Reviews for Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol 3: Fates Intertwined
Destonus chapter 92 . 2h
Hmmmm...I would think that electrocution, bodily harm, or Anzu stimulating the toxins in his body would be enough. Pulling out his teeth I think would hurt the interrogation process because you can barely understand him. Plus there's always waterboarding. What are they planning to do with him after they're finished?
Destonus chapter 91 . 1/15
AWESOMENESS! So that's what happens when you put a Full Bottle in the Sclash Driver...I was wondering why it could accept them. And this berzerker state that it puts its user into might be why Sento's old self didn't want to build it in the first place. What this also means is we need to keep an eye on Banjou. Are we sure whether it's the Driver that does it or the Sclashjellies? My money would be on the latter due to its higher refinement of the Nebula Gas than the ones in the Full Bottles. But where Anzu's like a Patient Zero, her natural Hazard Level is much higher than any the Sclashjelly could give her, so she's okay. Plus the G7 components she used to modify it. And is it just me, or do Anzu and Goro remind me of the Go-On Wings somehow, not just because Yumi Sugimoto is playing one of them?
Destonus chapter 90 . 1/13
Smart move on Samus' part to move her flag to the ship rather than their place in Hokuto. Are the Nebula Gases in Gentoku so Anzu can keep him in line? Makes sense to debut a chapter where Sawatari gets to spar with Goro on his actor's birthday.
Cross Z Charge chapter 14 . 1/11
Hey! Pause and Restart it's a Ability of Chronos, it's not a power of The Buggle Driver...
Destonus chapter 89 . 1/11
I wonder how many cons Kenzaki's actor has been to and how many times he's been asked to do the whole "Tachibana-san!..." thing. It's interesting that you bring up Blade because Kousei Amano was the first actor I can think of who played a Kamen Rider in one series and then came back as an antagonist in another. Otoya's is the second, but he's the first to be a Rider in both his appearances. At least this time he doesn't have to share his Driver with anyone.

Is there a reason why Goro wants Sento to think he's betrayed him and siding with Hokuto?

Plus, are Samus and her crew just going to sit there in their Super Duper Star Dreadnought and watch?
Destonus chapter 88 . 1/9
Another twist! I wonder what this development will bring!
Destonus chapter 87 . 1/7
Well, Sento has 'Build Up!", which probably functions like "Chou Henshin!" for Kuuga and Goro. But I would say it's more like Parado because he specifically uses it to announce he's turning into his strongest form. Emu uses variations on it to announce transformation to different Levels and Forms.

I dunno if you can do a "Chou Dai Henshin" though. If you can, Goro could use Chou for his Upgrade Form (PteraDrill), and Chou Dai for Archangel. I don't know what he could do for a Final Form, though.

Are Samus and Co just going to sit there in their Super-Duper Star Dreadnought and watch, or are they going to get involved in this too?
Destonus chapter 86 . 1/5
I thought at first that they were taking sides in the war, but in reality they're taking a side to undermine it. The only thing that would make this more awesome is for the Space Explorers to do the same thing with the third kingdom. The question is whether or not they let Sento in on the plan? But it's easier for him to act like he doesn't know if he really doesn't.
Destonus chapter 85 . 1/3
I really think that the Rider Souls should have launched projections of Build and Ex-Aid instead of energy blasts. A Banki not being able to grow because the bottle of Bikkurium was removed is something Hiroto did during their debut, I think. The callout is "Wing Booster, Attention!" But otherwise awesome chapter!
Destonus chapter 84 . 1/1
Yeahhh! Fight time!

Can't wait to see how this all gets sorted out before the recent developments in Build come to MKRG!

Not too excited to see Banjou's new form though; I think his current one looks cooler, plus, HE JUST GOT IT!

Once we actually see someone transform with a Sclash Driver, are we going to retcon it, keep your version, or take the best of both worlds for the story?
Guest chapter 77 . 12/29/2017
No one could have survived being shot to death 37,000 times, you know. You have a point making his death ironic much like how it happened to the Riders of Ryuki. And, Soichi/Stark getting killed right in front of Misora is just too heartwrenching to read. Am I the only one who's feeling sorry for him?

You really live up to the standard making Shingetsu being more similar to Ouja from Ryuki, the only difference that he kills bad guys, even though he's a bad guy himself.
Destonus chapter 83 . 12/29/2017
Ah, Mou! Goro, you've sunk to a new low...How are we getting around Yumi playing dual roles when she's not transformed? Well, one of the walking toolbox's predecessors was trying to use the Sanzu to pollute Earth. So is Shingetsu using Faust to achieve his goals? Plus Team Hokuto hasn't shown up here yet.
Destonus chapter 82 . 12/27/2017
Gai has Rider knowledge and he's a Sentai member. Hiroto's actor has to have a Twitter or Instagram so you can see what he looks like nowadays. I know Yumi does because I follow her. (her smiling co-star does too, but I haven't seen her post recently) Is Tool Man interested in using the Box to pollute Earth de aru? You should probably have the Wings introduce everyone to their mentor so he can bore everyone to death.
Destonus chapter 81 . 12/25/2017
Nanba could have given them Guardians because he wants to profit from a three-way war as much as anyone. Four-Eyes is still the only one left from the Touto/Faust camp, maybe he defected to Hokuto with Guardian schematics and a copy of Katsuragi's research into Smash?

But Hokuto's Smash seem to be much more advanced than the ones we've seen so far in the series, plus they already have a Sclash Driver, plus "Gentaro" and "Ski Cap Man" seem to be Smash that can change at will.

Maybe Hokuto's PM can be the one who worships the power of the Box, at least for your purposes; if we find out her intentions in the series later, just toss them out or give it to someone else.

With Gaiark's invasion, along with Hokuto showing its true colors, how does Shingetsu view all of this?
Destonus chapter 80 . 12/23/2017
Teaming up with a Super Sentai for an arc is a good idea, but why the Wings? Sure, they're both sort of in the story already, but Miu or Anzu would need to be henshined all the time. It's a good thing she'll have access to G7's stuff, because the Sclash's weapon looks kind of lame.
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