before her lips curved into a smile.
"Please, Draco," she said, sipping her tea, "why you insist on treating me as if I'm daft, I'll never know."

I like this part too! "She knows about your past? And Astoria?" Narcissa asked.
"She didn't even blink," Draco said, shaking his head. "I couldn't believe it. She and Astoria are becoming friends."

THEO! I’m always happy to see more of him in your fics, he’s a good fiend to have around :)
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