Reviews for In the Kingdom's Service
ScrubLord97 chapter 17 . 12h
Happy belated birthday, Couer!
LordOtakuGamer chapter 1 . 19h
I totally forgot to say it but better late then never. Happy Birthday! Thank for all the fanfic you’ve gotten me to binge ;P
Guest chapter 17 . 23h
Happy birthday bro.
Blackheart7969 chapter 1 . 11/19
Happy birthday Coeur!
I've been reading your stories for quite some time now and I come to love every single new one you release
Hope you enjoy your 30th birthday and keep writing amazing stories like this!
Guest chapter 17 . 11/19
Happy birthday! I'll take the chance to say I'm loving the story so far. Jaune's motives are clear and understandable. Perhaps not noble, but certainly human. I'm having a bit of trouble seeing the, shall we say, big bad. But honestly, your work has never disappointed before, so I'm happy waiting and seeing what's to come. Great work, and as before, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time today.
Derpeon chapter 17 . 11/19
Happy birthday!
NegimaFan chapter 17 . 11/19
Happy Birthday! Big fan of your work.
SteelStevenson chapter 17 . 11/19
Happy birthday! 30 really sneaks up on you... kind of like that hole that fucked up your ankle. Honestly you must have Qrow’s semblance or something.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/18
Happy early birthday! Enjoy your day off!
Huh chapter 17 . 11/17
The story should honestly be over now. Oobleck should absolutely use his semblance on Jaune the next time they talk, confirm the lie, get the truth about what happened at the train and Blake's identity as the "mysterious shadow" and then kill them both.
Jaune for betraying and revealing him and Blake for knowing about him. He can't risk being exposed here. Jaune has just proven himself to be a massive liability, he's the secret director of a secret agency and Jaune outed him to Blake. I honestly can't see how Jaune can be trusted again after this.
Supreme King of all Kings chapter 17 . 11/14
Jaune x Blake. Aka Mr.&Mrs. Smith!
psp reader chapter 17 . 11/13
tension tension tension... suspense!
Jack54311 chapter 17 . 11/13
Happy early birthday! I know Oobleck will probably find out. Will he let Jaune keep her as a contact? Or will she be recruited? Perhaps something altogether different? Whatever the case, it's sure to be interesting. Hopefully their relationship can be salvaged, and possibly even strengthened.
Alonewithaviolin chapter 17 . 11/13
I’ll be honest part of next really wants to hate in Blake, but derision good job! I love your stories
smargio chapter 17 . 11/13
They are infuriating. Don't get me wrong I don't think that there is anything wrong with that. But I agree with Jaune I want to punch them really really hard. Good thing that they are fictional.
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