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stefanoisaacperdomo chapter 12 . 9/5
Para cuando actualización!?
stefanoisaacperdomo chapter 89 . 9/5
Para cuando actualización!?
Razell chapter 89 . 8/19
'As for Tokoyami, the only reason you got so close to him was that he's my intern.'

That shut Hawks up! Dabi has taught Tokoyami a lot over the time he's been kidnapped. Due to his encounters with corrupt 'heroes', and Hawks' clear villainy towards him personally, Tokoyami may just come to the conclusion that hero society is irreparably broken. And, as we know what's going to happen in the near future, that will really shake his faith.

Abbie Blizzard chapter 89 . 8/15
Um. This might be a dumb question but. Why isn't Tokoyami trying to escape? He's had plenty of opportunities to do so but he hasn't. Why? I'm confused...
Doomstar87 chapter 89 . 8/15
Alright, New update, my morning was certainly blessed when I looked for the newest chapter and while understandably it's more settling in the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation Front is a wonderful thing to read about So...

Seems like Tokoyami is starting to hold resentment towards Hawks and slowly starting to hate him. Can't blame him even though he doesn't have the whole picture on Hawks motivations yet but it makes sense, Tokoyami just wanted to look to his former mentor to literally save him from the League's clutches and when push came to shove Hawks kept his mask and knowingly left Fumikage in Dabi's hands prioritizing his mission from the Commision over his ex-student's safety and societal reputation and in some way bearing the consequences so far when Tokoyami wanted to confront Hawks about what happened back on that rooftop.

Jesus Hawks, know you're keeping the mask on but it sounded like you're trying to benefit from Fumikage's mutual trust with the League and I don't believe that's what your ex intern is looking for right now.

Dabi calling Tokoyami his intern just to drive the knife into Hawks heart, Dabi be a savage!

Yeah Fumikage hiding in the shadows and attempting to be evasive isn't really gonna do you any good at this point and it's running thin.

Tokoyami at this is coming to feel safer trusting the League members responsible for his capture than the heroes he fought alongside with and used to admire, it's so sad yet can you really blame him? Hero society has left him for dead at this rate and practically WANTS to label him as a Villain, and any "real" hero would try keep distance from him than be like Miruko and try to see what the situation really is.
loma427 chapter 89 . 8/15
thank you for the new chapter!
Mando-23 chapter 89 . 8/15
I like the interactions between tokoyami and the league they seem like a chaotic family
stefanoisaacperdomo chapter 89 . 8/15
Lo e estado esperando
TheFoolXXIIMaxX chapter 89 . 8/15
Okay, so Tokoyami is slowly but surely starting to hate Hawks. And he is now becoming disillusioned with heroes. I don’t blame him. The heroes left him behind. The only ones to stand by him were villains.

Dabi getting a jab at Hawks by calling Tokoyami “his intern”. Did he really mean it? Or was he just trying to hurt Hawks?

I didn’t expect an interaction with Geten. At least not in this chapter. Tokoyami getting lost in the mansion was kinda funny and cute, but it also shows he really is a lost kid. Just a kid lost in something much, much bigger than him.
blazenight01 chapter 89 . 8/15
Geten, Dabi and Tokoyami being in the same squad is going to be interesting. I still say making Tokoyami a Lieutenant is still weird choice since he was never apart of any of the meetings in the first place and it will be weird if he still wasn't now. I feel out of all the league members Tokoyami is the one they are trying to be more cautious about since he is a kidnapped hero student. Skeptic had his reasons for putting the cameras on Hawks but they're going to have to be more careful if they try anything on him.

Geten is an interesting case that never really got explored more. It is easy to see that he was like how Dabi was in his past and view being powerful the only thing that matters. He was raised in that mindset and was even crying when he got defeated during the War Arc. Makes you wonder how upset he was when he lost during his match against the league. It will still be funny if both Dabi and Geten get into an argument involving their ideologies and Tokoyami is just in the middle trying to ignored both of them.
Egamine chapter 89 . 8/15
Glad to see a new chapter! Wonderful as always, and oh Dabi! I just love the way you write his and Tokoyami's relationship. And seeing Hawks again only to be told off aaaaa! This fanfic is the best thing that happened to this fandom!
Angelwings2002 chapter 89 . 8/15
Hawks is here! Cool, also I would loved to go explore a mansion, even if villains were living in it. I know that basically means it’s dangerous, but mansions are cool. Anyway, really great chapter and I’m looking forward to what’s next.
ZabuzasGirl chapter 89 . 8/15
...I really don't like Hawks. Never have and never will.
Amaya the Kocho chapter 88 . 8/13
Holy shit!
Tokoyami's world is gonne be crushed when he sees how Twice dies. Because I have the bad feeling, that you gona let him see that...
Also his friends and the pro heroes are gona think he is a "truthe villain" now that he is a enemy fraction leader. (Good idea by the way!...)
I can't wait for the next chapter...
stefanoisaacperdomo chapter 1 . 8/12
Villano por accidente jajajaja que gran título
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