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sosueme chapter 32 . 7/16
Great vamp story - loved the characters in this different universe. So fun to read the banter. Perfectly timed transitions in their speech, awesome flow, and subtle humor. Felt like so many of their lines were said with a smile and a wink, or a surprise and a "wait, what?". Loved it!
sosueme chapter 10 . 7/13
Loving this so much.
sosueme chapter 5 . 7/12
oh my, that was v erotic, considering. Loving these characters - doubting-bella and pretty-suave-but-restrained-edward. I was wondering if she even understood what the feeding procedure entailed. Guess she did and now she really does. Love your storytelling and banter between the two.
Guest Again chapter 32 . 6/12
Readicted here one last time. I forgot to mention that I prepared a special lunch to enjoy with the last chapter. Grilled cheese and tomato soup of course! I didn't have any spinach on hand, but I added a bit of basil and sundries tomato to my cheddar, smoked gouda and Swiss cheese (it's what was in the fridge)sandwich. I finished it off with a nice chocolate. Sadly I had no wine on hand. I thought if was a fitting was to celebrate the end of this fic.
-'Til next time,
Guest chapter 32 . 6/11
M, this is Readicted. I signed out so I could leave this comment since my head was spinning so much I forgot to say:
Thank you! Thank you for writing such a unique, creative and clever story. It had brilliant humor along with drama and some angst. It was wonderful story. Thank you for sharing you time, talent, your humor, your imagination, your story weaving with us.
readicted chapter 32 . 6/11
My head is spinning. I've read this chapter twice. I have theories, but they're just that, theories. I certainly noticed all throughout this story that there were many nods to fairytales and such, even your last author's note. So was this...Bella's story. I wondered about that back when she and Edward were sitting and writing if she'd write their story. But then, it sounds like, maybe the whole thing was her story and she's not a vampire at all. The smells bother her and Ben wraps his arms around her Belly, can't drink. Is she pregnant? Or are you just teasing us? From the note on Bella's computer, Edward is a vampire. He loves her. Perhaps, perhaps, she never confesses her love for him and never asked him to stay. He came there for her book launch, he's been waiting all this time for her. Or, is it he's been with her but waiting to marry her. Oh I've got it. Wait no, no. I was going to say that maybe Bella was carrying Ben and Angela's baby (surrogate), and Edward is patiently waiting for her to be ready to be a vampire. Or he's patiently waiting to marry her. That's what my very first thought was. Did he say I told you I'd be here if you wished it, simply because he hates crowds and attention or have they not been together together because she never spoke up. My lawd woman, you've left me with my head spinning with all sorts of possibilities.
readicted chapter 31 . 6/11
Oh it's wonderful that Mike and Angela didn't abandon vampire Bella and that Ben was brought back into the fold, and they in turn accepted Edward into their circle. It's very quaint and pleasing that these two decided to continue on with the life that they cultivated together during their six weeks. I was pleased that the Cullen siblings came, although I missed Carlisle and Esme. I found Alice, genius that she was, a bit insufferable. I loved Jasper though. I remembered Bella stumbling upon that book, excellent that Jasper found it and purchased it for Esme. It's great that Rose and Emmett asked if the could stay around a while to get to know their new family member better. And yay for Alistair staying around more for Mrs. C. Leave it Emmett to ask out loud how they get it on. I was surprised Edward answered. And then not shy Bella saying she wants them to try that too. I'm assuming that Edward will be given access back to his funds now even if he chooses to shop thrifty.
readicted chapter 30 . 6/11
I meant to tell you how much I liked how your wrote her change. With the way Edward held her, nude sitting entwined with her back to his chest-all the while reciting one his his favorite novels to her. Glad that she and Angela will still be friends. The wolves showing up, well I like the part where Bella challenges them by saying that even though it's incredibly Hard, she manages to resist her impulse to drain humans, so surely they could manage some restraint. And Edward's "Oh hell" just might be my favorite line in this chapter. Quil, smh. Well he's got impeccable taste. Edward and Bella, even their humor is compatible. Mostly.
readicted chapter 29 . 6/11
Okay so I finished this story while I was away from an internet connection, but I enjoyed Bella's reaction to Edward's age. Edward's deflection about him being legal in the state of Washington was so funny. His argument that his driver's license says he's 24 is cute. Then horrified Bella exclaims that that is STILL younger than her, lol. They have eternity together, age means nothing, and Edward demonstrated that. Seriously though you've written two characters that complement each other well in temperament, interests, values and intellect so age really is relative and in this case, the least relevant factor in determining their suitability as a couple. If anything, Bella needed those years to grow up.
readicted chapter 28 . 6/10
Enjoyed the humor and the thoughtfulness of Edward thinking about Bella's (and his) clothing. Of course as far as he knows he's still cut off from his money. I guess those regular feedings were already having their effects. Oh my, he seemed to enjoy being bit on his inner thigh too. And seems fond of oral treats. I cringed at Bella's insensitive teasing. Being that he was inexperienced, jokes about performance were not likely to be well received. They were able to put that issue to bed though, lol. I am surprised that they planned to stay in the city and continue on at the bookstore while she's a newborn. Obviously she's got great control and seems to be able to control her strength. I wonder how her friends will take it. They probably figured it was coming. What in the world happened to Angela's party?
readicted chapter 27 . 6/10
Hoh, hoh-he wasn't just being melodramatic, he really did it right then. I guess he did say "Ready?" I felt breathless and pressured just reading it. It's what she wanted, she probably would've started trying to think of excuses to procrastinate, because she's her. She's not a spontaneous type of gal.
Wait this dialogue with Charlie sounds more like a dream. Is she dreaming?!
-Oh hell, she was. Well partly.
-Wait, what? What?! He made love to her? After midnight, smart. But she doesn't seem to remember. Hopefully the dreaming about daddy part happened during her post-coital 'coma.' Because otherwise ew, and also Edward needs work on his stroking game. More importantly though Edward is right. He most certainly did just declare his love for her. And even if had not made love to her, he's still there. It's after midnight and he still there with her.
-Oh thank goodness, she does remember. I just needed to be more patient. I love the line "Take me in, make me yours." And how he asks if he looses control if he can bite her. I feel his yearning desire, his eagerness, his desperation and his anxiety. I find it extremely intense and sexy that he's disrobing while he's talking to her. He can't hold back any more, but he's not frenzied and out of control. It's so sensual that he unbuttoned his shirt, and unzipped his pants at human pace. He could've ripped his clothes off, and hell that's hot too, but this was...more. The hands above her head, fingers interlaced. I loved it and their exchanged words-his seeking reassurance that Bella really and truly loves him and, Bella pleading for him not to break her heart. Not a lot of words, but so much conveyed. Very well done first time scene. I have a question, I've wondered for a while-why did Edward always have Bella stand up when he bit her? Was it so he'd be less tempted sexually?
readicted chapter 26 . 6/10
I love reading when it's pouring rain. In fact, I right this minute have a Heavy Rain and Thunder Nature's Soundtrack playing for ambient sounds. My DH and I used to love just sitting in the car during a rain storm (not a lightening storm). It's so relaxing. So Edward's trying analyze her dreams, lol. Why would Angela invite Bella to a party she's supposed go be hosting and then not show up? And surely Bella should've encountered some familiar faces. That's odd. Makes me think someone else solicited her presence, but then why didn't Angela tell her she wasn't having a party? OMG, is she really teasing Edward or did she honestly only pay $150! I figured the amount would be something ridiculous, but it's kind of funny. Wow, when Bella says she's not afraid of becoming her mom, but her dad-. I mean I figured that already, but still hearing it phrased like that is heavy. And Edward just declared himself. Oh wow, I just read Bella's plea and her declaration. Did she not realize he was speaking of her, in both instances? Edward really is quite theatrical isn't he. Part of me is like how wow this is it. It's time, it's happening. The other part of my mind is saying, nah he's just messing with her. Being super dark and dramatic. He'll bite her, but not under duress and a ticking clock.
readicted chapter 25 . 6/10
I meant to mention Bella's breakthrough. She admitted out loud that Edward is...REAL. Huge deal! I do like that when Bella twists Edward's words around about why he resists her, he calls her on it straight away. He did not leave that potential misunderstanding, that he only regards her as a drink, between them. Did she get off on her own in his presence, or did he jump in, so to speak, and participate? Oh were getting to the nitty-gritty. Her fears, learned, cultivated and ingrained through watching her parents navigate life, love, loss and heartache. She's not going to ask him to stay?! I'm screaming, internally. Ask Bella. Well she is asking about Edward's ability to change...'someone.'
readicted chapter 24 . 6/10
Handsy wasps. LOL at Mike backing out of the door, escaping the madness-Were and Edward's glare letting Bella know in no uncertain terms, that she would get no such escape. I can't believe she considered fleeing (lol), abandoning poor Edward to the wasps. Anyone who just reaches out and gropes a complete stranger obviously doesn't regard them as an individual.

Are the vegetarian books a nod to the chosen Cullen diet? I almost forgot about Bella's new found penchant for increasingly rare meat. What's up with that? (Rhetorical.) Perhaps Edward is correct and she has been getting infusions of his venom through their contacts. Edward must be aware of her need because he is preparing the meat that way. Each time just a bit less cooked. Training her, or calculating her tastes or responding to her changing physiological needs? Just pondering on that. But clearly it's intentional on his part. Bella would not have eaten a bloody steak six weeks prior.
Did she fake taking a shower? Was it because he likes her intensified scent or because she wanted to see what he was doing when he thought she was in the shower?
Ohhh so that's what's been taking him so long on his hunting outings.
readicted chapter 23 . 6/9
IMHO Mike should've either cleaned up the bloody mess, or just locked up the store. I would've locked up the store in his absence and left a note taped to the door. I kind of figured Jake wouldn't give up so easily. He was always pushy, just in other ways. He pushed his friendship on Bella, he pushed his way into her kitchen eating up her food. He never respected Bella's boundaries and now it seems that he was only dating Angela to remain in Bella's orbit. Good thing Edward interrupted them. I wonder if Jacob is baiting Edward.
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