Reviews for Ghost Forest
MizDirected chapter 1 . 8/16/2017
Holy cats, another amazing story riddled with truths that smack me around with the beauty of them. The tide always comes in and all our efforts are nothing but stones thrown onto the sand. And some things endure. Even after the tide has dragged all those stones out to the deep, some things endure. Things with roots as deep as I feel here between Shepard and James. Things lovely, even in their winter, the cold and damp clinging to them with shivering fingers. Things made so easily warm, just as winter seems as his lips touch hers and she realizes that she's come through. It's ended, and James is still there. Love endured.

Pure poetry, my dear. The repetition, the imagery ... just spectacular. I read it breathless and chill, then warmed right along with Shepard. Fantastic work.
theherocomplex chapter 1 . 7/17/2017
This is so lovely, as is everything you write, but I'm so struck by the sense of PLACE here, and how Shepard exorcises her demons as she looks back through history. The blame and the guilt are still there, but she doesn't have to face them alone, and her roots are strong.