Reviews for Dragonball: RPG Tetralogy
Desire96 chapter 31 . 3/22
Kakarot is really bullshit... lol, I wonder whether Kakarot's children have potential similar to Gohan
Desire96 chapter 30 . 3/22
Lol... Human greed or more like Saiyan Greed ...
Desire96 chapter 24 . 3/22
It's fine and nice to see a different timeline with explanations
bosssman1420 chapter 2 . 3/15
Three eyes is lame
HaiseKanekiV2 chapter 74 . 3/14
3 Thank you for this. he will be missed by millions
Guest chapter 74 . 3/8
Oh man. That's a very sad piece of news.
Got me emotional and everything
Guest chapter 73 . 3/8
First the creator of dule monsters and know the grandfather of shonen they will be missed.
Drunken Hamster chapter 74 . 3/9
That's a beautiful eulogy.

I remember seeing DBZ on TV as a kid off and on. Having ADHD I really loved the fights and the emotional energy behind powering up and kicking ass. I remember trying to go "Super Saiyan 15" as a four-year-old at daycare. Good times.

Never actually sat down and watched the whole series in order until I was 16-19 or something. Shortly after I discovered anime "properly" by renting Caanan from the library. Dragon Ball, Z, GT, and then Super as (basically) an adult was even better than what I remembered from my early childhood.

Then I found your story and joined our community.

It's still hard to believe Toriyama is out there flying through the multiverse with Shenron, now... I keep trying to forget it or distract myself, both from this event and life in general... But things are kinda looking up otherwise in life... So maybe it's time I actually started living, like you mentioned you did.

TBH pretty ironic that I start at about the same age as you. I wonder if patterns between friends really are as alike as they seem so far...

Anyway. Thanks for the fanfics, the friendship, your words of wisdom, and the community to be a part of.

Until Next Time,
UHalo chapter 74 . 3/8
I'm not crying, you are!
Scallywaag chapter 74 . 3/8
I found out from this chapter. I was excited and then crushed. Hat man is responsible for practically every anime I love by the influence of Dragon Ball. And you’re right, Until We Meet Again is how to say it here.
NoFocus chapter 74 . 3/8
Thank you for the post. RIP to someone who truly made his mark on our world.
Angryshadow04 chapter 74 . 3/8
Farewell akira toriyama
Gthe6 chapter 74 . 3/8
I heard the news about 5 mibutes before i got on here. I remember countless hours of DBZ every day atter school and begging my grandparents to give me a break if i didnt get my homwwork done soon enougt to catch the latest episode, especially during the friza fight on namek. The man will truly never know how many people he touched and how much his work effected our lives for the better as its largly due to him i started working out and trying to be a better person towards everyone i met.
jvargo0216 chapter 74 . 3/7
RIP Akira Toriyama, you were my childhood.
Zenlaruk chapter 74 . 3/7
Toriyama was, still is and always will be, an inspiration to many. Nearly every modern Mangaka, many of the other greats and of course, us. The fans who grew up watching the fun story, hilarious gags and amazing fights of his work. It all left such a major impact on everyone who saw it with hundreds of refrences to it in almost every form of media. I always enjoy seeing people try to go Super Saiyan or random gags for Dragon Ball. His work is such a large part of my life, growing up watching it while my sisters were asleep as its the only time I could have the TV is how I got into anime along with Inuyasha and Yugioh. Those 3 shows helped mold my interests into how I am now.

without Dragon Ball, my life would be a lot more uninteresting and I doubt I'd be as into everything Japan, myths and legends that I am.

Toriyama sensei, thank you so much for all you've given to the world and as Oda said, I hope heaven is the joyous placed you envisioned it to be.
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