Reviews for HB House
Jared D chapter 3 . 9/22/2014
Elfonzo is literally the best character in any fan fiction ever.
RWthefan chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
A favorite of mine right here. Thanks!
Starfield chapter 6 . 10/26/2011
Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! This is just like watching one of our old favorites on TV where all teh cartoon stars we know and love cme together! Those were my favorites, as I loved all the HB cartoons that poppped up on my TV set! I loved seeing how you not only brought back the beloved classics, but the rather obscure cartoons too! Have you thought of doing an episode featuring all the families from tehdifferent timeperiods like Flintstones, roman Holidays, and Jetsons and how those 3 families get along? Just a thought

God bless!
Chrysallis X Not Logged in chapter 4 . 2/19/2007
I don't know what to say except, you have awesome writing skills!

You've inspired me to write a story about Snagglepuss for no reason! This is because I think that it is awesome that there are still people out there that appreciate Old Cartoons.

Write more chapters ASAP! Yay!

My profile: Catscratch section, Camp Lazlo Section, FHFIF section, Angst/Fantasy/Adventure
Nightw2 chapter 6 . 4/4/2006
Thanks for getting the next story in your series up, Cullen. :-D Your knowledge of obscure and semi-obscure cartoon characters and ability to use them to make entertaining stories never ceases to impress me. Great work indeed. :-D
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 6 . 4/4/2006
Extremely good and original chapter! Great use of Redguy, and one of Space Ghost's enemies. Very funny dialogues.

Keep the good writing.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 5 . 10/6/2005
Me again. Sorry, I just saw the other previews, and got an idea for another cameos and guest stars.

1. Howler's old friends from the Drack Pack, or other wolves, like Loopy the Loop and Fangface.

2. Cindy Bear.

3. Tom and Jerry.

4. Scooby Doo.

5. Blue Falcon.

Thanks for this great fic. Keep the good writing.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 5 . 10/6/2005
Extra funny chapter! Wonderful use of all the villains. I like the more obscure ones, like Toad and Fly.

The best, however, was the meeting with PETA. It was just hilarious!

Keep the good writing.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 1 . 10/6/2005
Beautiful fic! Excellent use of some great HB characters. I especially liked how you used some of the long time forgotten, like Wendy, Goober and Howler.

Keep the good writing.
Lyndsi05 chapter 2 . 6/1/2005
Rock on. Dastardly and Muttley, and an appearance by Zorak to boot! This story reminds me how much I miss these characters.

I can't help it; I must include this shameless list of cameo requests:

Snooper & Blabber

Yakky Doodle & Fibber Fox

Hokey Wolf & Ding-a-Ling

Hong Kong Phooey & Spot

I enjoy all your HB stories and hope you continue!
Brad Eugene Palmer aka Nightw2 aka Comickook chapter 5 . 5/31/2005
Yaho! Ouchie-bubba! I am DEFINITELY glad to be able to review again. For some reason, I've just been unable to do more than just read the stories here for two days.

At any rate, all I can say is thank you again for such a terrific story. VERY highly amusing; especially the part about the villains being protected by PETA because of that stuff about somebody saying that "the villains are animals" being taken too literally. It was great seeing appearances by all of those old villains too. All in all, yet another extremely amusing "HB House" story. These stories might take a while (understandably), but the quality of the stories makes them well worth the wait.
Brad Eugene Palmer aka Nightw2 aka Comickook chapter 4 . 7/30/2004
Sorry for taking so long to review, Cullen, but I couldn't think of any words to describe how much I loved this chapter. I still can't because it was good beyond words, but I figured I delayed far too long as it was. :)
Brad Eugene Palmer aka Nightw2 aka Comickook chapter 3 . 1/26/2004
Oh. Absolutely delightful Christmas special. Sorry I didn't review earlier. I especially got a chuckle out of the comparison to Andy Griffith's voice and Huck's and the bit about every famous singer who was still alive entering the Christmas carol contest. Keep up the great work.
Brad Eugene Palmer chapter 2 . 7/22/2003
Oh. I've got to applaud your use of an obscure Huckleberry Hound character (the giant spud) in this "episode", Cullen. I must say, it may have taken you a while to get the next episode up and running, but it was well worth the wait. Superb mixture of action and humor. So any plans to have Tom and Jerry (the very first Hanna and Barbera-created stars) make a guest appearance in a future episode? If so, will it be a Tom and Jerry that are a compromise between the standard T & J (rather fierce rivals to say the least) and the mid-70s T & J that were actually pals most of the time (i.e. on-screen rivals who are the best of pals OFF-screen)? Sorry about the annoying questioning; just curious.
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