Reviews for No Escape
Tap04 chapter 112 . 8/3
if i read "harry just relax" once more time im going to start scraming !
Tap04 chapter 112 . 8/3
is it bad to wish harry to he punish by voldemort because of the baby?
Tap04 chapter 105 . 8/3
I love luna...
Tap04 chapter 105 . 8/3
yes harry its your fault. hmmm... Im so mad at harry, I think its only rational to take care if himself because of the child but nooooooo he have to be emotionaly derailed so that he can commit murder in a most innocent way...
Tap04 chapter 104 . 8/3
now you tell me harry ! wrong? cant be right? you have to be so melodramatic and not eat anything at all and murder your baby. I could kill you myself.
Tap04 chapter 104 . 8/3
what's wrong with you?! you fucking killed your child harry ! you fucking killed your child because you cant control your emotions !
Tap04 chapter 103 . 8/3
THERE ! How many unborn child harry has to kill unintentionaly..? tsk
Tap04 chapter 102 . 8/3
okey. I hate Harry for this. The baby is dead he should move on and focus his attention to HIS child for pete's sake !
Tap04 chapter 96 . 8/3
Ok NOW i dont like this anymore
Tap04 chapter 58 . 8/3
I actually like this. Honestly, it all make sense, but still horifyingly good.
Kcototheyoyoyo chapter 46 . 7/24
Im sorry but I stop here. This story is wayyy too inappropriate and disturbing for me. Makes me think of fanfiction differently from now on. You went way out of line with this story️
Brooklynhills chapter 104 . 6/27
Luna is fucking bitch. Seriously. She’s trying to convince herself that everything she’s doing is for Harry’s own good. Fuck that bitch! Harry’s been raped, beaten, tortured, and victimized to the extreme. He’s only a kid. Not even 18 years old and all the shit he’s been through. I keep reading cause I’m hoping that Harry can ultimately kill Voldemort but this, it’s already 104 chapter and nothing has happened; just more rape and torture. You are condoning these acts and it’s awful. And you’re probably going to make Harry fall in love with Voldemort as if killing his parents isn’t enough. And Sirius and Remus, what cowards. How can Sirius dare call himself his godfather and allow Harry to be raped. James and Lily are rolling in their graves in pain watching as their only child is suffering. I’m out. Can’t believe I waited this long to call it quits. So fuck Luna, fuck Sirius, fuck Remus! Most of all Fuck Voldemort that fucking nasty ass Pedophile! Rapist piece of garbage!
And can’t believe you’ve made Harry such a victim, you murdered his characterization with this. He’s practically a doormat; people walk all over him and he has to allow it. I’m out!
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 132 . 5/25
Omg Voldy noooooo!
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 132 . 4/30
What a way to ruin someone though... You fuck their mind up and then after everything else happens, you run. Great job Voldie, great job.
Gurgaraneth chapter 133 . 4/30
Carnt wait till its up
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