Reviews for North Star
Crazykblade chapter 44 . 5/30
That was so beautiful and amazing! I have tears in my eyes. I love reading your stories as you already know lol. I'm sorry I have been busy and haven't had time to read this until now but I think the wait for me to read it was so worth it. I love it! I can already tell I'll be coming back to read this repeatedly like the other one I have read. So beautiful. Great job!
Alexa chapter 44 . 5/21
Loved it! Sweet ending/new beginning for their expanding family.
melsbells91 chapter 44 . 5/22
Sad to see this come to an end but what a lovely ending it was. This was such a joy to read, thanks for sharing it with us and I look forward to all your future fics!
Bobisnotmyrealname chapter 44 . 5/21
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this chapter was posted BEFORE the finale last week... So, was you picking the name Hope a coincidence, or did you know in advance... If you didn't know in advance, that must have been a nice booster for your story! :-) Either way, great ending!
Brokenblackrose89 chapter 44 . 5/21
I can't believe that it is over!
Emilee Amethyst chapter 44 . 5/18
The scene with Blackbeard was great, especially with Emma teasing a little afterwards. I loved the surprise that they have not one but two kids. I know how Henry feels. I appreciated that some blanks were filled in along the way. And the end was very sweet in so many ways from the bedtime story to feeling the baby. I have enjoyed every chapter and I look forward to the next one!
bloodroseroxas chapter 44 . 5/18
Loved this story cant wait for your new one
B4C chapter 44 . 5/17
What a sweet ending. Can’t wait to read more of your writing.
ekr1989 chapter 44 . 5/17
You made me cry! I have been following this since the beginning. Bravo! Can’t believe it’s over! Can’t wait for what you have planned next.
PastOneonta chapter 44 . 5/17
This was lovely. Emma and Killian are good parents and Hope is adorable. We are so grateful you wrote this for us, a look at Captain Swan living a good life in love and with family. I appreciate the story. Enjoy your personal hiatus!
RhizOneill chapter 44 . 5/17
Awww what a beautiful ending. I am sad to see this finish. Thank you for sharing this with us and hope to read more of your stories one day.
Doodlelolly0910 chapter 44 . 5/17
I'm so sad it's over, but what an awesome story this was. I'm excited to see your newest story and updates to red skies! This was so good!
B4C chapter 43 . 5/16
Please update soon I’m really enjoying your story.
Alexa chapter 43 . 5/11
Love that he surprised her with their dream house!
Guest chapter 43 . 5/10
I’m glad they are staying and that Killian took the initiative to buy that house.
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