Reviews for North Star
Carabell chapter 35 . 3/16
I just read all 35 chapters in one sitting, I’m so hooked (pun intended lol). I’m livening the little family they have going on. Hope Emma will soon be adding to this little family. Can’t wait to read more.
Alexa chapter 35 . 3/16
Glad Emma was finally able to at least tell David about having their memories the whole time and about being engaged to Killian!
melsbells91 chapter 35 . 3/17
I’m so glad that Emma finally got to tell David about her and Killian. And Neal’s been found! Can’t wait to see how Emma and Henry respond to that and where things go from there.
PastOneonta chapter 35 . 3/16
Emma has told David everything and he accepted it and loves her, just as we expected. Lovely, we are happy for them. And Killian apologized to Belle, who was gracious in accepting. Poor Neal though, what has he done? Thanks for the chapter.
Emilee Amethyst chapter 35 . 3/15
We were lucky enough to have two nice talks in this chapter. I've always enjoyed the friendship between Killian and Belle. It's a sign of Killian trying to be a better man and they do end up bonding in a nice way. I'm also very glad Emma finally had a chance to tell her dad about her and Killian. I was afraid she was going to be cut off again, but thankfully David took an extra minute to hear what she had to say. I think they both needed this little moment.
RosettaQueen20 chapter 35 . 3/15
FINALLY! Someones was good enough to let her share, also love Belle and Killian's friendship, its so unexpected and unique its amazing
RhizOneill chapter 35 . 3/15
Finally. It is out in the open. Love this. I can't wait to read the next chapter soon.
melsbells91 chapter 33 . 3/13
Oh this is so hard. All of this pressure put right back on Emma as soon as they back to break the curse, plus her actual nightmares coming true and those feelings of inadequacy and being replaced. Thank goodness she has Killian. Looking forward to how David and Mary Margaret take the news of their relationship.
melsbells91 chapter 32 . 3/13
They made it! Now a whole new can of worms is about to be opened. Can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to their new relationship.
melsbells91 chapter 31 . 3/13
The number is valid! How exciting! I love how excited Emma and Killian are about getting married and being a family with Henry. Excited to see if they can get back to Storybrooke now and how that affects all of their relationships.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/10
I usually don’t care for fanfiction but dang I like this alternate storyline! Please write more!
Abelin chapter 34 . 3/11
PastOneonta chapter 34 . 3/8
I think David and Snow will accept Killian. They will be happy to see Emma happy.

I think it's neat how well Emma and Killian and Henry are handling this huge change in life. I knew they missed Storybrooke and family but they had built a new life and it was good. Now they have witches and flying monkeys and they are still happy and content and grateful. I like that about them a lot. Thanks for the update!
Emilee Amethyst chapter 34 . 3/8
Lol I liked Emma's quip about a nice save and Killian's about another romantic stroll through the woods. I also liked the conversation during said stroll, especially with the mention of Killian's line in Neverland that is now very true. So sweet.
RhizOneill chapter 34 . 3/8
Awesome update again. I am so loving this so much. I can't wait to read more soon.
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