Reviews for Bread & Circuses
Kvan chapter 38 . 1/2
Enjoyed this hope there is another chapter to come
Guest chapter 38 . 5/24/2020
Will you be continuing this, love this story and the development of it please do t let this be where it ends
caskette4 chapter 38 . 5/3/2020
please update ok
Guest chapter 38 . 4/9/2020
Will you be continuing this story ?

Is an amazing one to read and I can’t wait to see what happens next
Guest chapter 38 . 3/7/2020
Will this one be continued
kmjb chapter 38 . 3/6/2020
Absolutely love this story. Can’t wait to read more!
Marie Nelson chapter 38 . 3/1/2020
Great story! Please continue it. I can’t wait to see how it ends.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/18/2020
I love this story so much I hope you continue :)
JennKM chapter 37 . 6/21/2019
Oh please carry on! A fantastic story. I hope you are well and revisit this sometime soon! It’s too good to stop!
zaubernuss chapter 24 . 6/10/2019
"The true credit will go to those teenagers that traipsed about the forest, broke into Gringotts and never gave up seeking and destroying the Horcruxes. "

So all of book six happened? Again, I don't understand what Harry and Ron are doing in Hogwarts instead of hiding somewhere where Voldemort hopefully cannot reach them and continuing their search. Did I overread the explanation somewhere?
zaubernuss chapter 22 . 6/10/2019
I don't understand... Hermione was caught by Snatcher in a forest, and Harry and Ron espcaped. So how are they back in Hogwarts as pupils, where it would be easy for Severus or the Carrows to just apparate them to the Dark Lord?
ASP-R21 chapter 38 . 5/4/2019
More please!
EmissaryoftheProphets chapter 38 . 1/28/2019
please update! I love the story so far, and I need to know what happens next
pims30 chapter 38 . 11/27/2018
We're almost in December and for reasons that are mine I always feel nostalgic and a bit down at this time of the year. So I always look forward to find The Read that will cheer me up and make my heart and spirit set in a better harmony with my surroundings. And your story, so far, did it in One Blissful afternoon. So yes,please,carry on if you can. If you still want to write it. I can only hope you will, and once again I will look forward to read it. As for the characterization (ooh,did I write it correctly?), I've always wondered how did the evenings and nights of the Headmaster Snape were like during the last year, so...this (your amazing story) is quite an answer to consider and to appreciate; I truly consider and appreciate this work of yours as it takes a well-trained writing talent and a creative mind to take us (readers) into this non-canon story of the wizarding world! so thank you very much!
Ini minnie maini moe chapter 38 . 7/14/2018
I loveee this! Pleaseee continue. I want to know what harry amd ron would do and the reaction of them both when they discover hemione's love for severus hahahaha
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