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Jack Firerage chapter 26 . 11/28
Admittedly, I forgot the scene where Luffy outed Superman to Lois was just an Omake. So when Lois suggested Supes go visit Clark, my brain made the Windows shutdown sound.

Either way, a pleasant read.
realfan16 chapter 17 . 11/28
lmao this should be canon
CrimsonDragon001 chapter 26 . 11/27
Amazo not being detectable by haki makes no sense. Haki has sensed inanimate objects before, and he literally has will and haki. It's also weird that he could just quickly just copy Haki, but he can't copy DF, when canonically, most DF abilities are possible to mass produce with science while haki can't. He should've just copied the effects of haki instead of straight up just having haki.
dhunis chapter 26 . 11/26
Amazing as always! Thanks for the chapter.
TheGamingReader chapter 26 . 11/26
I quite appreciate that Amazo can't just copy a devil fruit. It took a fooking huge ass brain of a brilliant Scientist to understand and copy a devil fruit. Which I believe is on par, if not better than, most Supercomputers.
whateverman53 chapter 26 . 11/25
I would like to say that Amazo could scan the DF powers but he has to learn awakening on his own which would take a life time to understand each and every DF powers. Also with the current event in the manga it is possible to duplicate the same power of a DF.

Now to talk about the story I am enjoying that you’re giving Amazo the screen time and helping him develop more and seeing the league grow also. I do wish you actually get the league and SH interact more. Also seeing how the villains now know that the SH are from another world isn’t it okay to tell them the real details of their adventures and what they went through and their powers. Heck if they asked Luffy he tell them because he trust them.

Also a can you keep Dianna in the next episode because it’s time for at least one of the leauge to see Luffy true power.( I read the omake in Ao3 and it sets up Vandal Savage to be a rival to the crew).
myrs94 chapter 26 . 11/25
When I first saw Amazo show up, I thought, "Oh shit! Time to throw down.". But the way you handled it is so much more interesting.
Lazy Servant chapter 26 . 11/25
Thanks for the chapters.
I like to see how is all progressing.
zlap chapter 26 . 11/24
I love how I'm not sure what would frustrate everyone else more: Amazo being a friend of the Straw Hats or them being the ones supporting a potentially viable solution to ending world hunger.

Great Writing as always and see you next time
Evil Reviewer chapter 26 . 11/24
Story wise the most I can say is despite the logic of the situation I am surprised to see Farmer Brown there.

That being said, it’s been fun but I suppose all good things come to an end. Hope you keep posting on FF but I can’t blame you for moving onto Ao3.

That being said she can laugh all the wants, I know she jelly of my archnemisis status. (Puts on shades and sips from a coconut of a cup through a straw.)
Biisaiyowaq chapter 26 . 11/24
Zoro and Harley’s reactions to Amazo and his leaving had me dyinggg. Thanks for another great chapter, tying in the farm to wano was a stroke of genius. Love how Amazo is getting a chance to figure life out!
DeathCrawler chapter 26 . 11/24
great chapter look forward the next one
Rhyn3 chapter 9 . 11/24
so, do you have any plans for Red Hood?
Le055Li0n chapter 26 . 11/24
loved this, I really enjoyed how you handled amazo and the straw hats because it feels very in character for them. Also the deckhands talk was amazing
HisSecretLover18 chapter 26 . 11/24
Fantastic chapter! Amazo is a great addition to the story! Can't wait to see what happens next.
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