Reviews for Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol 3: Fates Intertwined
Zedreamcast chapter 48 . 7/8
Wanna let you know during the Blackmail segment of this chapter, I imagined Utsumi was suckin' Gentoku off the whole time, under the desk. It improved the chapter a lot.
Destonus chapter 160 . 6/6
I have to agree, this epilogue is amazing. You may hit some bumps along the way, but somehow you always manage to pull it all together. Can't wait to see see Sousuke, Renn, Saki, Gunpei, and Hanto, along with the the Psychic Sibs. Hopefully having Yumi Sugimoto do double duty didn't completely trash the budget.
taisenrider2012 chapter 160 . 6/6
Amazing Epilogue, my friend. Thank you for this amazing tale of adventure. And thank you for the special mention. I have a great feeling for the next work for Go-Onger. I just know it'll be epic. And of course, seeing Miu again would be a real "Lovely Sensation." Bravo.
Destonus chapter 159 . 6/4
Since next time is the big duel, and this chapter is cleaning up, I guess I can do my final thoughts on Volume 3 now.

With Kamen Rider series, we generally assume that it will take a few episodes to get going. Build was different. In hindsight, maybe it would have worked better if Samus and the Space Explorers stayed in Touto and helped Team Build, and that would have been the A Story, while the B focused on Goro and the Kamui Tribe, at least until Hokuto was fleshed out.

Elpis Corporation could have been introduced as a PMC hired by the Hokuto Prime Minister to fight the Kamui Tribe, and clashing with Goro. They could also be equipped with Zeta Tech kit and possibly even Nanba's, but of course Goro keeps the best stuff for himself. Benefactor to Bad Guy is a very common trope in Kamen Rider, and Kaguya could do this in her sleep.

What never should have happened, regardless of all your ideas, was writing Samus out of the story effectively and replacing her with, as Dash so eloquently puts it, "some random bloke." There were plenty of ways to keep her involved in the plot without kicking her to the curb. She could have remained in Touto and helped Team Build as well as dealt with Kamui Tribe attacks there. She could have divided the SE between Touto and Hokuto, or her being a Kamen Rider herself and leadivroomng a team of veteran Riders, the Space Explorers could have acted as mentors to Goro as he finds his way with him finally being acknowledged by his peers as an equal.

The other gripe about the story, Samus' involvement in the plot being the larger of the two elephants, is the killing off of main characters from Build. They may not be important to the story you're trying to tell, but they ARE important to the one Toei is. The previous time you jumped the gun was in Volume 2 with the Ministry of Health's sanctioned hit on Kuroto Dan. He eventually got killed off in Ex-Aid, so you dodged a bullet there. But with Gentoku and Soichi, I'd say you shot yourself in the foot twice. Especially with what's going on in Build now with Evolto. Or maybe not. You probably have more leeway in your next projects, but please, try not to be the Urobutcher at least early on.

Looking forward to seeing my old friends from Go-Onger teaming up with Team Goro!
Destonus chapter 158 . 6/2
Well, technically Evolto was in Soichi's body, and he has balls. I'm also reminded of Zangetsu's Ban Kai state where it slims down to something more manageable. Evolto losing because of a kill switch meant for Kaguya but saved for Evolto is something he didn't anticipate and destroying Pandora's Box with Vernage's help is the icing on the cake.
Destonus chapter 157 . 5/31
Well, at least she didn't get shot 10,000 times or something...

Being forced to shoot herself against her will after being mind raped by Evolto after her raping of her daughter, Sawa, and Misora probably trumps Kuroto's initial death in the very spot he killed Kiriya as the best villain death in the trilogy.

Elpis Corporation probably would have worked better had they been introduced earlier in the story and filled the role of G3 in Agito or even the PMC from Amazons hired by Shouya City to fight the Kamui Tribe, and kept Samus in Touto helping Sento with the Smash while Goro, Taki, Natsu, Anzu and the rest of Team Goro deal with things in Shouya City/Hokuto until Build got going, but hindsight is 20/20 so they say, and I'm no closer to bugging the writer's room or table reads at Toei than you are.
Sento Kiryu chapter 157 . 5/31
Figures Kaguya took a dirty and cowardly way out of things. Nice chapter, my friend. All we need now is Destroyer Decade tofinish things! And otherHeisei riders
taisenrider2012 chapter 156 . 5/30
Amazing Chapter. Well Done. I take it that only the Phase II Riders (Double-Ex-Aid) are only featured?
Destonus chapter 156 . 5/29
The series finale continues to top itself with every new chapter! Goro returning to his original form, albeit an upgraded one, is pretty cool.

Kaguya hopefully won't stand a chance against all the gathered Riders, no matter how much cannon fodder she sends after them.
Destonus chapter 155 . 5/27
I was wrong about last chapter. This one is epic! Then again I like watching insane amounts of cannon fodder getting vaporized by hissatsu attacks as much as a certain red Oni. It's also interesting to note Shingetsu's role in all this. He brings his whole army to bear against Kaguya, before disbanding the Kamui Tribe and charging in along with the heroes to stop her. This is shaping up to be amazing!
Destonus chapter 154 . 5/26
If I remember, Gentaro's "Uchuu Kita" actually means, "space is here!" like you said earlier. I leave it intact when I'm writing because not only is Gentaro announcing his arrival, "kita" can also mean something is cool or awesome, which Gentaro is also doing when he bellows it.

You're probably correct in your assumption that the revived main baddies that Kaguya's sending after our heroes are just empty shells without the originals' memories. The Greeed probably could have regained their consciousness like Ankh did, but I think those Core Medals were destroyed.

Still, it's probably better for Kaguya that way. Another thing is when the bad guy template from a preceding series is revived in something like this, I don't think they adhere to the same rules that govern the real ones, so any of the Riders present or even Gavan or the Wings should be able to hissatsu them with no trouble.

This is shaping up to be epic as usual!
Destonus chapter 153 . 5/24
Doesn't matter how Goro got the Beat Closer off of Banjou when he defected, it's still funny watching him guide in Toripter and Jetras.

Having Daichi's actor fight an enemy voiced by his Ultra partner is a nice touch. And if I remember correctly, this is the OTHER Yuuichi Nakamura, who also voices my favorite defective BuddyRoid.

It's a good thing that Goro and Anzu like Sento can make their own gear; poor Rinna would be taking naps at her desk and Captain Coco Puffs would be out of lives by now if their respective Riders were working with an inventory of gear that approaches how many toys Team Goro has.

I also can't wait to see Sento's predecessors get some hits in. I personally was really excited when I wrote the two-parter involving the Sanzu Gas dispensers in my story.

Looking forward to the rest of the endgame to see how many other surprises are in store!
Destonus chapter 152 . 5/22
It looks like we're already in Top Gear and at Mach Speed, and ready to count up Kaguya's sins. Considering all three Riders from Drive are here, you've gotta break out "Spinning Wheel" if they fight together. And yay...Takeru.

Let's see how Evolto handles a demigod like Kouta. Haruto's taking his sweet time though it seems, he does remember he can teleport, right, or did he stop at every donut shop along the way? Eiji and Ankh are coming too, right? And of course, Gentaro and Ryuusei. Is Accel coming to the party as well? And the CR doctors?

Taki would probably do fine in the actual storyline of Build with Soichi, Banjou, and now Sento possessed by Evolto, or Gentoku early on when he was under the influence of Pandora's Box, but with her describing Kaguya as someone who is evil by choice, or someone like Thanos who believes his actions are for the good of the universe and has convinced himself as such, she would probably be at a disadvantage. But where Evolto is some kind of alien entity, and she's good with demons, she might not be. But she does have Goro, Anzu, and all the rest backing her up, so Kaguya better say her prayers!
Destonus chapter 151 . 5/20
I wouldn't exactly call it manipulation if Banjou is in on it, but okay. Strange to think for an organization such as Foundation X that's done all sorts of human experimentation they'd draw the line at working with someone like Kaguya because she raped her daughter.

At least here, we the readers know that Banjou hasn't gone bad. Too often in Ex-Aid, we were the last to know about double-crosses.
stardrago chapter 151 . 5/19
I think you may need to rethink of your destroying Pandora Box, with how in the recent episode it know of foreshadows of it being used for the upcoming Genius fullbottle for Build's Final form.
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