Reviews for Mass Effect: Trailblazer
Tritio chapter 15 . 7/5
Great story, thank you for writing and sharing it with us!
Mgl1206 chapter 15 . 6/27
Im really liking this.
qwertyuiop123214685 chapter 8 . 6/2
I know humanity and the citadel aren’t exactly friends. But don’t you think you’re pushing it a bit with killing the survey team?
Rundivyn chapter 4 . 1/22
Dont the Spartan 2 call signs start with S? Wouldn’s Alice be S-130 since Chief is S-117?
Guest chapter 4 . 3/28/2023
Now we got a halo series and it's utter shit
Invictus602 chapter 15 . 3/29/2023
As soon as covenant showed up, the story went to sleep and my interest waned. Finished it and extremely disappointed how it progressed
Invictus602 chapter 4 . 3/29/2023
Why would they send the president of the entire species to a peace summit, it should be an ambassador to negotiate terms.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/27/2023
This story is fantastic I hope that someone will use this as inspiration and continue it or inspire them to create something of their own. I am praying that TallYapFlip will return to fanfiction writing and continue this excellent story.
taintedahab chapter 15 . 1/17/2023
Probably one of the more unique stories out there, too bad it died. I really wanted to see where it was going
taintedahab chapter 7 . 1/17/2023
I can see you’re taking this in a waaaaaay different direction than most halo/ME fics
Krieger Techpreist chapter 15 . 12/24/2022
Omnisiah I love humanity
naotw chapter 1 . 10/20/2022
"under two days" over 3 days. Top speed for pre-war UNSC is 3.1 ly/day.

"send any relevant..." no ftl comms exist for ships atm. Slipspace comm. came postwar.

"garden world..." unlikely to use ME related terminologies(inhabited/settled world, etc).

"a bit smaller than..." if a cruiser, the smallest in ME is 500m long, longer than a Halberd.

"charging weapons" impossible to tell without knowing what weapons they are, where they are on the ships and the power required to initiate them.

"Charge forward MAC..." why not run to buy time for a spool? Fighting is evidently idiotic.

"Fire all..." if his ship fires first, he'd likely be responsible for the fight no matter what happens next.

"racked detonations..." none of the Halberd's pods are that close to the observation deck. Unless specifically targeted, and armed, it's dubious to pre-detonate them.

"Battle-Group X-Ray" was made for Harvest only. After that, it was 3rd fleet and its divisions.

"on our flank" left or right?

"formation of..." 2531, not 2525. Covenant war already started.

"Poseidon-Class" came after war's end.

"Phoenix-Class" was refitted for ground support, poor at ship combat. Unlikely to be present as an initial response force due to no ground campaign plans.

"relatively new" Unlikely to be part of response force to unknown party(too valuable).

"Halcyon-Class group" quite a stretch then to be called a supercarrier. 8 Halcyons worth in compliment, for a ship over 10x larger.

"fire at will" hasn't even scanned or confirmed what he's firing at. This is warmongering.

"30,000 kilometers..." faster than a SuperMAC round?

"streaks of white" not for kinetic shots.

"hundreds of ARCHER..." archers would have been fired first due to lower velocities.

"largest dreadnought..." unlikely to be at border system. Important ships are placed close to home.

"presence of artificial..." unless the AI actively did EW, they couldn't tell.

"nuclear arms" they weren't destroyed with the other missiles?

"the right call" if based on the above, you should reread ME codex on the topics. AI history and actions of Krogan reinforcements and Turian civilians on Palaven in the reaper war specifically.

"AI Heuristics came..." idiot ball troping. President Huerta is an AI, 4 companies in Citadel space have licenses for AI research. Why would they judge an arbitrary factor with a single view?

"breach our firewalls" valid reason for attack.

"method of FTL is slower" author leading. Many factors affect response time; distance, path chosen, path topology, all of which are factors in ME eezo drives.

"By the Spirits..." why the moronic surprise at seeing a big ship, built by a newly discovered species, using non-eezo related technologies? He's a soldier, not a civilian.

"likely fighters" not missiles?

"launch all fighters" at present ranges? All of them?

"streaks of white" inert projectiles not plasma beams.

"single" why italicized emphasis? ME dreadnought spinal guns can also oneshot it.

"five hundred thousand" how did the MAC strike the evading cruiser at that distance, was it sensor blind? Why are they even exchanging fire at that distance, it's largely useless and easily dodgeable. Did he recall his fighters?

"ARCHERS" archers don't have 500,000km range. Neither does the ME dreadnought's missiles. Both work at 100s to 10,000s of km.

"SABRE wings..." non-existent.

"shields were overloaded..." no conclusive way to tell as barriers don't block EM radiation.

"closing distance on a..." he expected them to run or wait for him?

"twenty six active..." and he isn't free-firing and regrouping/retreating?

"minimal casualties" 44 ships lost is NOT minimal.

"mitigating any damage..." hypersonic impacts and velocities make all armor irrelevant unless sacrificial. meter-thick titanium(unlikely; internal plates, sealants, scaffolds, etc) is near useless. Cruisers would be just as vulnerable.

"alien missiles" what kind? Unless disruptor equivalents, they don't have them for space combat.

battle; 26 casualties, from 44 combatant losses?

"far faster" ME space fighters are faster(eezo) and can go ftl(mantis entry).

"but later compensating" how in a knife-fight?

SPARTANS; unlikely to be deployed as initial response force. Too valuable.

"peppered by..." personal kinetic barriers exist and are standard in military units, even navy.

"ricocheting off..." at their velocities, they'd crater and wear the mjolnir plates. Size is not the only factor in a bullet.

"stun grenades..." don't know their biology.

"captain or admiral" or engineer deck hand, or sensor operator, or 2IC, etc.

"three kilometer-long" mass relays are 15km long, and 5km wide.

"method of FTL" how? They know nothing about it.

"defend against..." doesn't know relay specifics. Too risky to dispatched group, considering relay drift.

"Golden-Age height" was pre-2490. Past that it's civil war.

"well-aware of this fact" how? ONI scrubbed all related information on pre-historic civilizations, including Onyx.

"outside the Relay Network" UNSC space is a 150-200ly bubble. At 10ly/day for ME drives, and needing a 3-day discharge every 2 days or so(assuming they're using only moons and asteroids, not the abundant planets and gas giants that take less than 1 hour to discharge in), they'd take upto 50 days non-stop to cross UNSC space by ship.

too much Halo bias.
Chloe chapter 15 . 9/21/2022
Hope there is a new chapter soon
Stormzy chapter 1 . 8/13/2022
Was about to ask why the UNSC are so underpowered until I saw your note at the end.
Isaasol2 chapter 15 . 5/21/2022
Are we at any point going to get our two great heroes fighting together? And what about ships? Are we going for the normal Shepard/Liara or Tali and Chief/Cortana; or have the two heroes shipped to each other?
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