Reviews for In the Kingdom's Service
EmperorLuffy chapter 38 . 7h
Love the "no OC's" rule. You're basically only playing with the cards(or characters) your dealt and it works. It's so much easier not have to imagine entirely new characters. It really helps the immersion.
EmperorLuffy chapter 36 . 11h
I agree with Jaune. Sacrificing yourself for other people you've never met is dumb. Ayn Rand was right when she said Humans shouldn't be sacrificial animals. Which is why the Heroic Spirit Archer ended up the way he did in the Unlimited Blade Works anime.

I love Heroes(especially Superheroes) but thats not my definition of Hero.

Smart move Jaune.
Syndicate Leader Ra chapter 20 . 20h
called it
EmperorLuffy chapter 31 . 6/21
This chapter was pure gold for Lancaster fans. Couldn't have been better.

Completely agree with your comment at the end of the chapter too. Why aren't you on the writing staff at Rooster Teeth again? Maybe we need to go out of our way to make that happen.
EmperorLuffy chapter 29 . 6/21
This chapter made me absolutely love Roman btw. Is...that supposed to happen?...
EmperorLuffy chapter 29 . 6/21
Jaune getting wrapped up in all these PLOTS. Goddamn you're really an expert at weaving a complex storyline with endless subplots. And you're amazing at raising the tension by dropping drama bombs when the reader least expects it. Theres always a new conflict to keep the story engaging. I really have to sit down and study how you do that.

Is there any way I can download this or can you release some kind of storyboard map for how you plot the events of your story? Thats something I really need to see.
gordhanx chapter 45 . 6/21
Well, Jaune's mike has officially been dropped. Roman's finally letting out all of his built up anger, Cinder's taking out he trash, Qrow, Oz and Tai have saved Ruby and Jaune's staring down at his…Alpha. Talk about, wrecking it all up. And man, was it all great to watch. Still, it's not all good. Seeing Ozpin and Qrow's reactions to all of this, with Oz being uncharacteristically livid, was very unnerving. And, we finally get confirmation that Velvet is Magician…and she's dead. Aww man, did you REALLY have to do that?! We all ready lost Vanguard and Oobleck, was that not enough?! Oh man, that was heart breaking. Thankfully Ciel's still alive…though in a near vegetable state, after being tortured for so long. Jesus. Thankfully, they're able to wake her up slightly, but man I can only imagine what this has done, to her mind… And unfortunately, Ozpin takes this time to show his more darker side, wanting the info they've gathered for his own benefit. And surprisingly, Qrow's talking against him for once. Man, that is so weird to see honestly. But with that done, we move onto the big epic piece of meat in this story…the fight between Jaune and Alpha. And my good, was it epic. The fight choreography was brutal, well detailed and very chaotic, with Jaune using every move he has to keep up, all the view clashing ideologies with Alpha. Plus it helped to reveal more of Alpha's view on the world…and how this work, may be deteriorating his mind. Unfortunately, Jaune doesn't match up to the big boss himself, and Alpha goes to shot him down…right before he's shot down by Yang and Blake. Jaune survived…but doesn't seem to be done, quite yet. Wonder, what he's got planned next… Still this was an amazing chapter. Action packed and really fun. Loved it.
Mineking57 chapter 45 . 6/21
Now knowing that Velvet was Magician, gotta say that joke was stupid and frankly a little racist. Both you and Oobleck should feel ashamed. Also Ciel my poor bby, I never even considered the VSS would do anything to her. Just hate Alpha even more now.
EmperorLuffy chapter 27 . 6/20
Just wanted to point out it's common in battle series for the protagonists to excel past people with more combat experience than them. Some characters get stronger faster in life or death situations and even surpass their opponents mid battle and sometimes they just work way harder than everyone else which leads to them progressing faster.

So it'd be totally believable for Jaune to be steadily closing the gap between him and his betters. Especially since he seems like the type of guy who functions best under pressure and would really shine when stakes are at their highest. So I'd take him as the kind of guy who'd only truly grow in life or death combat.
Guest chapter 45 . 6/20
Dang, this was freakin awesome. Well done.,
EmperorLuffy chapter 21 . 6/19
Totally called Vanguard being Cardin...Dammit.

Thank god this isn't a Blake x Jaune story. Please gimmie Lancaster. Jaune x Ruby rarely ever get a decent story.
Interesteddude chapter 45 . 6/19
This is maybe an error or what you wanted to portray, but there is this

A gasp from Ozpin drew his attention. Anything that shocked the man couldn't be good. Qrow was at the door in an instant, in time to see Ozpin knelt by a still figure. She was laid on her back, brown hair spilling around her head. Atop her head were two, long limbs. She was still.

Atop her head were two, long "limbs".

It's Velvet dead, and maybe it was supposed to be long ears. Anyways limbs is a very morbid scene where Velvet was perhaps dismembered as she was tortured. Very morbid and graphic. Just letting you know, and wanting to know if this was a typo of some sort or intended.
smoothspace chapter 45 . 6/18
Bloodborne is fucking dope Coe, nice hearing you talk about it!
EmperorLuffy chapter 5 . 6/18
Man, Pyrrha really gets no love in your stories eh? Poor girl just barely missed him. lol.
TheYatted chapter 45 . 6/18
So I take it u watch vaati vidya? That guy is a legend at deciphering all the lore in from softworks games. Also yah, that ending was a picture perfect representation of a pg13 tom cruise action drama flick haha.
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