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grantmoxham chapter 23 . 12/16/2019
i have to say- thus far, this has been -well- worth the wait-
something ive seen a lot (in stories of many varying types/mediums) is the tendency of Rogue (or "Rogue" given how widespread the rot in the Federation seems to be) black-ops operatives getting the "ironic" punishment of being shot/ "removed" with their own methods-
assuming the crew of the ship survive, might there be a chance of a public trail/court martial for Treason/Mass murder/illegal bioweapons research in the future for a certain -former- officer?

you know, the thematic feel- they spend their entire Career dodging responsibility/oversight whilst justifying doing horrible things "for my next promot- err, i... i mean, for the nation's own good", and at the end, their punishment is to face the system- no cowboy justice, no scheming or backroom deals- just a courtroom and a cell for the rest of their lives...
OnePunchFan8 chapter 23 . 12/11/2019
Fucking awesome!

Just caught up, I like how interesting and detailed the chozo's culture/ideology is.

The Last is going to be pissed when she sees Samus in the armor...
LawrenceSnake chapter 23 . 12/9/2019
Another tour de force! The best part of your story is how you've encapsulated the Chozo's mastery of the self and how they've transcended to an alien morality that can sometimes consume Aran. Plus the scale and epic-nature of the events unfolding are just gravy at this point. Hope Metroid Prime 4 has even one percentile of the mystique and reverence for the series that you have!
RetardPen chapter 22 . 12/5/2019
Hi again !

Alright, it's pure awesomeness. What's really cool is that even after obtaining the new suit, Samus isn't invincible, and I like that very much. There is something more appealing to see a character who knows they aren't unkillable, but got their mind set on pure and natural victory victory and fighting for it.

The way you described the fight as a music and how she decides to force it or be let "swept along", as you wrote, is really engaging, leaving enough space for imagination but you provide enough description to picture it the way you want to convey it. I don't know if I'm making any sense right now, but to resume : I like it very much (to say the least) ! :D

I'm waiting patiently for the following chapters (and end) and again, thank you for your hard work and this masterpiece.
RetardPen chapter 15 . 12/5/2019
Hello there !

A new reader, but I can't wait to read the next chapters before posting. You are amazing. This work feels like a real Metroid story, you perfectly describe who Samus is, how she reacts, how she thinks and how she exists. She feels real, a living being completed by layers of mechanical perfection but still capable of twisted humor and smiling ironically when the situation is dire.

Each of your sentences exalts the atmosphere of this story, and honestly, I've been wandering a few time if this couldn't be the game story of the next Prime. Description are flawless, with not a single word too much for us to read.

And the Roger's voice part of this chapter... You're an incredible writer for that one. You nailed everything about Ridley that I never feeled well explained through games so far about his personality and cruelty.
I'm now resuming my reading, and I KNOW that I'll adore everything about it. You, my dear author, are a gem in the Metroid fandom.

Thank you.
Waging Wonder chapter 22 . 12/3/2019
So it begins...

There is a excellent poetic flare to your writing here, appropriate for Samus especially as she has become a valkyrie in full form, an angel of death and battle, the comparison of which I have always favored ever since I first read of it years ago. I liked the over-the-top walking battle cannons; after all, what is Metroid without its giant monstrosities, mechanical or otherwise. I also really liked how you dealt with the dual Ridley dilemma, since I would never consider Ridley the type to share power with anyone.

I really enjoyed the pirate pissing himself when Samus 'commandeered' his vessel, and hurray for the colonists since I had not expected them to intercede in anyway. Their small effort was certainly the most courageous of any force on this planet.

And now the chaos is about to multiply with another heavy hitter entering the fray. No doubt Nakamura wants Samus out of the way, however, as powerful as she is, she is just one person amidst a vast enemy force, which invariably means that the Diomedes is going to have to help clean out the pirates first. Not that I believe this will make things easier for Samus, especially considering we still have the Last's forces waiting in the wings.

Things are certainly getting interesting.
Quietness731 chapter 22 . 12/2/2019
Absolutely fantastic. I took a hiatus from the site and come back to your story, which only keeps on giving with an incredible narrative. Well done on these last few chapters and thank you for not abandoning this story!
Ninja6345 chapter 22 . 12/2/2019
Dear god I got the shivers. If I could write something even half as awesome as this I could die happy.
LawrenceSnake chapter 22 . 12/2/2019
Nothing short of outstanding!
LawrenceSnake chapter 21 . 11/26/2019
Truly you have written one of the best Metroid fanfics out there!
Was the seizing all communications inspired by Attack on Titan Chapter 123?
Waging Wonder chapter 21 . 11/25/2019
I like how the transcendental nature of the Chozo 'song' threatened to inhibit the Aurora's main directive with pesky emotional hang-ups... very entertaining.

Also, it seems the metroids and the renegade pirate faction under the Last's authority are being reprogrammed, though for what purpose I'm not sure. It seems to me that whatever the Last is after, she has failed to attain what Samus has by dint of the fact that Samus is more of a Chozo than she ever was.

And, of course, Samus kicking down the gates that a monstrous laser cannon couldn't batter down and then simultaneously overriding all communications on the planet to declare war on what amounts to three armies arrayed against her was decidedly impressive, and yet, standard procedure for the hunter that readily takes on entire worlds single-handedly. Still, I believe this is the first time she has done so with such dramatic flare.

And finally, the possibility of Samus attaining a home is quite poignant to me, since I don't really believe she's ever had one. K2-L was too short a stay, Samus too young, and Zebes was a hostile training ground and the lair of her enemy, never a home despite that she was raised there. Of course, I don't know what Samus' intentions are for this planet despite her claim of ownership but it is satisfying to consider that she might find an iota of peace here. Still, I won't get my hopes up because you tend to subvert my expectations and there is a four-way battle royale in the offing. I just hope the colonists get back inside and lock the doors in time, something I imagine Matthew hastening to do since hearing Samus' communication.
Waging Wonder chapter 20 . 11/16/2019
Well, I suppose not giving a shit to the nth degree could be considered an aspect of transcendence. It seemed I was mistaken during the previous chapter that Samus would have another fight on her hands, though If I had thought about it a little more I should have been able to see that she had already attained her apotheosis, rough and ready as it was, by destroying the First.

Still, the song caught me by surprise, even despite the title of the chapter. The impossibility of it was appropriate, but I just didn't see it coming. The one thing I would never had thought of Samus as was a singer, and she isn't, not even here. She is singing, but its not so much a song as it is a communion with the spirits of her progenitors, merely another step in her apotheosis, made complete by her attaining the new suit. Still, I just didn't see it coming... it really blindsided me in a way that was both amazing and disturbing, hard to put into words in any case.

I laughed at Samus' response to the guardian in the glowing vault, for it was my response as well. Appropriate as all hell, since it was beyond apparent that Samus didn't give a damn about her own destruction at that point, since she was already beyond such a concept.

The Last was so very wrong about Samus, dismissing her as the suit and nothing else. Samus is the weapon, the suit merely a tool to enhance her lethality. Now it remains to be seen how the Last will be taught the folly of such arrogance.
Waging Wonder chapter 19 . 11/16/2019

Okay, so Samus reaches a transcendent level of resistance here. Necessary, I suppose, to counter a creature that seems able to eat reality itself just by being. What even is Samus at this point: human, chozo, metroid, x-parasite, or an amalgam of all of these. I suppose the Fusion subtitle of Metroid: Fusion was more appropriate than even I had considered before reading this particular chapter.

And yet it makes perfect sense in the light of all Samus has been through, of all that she has become.

So, having reached a sort of Zen state, Samus shows a level of resolve beyond resolve and all for the singular purpose of turning the weapon against itself. Well, this certainly shows that Samus can put the mission above absolutely all else. Even the term self-sacrifice seems too selfish for this level of focus. Again... just wow...

Still, it is difficult to see how she is going to get out of this new predicament with the First's wayward progeny ready to attack her in the weakest state she has been in yet. But Samus is never truly down and out, it seems, so it will be interesting to see her next move.
ultra dragon chapter 20 . 6/28/2019
Well that was awesome as hell.
I have to say Samus is stubborn tenacious and beyond belief. It was pure joy to read it.
You have built and explored Samus so much and the payoff is just delicious to read.
I will admit that some parts had me tearing up a bit. Poor poor Samus... what with the humans only caring if she is useful and the Chozo constantly trying to size her worth.
Truthfully I wondered what Samus going to with her severed arm and it's nice to know the have the tech to regrow cut limbs.
The way Samus deduced what the Last is thinking and doing was a very nice touch, that and how deeply Samus understands Chozo mentality.
There so many line in story that I just wanted to quote here, because they are amazing...
The part where Samus starts to sing was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time (I knew Samus had good memories with her Chozo parents, but it was nice to see more of it).
It was also nice to see the regret that they felt for what Samus must have went through and their part it in.
The giant warrior was cool, but I wanted to ask if it was real or an illusion of some sort?
And of course that last suit! Samus is getting a massive power up isn't she? She deserves it.
I am curious as to what happens to her original suit? does it combine with this one or is still in her or something?
Probably said it a lot already, but this story is amazing and I can't wait to read more.
ultra dragon chapter 19 . 6/18/2019
I am not entirely sure what to say.
Firstly, awesome chapter with an awesome fight(s) scene. Seeing Samus kicking ass is always cool (would this also make Samus the ultimate hunter?).
Secondly, I pity the Last quite a bit. She is facing something from a nightmare for her.
Thirdly, I get the general idea behind the whole amputating thing and watching your body decay and all, but holy hell this is disturbing.
I find hard to put into words how jarring it was to read.
Honestly this partly reads like plain abuse and brainwashing.
Still, Samus is awesome as always I would have loved to see other people reaction to her killing the "Ultimate Life-form".
TLDR, awesome chapter and I can't wait to read more!
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