Reviews for No Escape
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 132 . 5/25
Omg Voldy noooooo!
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 132 . 4/30
What a way to ruin someone though... You fuck their mind up and then after everything else happens, you run. Great job Voldie, great job.
Gurgaraneth chapter 133 . 4/30
Carnt wait till its up
Catalinangel chapter 132 . 4/29
Honestly, I'm kind of satisfied with this ending. It just shows that sometimes stories do not end happily for the parties involved. Of course, I will read the sequel when it comes out, but the whole story also feels complete as it is. Maybe I'm just a sucker for angst lol
FallenAngells chapter 132 . 4/28
Nooooooo. Please make a sequel, WITH A BABY. 3
CrazyJanaCat chapter 132 . 4/28
You really love to torture us, don't you? Voldemort is right about not being worthy of Harry, but to leave now is only hurting Harry even more. He needs to help to heal the wounds he left behind.
kryptonianhallows chapter 132 . 4/28
Well that’s just fucking sad
LeviJaegerEren chapter 132 . 4/28
OMG no no no this can't be real please tell me this didn't happen! why?! my poor heart! This chapter was written beautiful thank you author for your hard work!
geekymom chapter 132 . 4/28
Wonderful chapter! but you made me cry! Good job!
mizzrazz72 chapter 132 . 4/28
One, WHY? Two, you haven't completed it so you can leave it like this.
Gurgaraneth chapter 132 . 4/28
U better do a squal if that was the last chapter harry will not let tom go tom u can not escape harry nd the death eaters will learn to love u
LeviJaegerEren chapter 131 . 4/26
seriously what is wrong with Harry what will happen to him? I really want to know! Great story keep on!**
mizzrazz72 chapter 131 . 4/24
Harry gave him the world. He better give Harry his heart.
Addictedforevermore chapter 131 . 4/24
Oh so evil! These cliffhangers, which you create each and every time, are so damn evil! I loved the chapter nevertheless. Just please don't leave me hanging for too long.
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 131 . 4/24
Odd chapter at the end lol but I’m really tired today so nothing is making sense to me
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