Reviews for Pick Your Poison
Guest chapter 47 . 6/21
Nice work, keep it up.
Ace of spades chapter 47 . 6/21
If you have leet and dealer do a collab project they could make the bounce and speed jell from portal to get the regular guys a mover rating. Put it in a pair of tinker tech shoes and have the bottom of the shoe switch between jell covered layers and your good to jump and run super fast.
The130thunit chapter 47 . 6/22
More pls
5 Coloured Walker chapter 47 . 6/20
A good chapter, I eagerly await more.
carwash36 chapter 47 . 6/20
Damn awesome chapter, cant wait for the fight scene next chapter!
The130thunit chapter 46 . 6/14
More pls
5 Coloured Walker chapter 46 . 6/13
"Hello. Yes, it's fate, I heard you ordered another shoe? Well here it is."

A good chapter, I don't remember Danny triggering though... Infact, this entire chapter has me looking at left field, but I've probably just forgotten something.
Kaiya Azure chapter 46 . 6/13
And a little awkward if he's stuck in the current body when he tries to explain his power to Taylor.

Wonder what it would take to knock MM's gray-scale perspective into full color spectrum. Granted, the PRT and Protectorate probably can't afford to think beyond a binary concept of hero or villain if only for the sake of public relations, but still.
Greatazuredragon chapter 46 . 6/13
Very interesting development, both with Militai and the PRT and Danny's powers.
Good work, keep it up.
dxdragon3895 chapter 45 . 6/8
Damn! I was hoping to see some Taylor lemon action in this fic!
dxdragon3895 chapter 30 . 6/8
Well damn, Bitch just leveled the fuck up.

Wonder if the whole team will turn into werewolves?
dxdragon3895 chapter 23 . 6/7
Haha, Mama Dealer knows when to put her foot down! :)
The130thunit chapter 7 . 6/7
Pls more btw
The130thunit chapter 7 . 6/7
duskrider chapter 45 . 6/7
Rather interesting and honestly it is good to know that this story will not get taken down by the admins for becoming a lemon trap.
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